Jun 302017

By Christine Hebert, Junior Director.

July is right around the corner and that means Family Camp-out where we will be having a Chinese Auction and asking for items. Judging on these Junior Grange Contests:  Stick Frame with Picture, Birdseed Mobile, Make a Boat that floats. Look at your Junior Program for rules and regulations. See you at Family Camp-out.

Sep 292016

by Christine Hebert, Junior Director

Help needed for State Session 2016!

The Junior Department is running the kitchen once again, and we need help with donations and possibly workers, if you can help please call Christine at (207)743-5277 before 10/15/16.

Items Needed:
1. 3 Cases of Water
2. Soda: Case of: 2 Pepsi 12 oz.
1 Orange, 1 Coke, 1 Diet Pepsi, 1 Sprite, 1 Root beer, 1 Diet Coke
3. Chicken (white meat)4 Large Cans
4. 3 (32oz.) Jars of Mayonnaise
5. 4 Lbs. sliced Ham
6. 4 boxes of Little Elbow Macaroni
7. 1 Decaf. Coffee
8. Splenda, individual packets
9. Salt Packets, individual packets
10. Heavy Duty Dinner Plates 100+
11. Hot Cocoa individual packets
12. Crackers: PBJ, Cheese, etc.
13. Butter: Individual pats
14. ½ & ½= individual containers (2) Cases
15. 2 Gallons of Milk

Jul 132016

Norway Grange #45 will be hosting the Maine State Junior Grange #17 on August 13 with a 6 pm supper and 7 pm meeting. The hall is located on Whitman Street, Norway, Me 04268. (Ari’s Pizza is on the corner of Main and Whitman).

We will be conducting the Junior Grange Obligation Ceremony at that time. If you have Junior Grangers who need to take their obligation, call Junior Director Christine Hebert by August 12 at 743-5277.

Please check with your grandchildren and nieces and nephews to see if they might be interested in joining the Junior Grange. Your neighbors and friends might also know of potential Junior members. We will have applications on hand, but the parent must be present to sign the application if not completed in advance.

May 232016

pencil_drawing_black_check_markby Christine Hebert,
Junior Director

Here’s a remind that Junior Camp is June 24 (optional), 25 and 26. Information packets were mailed to Granges earlier this month. Please send your paperwork back to me along with your registration and fee by June 10. If you need a registration form or additional information, let me know!