Joining the Grange


Here’s a full color Grange Membership Brochure that includes an application. This is a full color version and can be printed “two sided” then trifolded into a brochure. Note that subordinate granges might choose to place a label over the Maine State Grange address to customize it to your local Grange!

Why would you consider joining the Grange? Listen to what this member says:

The Grange has benefited me extremely in personal enrichment.  I have a severe hearing disability and used to hide in the closet.  The grange has taken me out of that closet and made me a whole person.  I gained self esteem and gratification knowing that I was accepted and was able to voice my opinions and was able to make a difference.  The Grange has made me part of a family of friends who work for a common cause and respect the values that are important to each and everyone of us.  We are family and respect the flag and the bible and care for one another the way it should be.

Tom, from Aroostook County


  3 Responses to “Joining the Grange”

  1. Hi!
    I was wondering if the Bauneg Beg Grange is available for rental?

    Tom Whateley

  2. Nearest Grange to Wells Me

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