Mar 072017

Communication Bullets are short but important news!

by Walter Boomsma
Communications Director

Two additions to the website this morning:

Hope you are counting down to Grange Month–just a few weeks to go! Remember to send us photos and stories of your programs. Be a DO-er!

Feb 142017

Members of Danville Junction Grange recently prepared over 175 valentines for Veterans, thanking them for their service to our country.  These were distributed to Veterans at Togas VA Hospital and at nursing homes in the area.

Dec 212016

by Rick Watson, Master, Fairview Grange #342

In this season of giving, I’d like to share some of what our little “Grange that Could” has been up to, starting with a fundraiser dinner on 10/30 for a local Smithfield resident who is fighting cancer. We heard of her plight and decided to see if we could ease some of the burden. Whether or not her family had insurance to help with her illness, there is still the matter of gas for the numerous treatment trips, a lunch for whoever is taking her, maybe a hot meal for the family while she is sidelined and so on. We decided on a donations-accepted dinner on her behalf. To our delight, and to the surprise of her family, we raised over $2500 in a couple hours. Our Grange purchased most of the food and our members rounded out the dinner, bread, dessert and so on. As an aside, we have been looking for some menu alternatives to round out our summer supper selection and took the opportunity to try a lasagna, salad, roll, dessert, beverage dinner. It was a “hit” and will likely become one of our offerings next summer. Easy to serve to a lot of people in short fashion and in line with the food cost for our other dinners. A win-win for all.

In planning for our Grange Christmas Party, we decided to bring food and paper goods for our local food cupboard. By the end of the night, we had a mountain (OK, a small mountain, but still a lot) of donations from our Grangers. Truly in the Christmas spirit, we also made goodie bags, 50 of them, for the veterans at the VA in Augusta. One of our members works there and she was the one who brought us the opportunity to make the veterans there feel comforted in the fact that someone cares about them. We brought snacks and sugar-free candy and made a big pile on a table and some sat and stuffed the bags while others in the hall that night sang Christmas carols. Truly a night to be cherished by all in attendance. As Master, I had sent out individual invites to all paid members detailing the plans for the night, with a suggestion to bring a guest, one who might be inspired by our citizenship, (and maybe somewhat selfishly,) as a membership drive. We always need (and TRULY welcome) new faces and ideas. I was delighted with the turnout. Our largest Christmas party in years.

Next for Fairview Grange is an opportunity to help a young family who is expecting baby Emma in February. Emma will need a LOT of medical help going forward. She is being born with a heart defect. There is a lot of positive energy behind this event and we feel confident in our ability to make a difference. A spaghetti supper will be held on January 28 from 4:00  p.m. until  7:00 pm in Smithfield at the Fairview Grange. For more info please contact “Faith” (Hmmn…how fitting is THAT?) at 441-6929 to donate, lend a hand etc. or Mindy at 248-2066. There will be Mary Kay and Tupperware sales and any sales will send a portion of the proceeds to baby Emma and family. YOU CAN HELP! (This event is listed on the MSG Website event calendar and you can download a flyer with details.) Please plan on attending if you can or contact one of the gals to donate if you can’t make it on the 28th.

Thanks for listening. Good luck with YOUR Grange. Brainstorm. Take responsible risks. You will probably be delighted with the results.

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Dec 062016
Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Communication Bullets are short but big news!

The Department of Veterans Affairs has just released an updated “wish list” containing a number of volunteer opportunities around the state. I’ve posted it on the Program Books and Information Page under Community Service, but you can also access it directly (printer friendly copy): Veterans Affairs Wish List, December 2016.



Oct 212016

flag-1070437_1280By Amanda Leigh Brozana
National Lecturer

The Grange is both a highly patriotic organization and one filled with amazingly talented individuals who understand the power and sentiment of handicrafts such as quilts. As part of our Patriot’s Program, started in 2012, we are heavily encouraging all Granges to identify members who are veterans or active duty service members that were deployed during war time and request for them a QUILT OF VALOR.

Quilts of Valor are free, made by volunteers who seek to “cover service members and veterans touched by war with comfort and healing Quilts of Valor.”

Go to:  Click on Take Action and REQUEST A QUILT.

Once you have submitted a request, or if you know of a Grange member who has received a Quilt of Valor in the past, please contact me by email at lectureratnationalgrangedotorg  (lectureratnationalgrangedotorg)   or call (202) 628-3507 ext. 102 to inform us of your request/the Quilt of Valor already received, the name of the veteran and your Grange’s name.

