Jan 132018


Are you sick of winter yet? With the frigid temperatures and snow keeping many of us indoors this would be the perfect time to work on contest entries. What better way to while away a cold afternoon but to read a book or write a poem or story? To enter the book reading contest all you have to do is keep track of the number of books you read and the number of pages. For those of you who like to write just put the pen to paper and let the words flow. If you’re not sure about the categories for the writing contest ask you Lecturer or look up the rules in Lecturer’s section of program books and information on the Maine Grange website.

2017 – 2018 Lecturer’s Program Guide,

Dec 152017


May your Christmas be merry and your New Year be all that you want it to be.

This year I am encouraging all members to participate in at least one of the state lecturer’s contests. In fact, I would like to see entries double in all of the contests. These contests are not just for Subordinate and Pomona lecturers, but for all members, even those who are unable to attend because of health or those who have moved out of the area. If you have not seen the new Lecturer’s Program Guide, ask your current lecturer or check them out in the lecturer’s section under the program books & information tab on the Maine State Grange website. I hope to see your name on at least one entry this year!

2017 – 2018 Lecturer’s Program Guide,

Nov 102017


Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching I began to think how putting together your turkey dinner and a lecturer’s program are similar. First, you look around for the perfect turkey (theme), then you decide what side dishes (readings, skits, games) complement the turkey and finally you decide on dessert (closing thought). When you have finished all your preparations, you can enjoy your guests.

Each Subordinate Grange and Pomona has been given a copy of the 2017 – 2018 Lecturer’s Program Book, which outlines the contests for the coming year. Once you receive this please read it carefully, changes have been made to the categories in the writing and photo contests. A candlelight ceremony contest has also been added. As lecturers, I hope that you promote participation in these contests.

I want to thank the Lecturer’s Committee Members for all the hard work they did during the state session. I also want to welcome Sister Darlene Miles of Hudson Grange # 457 to the Lecturer’s Committee.

The Subordinate Grange winners in the Photo Contest are as follows:

Animals and Other Creatures

  • 1st Tracy Small of Danville Junction # 65
  • 2nd Karen Gagne of Danville Junction #65
  • 3rd Laurie McBurnie of Meenagha # 555

Buildings & Other Structures

  • 1st Isabelle Stinson of Enterprise # 48
  • 2nd Steven Haycock of Danville Junction #65
  • 3rd Dale Burnell of Danville Junction #65

Nature & Scenery

  • 1st Merton Ricker of Topsham # 37
  • 2nd Holly Welch of Maple Grove # 148
  • 3rd Steven Haycock of Danville Junction #65


  • 1st Marilyn Stinson of Enterprise #48
  • 2nd Karen Gagne of Danville Junction #65
  • 3rd Steven Haycock of Danville Junction #65


  • 1st Merton Ricker of Topsham #37
  • 2nd Laurie McBurnie of Meenagha # 555
  • 3rd Norma Meserve of Danville Junction #65


  • 1st Judy Meserve of Chelsea # 215
  • 2nd Sandra Moon of Old Town Riverside # 273
  • 3rd Laurie McBurnie of Meenagha #555

Best in Show

  • Merton Ricker of Topsham Grange # 37

The Junior Photo winners in the Photo Contest are as follows. All entries were awarded 1st place.

  • 5-9, Animals, Elijah Benn
  • 5-9, Structure, Rowen O’Hanlon
  • 5-9, Nature, William Stinson-Barone
  • 5-9, Other, Carter Pike
  • 5-9, People, Halley Pike
  • 10-14, Animals, Isaac Benn
Oct 172017

The October Issue of the National Grange Newsletter Patrons Chain is available for download from the National Grange Website. This month’s issue includes articles like:

• Donations, loans pour in, but still needed for chiller repair
• Members in California face losses from wildfires, see fraternal outpouring
• Fund created for CA wildfire support
• Juniors still welcome to participate at session
• National holding huge merit badge sale
• 4 selected as 2017 Communication Fellows
• 275 donations of $25 will get youth to $10k goal
• National President issues Sesquicentennial Proclamations
• Lecturer’s contest entries welcome through Oct. 31
• There’s still time to Sail the Seas
• Be a part of the 150th National Grange Celebration
• Great American Quilt and Handicraft Expo
• Dresden Plate Queen-Sized Quilt Raffle
• Quilt Block Contest
• 2017 National Grange Photography Showcase
• 2017 Evening of Excellence

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Oct 042017

The State Lecturer’s conference was held September 30. The new program guide was reviewed. There are a few changes to the ongoing contests as well as a new candlelight ceremony contest. Please review these changes when you receive your program guide. Program helps for October, November, and December were also handed out. Those who did not attend may pick up their Granges booklets at State Session.