Please don’t forget, certificates are available for FREE from the National Grange to recognize veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam and the conflicts not classified as wars during the Cold War Era. Certificates will be available in mid-2017 for Gulf War Veterans in 2018 for all those serving in the post-9/11 era conflicts/wars. This program is sponsored by Potomac Grange No. 1 (DC). Informational DVDs are available to explain WWII – what led to the war, the war itself, its toll and its impact on our nation – and the Korean War. DVDs on Vietnam and the Cold War conflicts are expected out in 2017 and Gulf War and Post-9/11 in 2018. These can be used to glean information needed for a great lecturer’s program or can be an introduction for Junior Grangers and Grange Youth to citizenship and patriotism lessons.

Aug 262016

By Pete Pompper
National Grange Community Service Director
Reprinted from The Patrons Chain–the e-newsletter of National Grange

community service imageThe community service works that our Granges do never cease to amaze in their diversity and scope.  These programs show that Granges are active and relevant in their communities nationwide. We encourage all Granges to make community service a cornerstone of their Grange and know that if you do, you will see it as a key tool in your kit to making your Grange grow.

 Highlights of some Grange community service projects:

Five Mile Prairie Grange (WA) held a community dinner and then had a speaker give a presentation on the American flag.

Gardner Grange (KS) has for many years holds a Veterans Appreciation night where they invite members from the local VFW to the Grange Hall for dinner.  They then ask each veteran to discuss their time in the Armed Forces and play the anthem for each branch.

Bangor Grange (ME) will be hosting its sixth annual Veterans Tribute Show and their fourth annual fundraiser for the House in the Woods which is a veterans retreat in Lee, ME.

Florissant Grange (CO) hosted a Heritage Day where the town celebrated the heritage in that area of Colorado.  At the hall they had food, kid’s games and crafts along with historic displays of the town.  This is a wonderful way to open the Grange Hall to the community and get individuals and families to learn about the Grange.

Concord Grange (NH) borrowed a community service idea from Harmony Grange (NH) a Meet, Greet, and Eat project where they served good Grange food and presented several awards to deserving people and community organizations.  One of the groups was a local band who then gave a free concert.  I really like to hear Granges that borrow ideas from other Granges, great job Dick.

Pennsylvania State Grange at the PA SG annual Family Festival the members donated money. Gift cards and other items that were then donated to a local Ronald McDonald House by Ruth Vonada, PaSG Community Service Director.

Burns Grange (MI) hosted a Meet the Candidates night, one of many Granges, where they had not only a good turnout of candidates but also community members.  This is an excellent way this time of year to open up our Halls to the community.

Little Lake Grange (CA) has started a local radio station at their Grange Hall with coverage in the local community.  It is a 100-watt low power FM station KLLP-LP 97.9.  Think of the possibilities this Grange now has to serve their community.  Job well done.  For more information, you can contact Larry Cotler, Gen Mgr., at lannyatkllgdotorg  (lannyatkllgdotorg)  .

May 202016
On Saturday, May 14, members of Mill Stream Grange in Vienna helped Gordon Webber (pictured on right) in placing American flags on the graves of U.S. veterans in the Franklin Cemetery on Tower Road.  Over 70 flags were placed, some dating back to the Civil War. This is the second year that the Grange has helped with the flags as one of their community service projects.

On Saturday, May 14, members of Mill Stream Grange in Vienna helped Gordon Webber (pictured on right) in placing American flags on the graves of U.S. veterans in the Franklin Cemetery on Tower Road. Over 70 flags were placed, some graves dating back to the Civil War. This is the second year that the Grange has helped with the flags as one of their community service projects.

Apr 152016
Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Communication Bullets are short but big news from your Communications Department!

With thanks to Mary Annis, Community Service Chair for Valley Grange #144, I believe we’ve succeeded in subscribing to a monthly mailing list of needs for our veterans at Togus! Note that the needs can change from month to month and there are times when certain items are NOT needed. Here’s the April list: VA WISH-LIST 4-16. One of the big needs this month is nail and toenail clippers! Official information regarding volunteering and donating is also found on the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Website. Since many Granges are actively supporting our troops and veterans, I’ll try to publish new lists as they become available.

VA Crisis Hotline