Certificates were given to all Subordinate and Pomona lecturers who sent in a report. Certificates, ribbons and writing journals were awarded to all the winners of the various creative writing contests. Certificates and bookmarks were given to all who participated in the book-reading club. Ribbons were awarded to those members who read the most books and/or the total number of pages.

Members then participated in an activity based on a program workshop presented at the 2016 Northeast lecturer’s conference. A subject was given and groups came up with the following ideas that you could use to plan a program. The areas used were Recreation (R) (games, jokes, activity, exercise), Inspiration (I) (uplifting poems, quotations, stories, speakers), Music (M) (can be sung, instrumental, recorded), and Education (E) (factual or informative material, speakers, visual).

Subject: Fire Safety
R: Halloween flaming cauldron, Game unrolling fire hose (use lawn chair webbing), fire extinguisher practice, Campfire safety rules, putting on fireman outfit and equipment
I: fire survivor, movie-“Hot Shots”, Fireman’s Creed, invite a fireman, poem
M: Ladybug song, One Little Candle, Come On Baby Light My Fire, Ring of Fire, Pass it On
E: speaker, Word quiz fire, fire safety paper, Word Search
Refreshments: S’mores

Subject: Apples
R: Relay-first person peels, second person cores, third person eats, Apples to Apples game
I: Apple poem, apples seed to tree and then to fruit
M: I’ll be With You in Apple Blossom Time, In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
E: Johnny Appleseed story, identify a variety of apples, a skit with a kid giving the teacher an apple with a worm in it
Refreshments: Apple Crisp and ice cream

Subject: Poetry
R: Act out a poem, illustrate poetry
I: short inspirational poems read by different members, inspirational music
M: If you ask Me I Could Write a Book, Give member a rhythm such as a limerick
E: Teach constructive poetry

Sadly, there were no contestants entered in the Talent Contest but there’s always next year.

Sep 292017

Short messages from your Communications Department

Can’t wait for State Convention to learn about activities and accomplishments? The following annual reports are now available on the site:

Directors and Committee Chairs are reminded that the deadline for submitting your annual report was yesterday. Please send your report to Jim Owens  (jimowens1atmyfairpointdotnet)   and copy the webmaster  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)   so your report can be posted to the site.

Sep 132017


It is hard to believe that Labor Day is behind us; the kids are back to school and the State session is about a month away.

A reminder for those of you who receive this information electronically the Maine Lecturer’s Conference will be held at Topsham Grange on September 30 from 9:30 until 11:30. The agenda for the day will include a review of new programs and awards for the poetry, skit and story writing contests as well as the book reading contest. The annual Talent contest will also be held.

I hope that all you shutterbugs have been busy over the past year and are choosing your best photos to enter into the Photo Contest at State Grange. If you are not sure of the categories they may me found under the Program Books & Information tab in the Lecturer’s section. Remember all entries must be turned in to the Lecturer’s table before 10:00 on October 19.

Aug 182017

Webmaster’s Note:  The following article is reprinted with permission from an e-newsletter published by Paul Stearns, State Representative for District 119. Looks like some potentially good resources for a timely Lecturer’s Program or Family Health and Hearing Report!

As summer draws to a close, back-to-school season is in full effect.  Remember to safely share the roads with school buses, pedestrians, and bicyclists, and provide children with the necessary knowledge to stay safe at school.

The National Safety Council has a number of helpful resources that promote safety, including Pedestrian Safety, Safe Riding in a Car, Distracted Walking, First-Time Rider School Bus Tips, and more.

Also available on this site are video PSAs on Back to School:  Driving Safely with School Buses and Stop Bullying:  What Parents Can Do.

There are also bullying and suicide prevention resources available on my website. For a slightly different perspective on the issue of bullying, read Where you fly makes a difference.

Aug 092017


Where has time gone? The 2017 Northeast Lecturers Conference is over and I am now looking ahead to all that needs to be done before October. I would like to thank all those who traveled from Maine to Castleton, Vermont to support me and take part in Maine’s program. I would also like to thank all those who contributed to the gift that was presented to me during Spirit Night it is most graciously appreciated.

Just a reminder, the Subordinate and Pomona Lecturer’s reports are due by September 1. They should be sent to my home address: 850 Main St., Eliot Maine 03903. The report form can be found in the information that was sent to all Granges last fall or on this website in the lecturers section under the program tab.

The state lecturer’s conference will be held September 30 at the Topsham Grange Hall beginning at 9:30 a.m. The agenda for that day will include reviewing the new program guide, suggestions for building programs, awards for the three creative writing contests and will end with the talent contest. I hope you all will set aside time to attend this conference.