Dec 152017


May your Christmas be merry and your New Year be all that you want it to be.

This year I am encouraging all members to participate in at least one of the state lecturer’s contests. In fact, I would like to see entries double in all of the contests. These contests are not just for Subordinate and Pomona lecturers, but for all members, even those who are unable to attend because of health or those who have moved out of the area. If you have not seen the new Lecturer’s Program Guide, ask your current lecturer or check them out in the lecturer’s section under the program books & information tab on the Maine State Grange website. I hope to see your name on at least one entry this year!

2017 – 2018 Lecturer’s Program Guide,

Nov 102017


Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching I began to think how putting together your turkey dinner and a lecturer’s program are similar. First, you look around for the perfect turkey (theme), then you decide what side dishes (readings, skits, games) complement the turkey and finally you decide on dessert (closing thought). When you have finished all your preparations, you can enjoy your guests.

Each Subordinate Grange and Pomona has been given a copy of the 2017 – 2018 Lecturer’s Program Book, which outlines the contests for the coming year. Once you receive this please read it carefully, changes have been made to the categories in the writing and photo contests. A candlelight ceremony contest has also been added. As lecturers, I hope that you promote participation in these contests.

I want to thank the Lecturer’s Committee Members for all the hard work they did during the state session. I also want to welcome Sister Darlene Miles of Hudson Grange # 457 to the Lecturer’s Committee.

The Subordinate Grange winners in the Photo Contest are as follows:

Animals and Other Creatures

  • 1st Tracy Small of Danville Junction # 65
  • 2nd Karen Gagne of Danville Junction #65
  • 3rd Laurie McBurnie of Meenagha # 555

Buildings & Other Structures

  • 1st Isabelle Stinson of Enterprise # 48
  • 2nd Steven Haycock of Danville Junction #65
  • 3rd Dale Burnell of Danville Junction #65

Nature & Scenery

  • 1st Merton Ricker of Topsham # 37
  • 2nd Holly Welch of Maple Grove # 148
  • 3rd Steven Haycock of Danville Junction #65


  • 1st Marilyn Stinson of Enterprise #48
  • 2nd Karen Gagne of Danville Junction #65
  • 3rd Steven Haycock of Danville Junction #65


  • 1st Merton Ricker of Topsham #37
  • 2nd Laurie McBurnie of Meenagha # 555
  • 3rd Norma Meserve of Danville Junction #65


  • 1st Judy Meserve of Chelsea # 215
  • 2nd Sandra Moon of Old Town Riverside # 273
  • 3rd Laurie McBurnie of Meenagha #555

Best in Show

  • Merton Ricker of Topsham Grange # 37

The Junior Photo winners in the Photo Contest are as follows. All entries were awarded 1st place.

  • 5-9, Animals, Elijah Benn
  • 5-9, Structure, Rowen O’Hanlon
  • 5-9, Nature, William Stinson-Barone
  • 5-9, Other, Carter Pike
  • 5-9, People, Halley Pike
  • 10-14, Animals, Isaac Benn
Oct 172017

The October Issue of the National Grange Newsletter Patrons Chain is available for download from the National Grange Website. This month’s issue includes articles like:

• Donations, loans pour in, but still needed for chiller repair
• Members in California face losses from wildfires, see fraternal outpouring
• Fund created for CA wildfire support
• Juniors still welcome to participate at session
• National holding huge merit badge sale
• 4 selected as 2017 Communication Fellows
• 275 donations of $25 will get youth to $10k goal
• National President issues Sesquicentennial Proclamations
• Lecturer’s contest entries welcome through Oct. 31
• There’s still time to Sail the Seas
• Be a part of the 150th National Grange Celebration
• Great American Quilt and Handicraft Expo
• Dresden Plate Queen-Sized Quilt Raffle
• Quilt Block Contest
• 2017 National Grange Photography Showcase
• 2017 Evening of Excellence

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Oct 072017

Where has the year gone? State Convention is in just a two weeks and I Still haven’t located my Youth Regalia. Have you seen our sash? I’m looking forward to seeing old youth and we hope to welcome new youth. Please encourage anyone 14 to 35 to join us this year at State Grange. We have a fun weekend planned with a few surprises.

Maine is hosting the 2018 Northeast Grange Youth Conference and I would like Maine Youth to help with planning the camp. I will be taking notes during the convention and will delegate accordingly.

Unfortunately, we do not have unlimited resources, so we will announce Bowling and Miniature Golf winners but will not be providing the beautiful ribbons we have in the past. Please snail mail your scores or email the winners. We need to know the results before State Grange, as we do have a prize or small token of our appreciation. Please note if you bowled large or small balls .

Our Grange Youth Convention Schedule is as follows:

  1. All Grange Youth check in at the Youth Table upon arriving. If you have a gift bag or item for the Youth Table bring it with you.
  2. We plan on having a 50/50 as well as the opportunity to win prizes and we will sell our Maine State Grange Youth Conference t-shirts. (They are not dated so we can use them for Maine Youth year after year!)
  3. On Friday, as soon as the session ends, ANY Youth or Young Person who would like to Open Saturday Morning, please meet at the Grange Youth Table. All Youth will get their free t-shirt for Saturday. We will quickly practice opening.
  4. Friday night Youth will go out for Chinese! Old people are welcome to join us. If cost is truly an issue let me know. (All requests will be kept confidential.)
  5. Saturday morning, Youth will meet 45 minutes before opening session.We will practice opening one last time.
  6. Saturday, we could all go to Pizza Hut after closing session!(?) Vote yes or no upon arrival.

I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you this year.

Sep 132017


It is hard to believe that Labor Day is behind us; the kids are back to school and the State session is about a month away.

A reminder for those of you who receive this information electronically the Maine Lecturer’s Conference will be held at Topsham Grange on September 30 from 9:30 until 11:30. The agenda for the day will include a review of new programs and awards for the poetry, skit and story writing contests as well as the book reading contest. The annual Talent contest will also be held.

I hope that all you shutterbugs have been busy over the past year and are choosing your best photos to enter into the Photo Contest at State Grange. If you are not sure of the categories they may me found under the Program Books & Information tab in the Lecturer’s section. Remember all entries must be turned in to the Lecturer’s table before 10:00 on October 19.

Aug 092017


Where has time gone? The 2017 Northeast Lecturers Conference is over and I am now looking ahead to all that needs to be done before October. I would like to thank all those who traveled from Maine to Castleton, Vermont to support me and take part in Maine’s program. I would also like to thank all those who contributed to the gift that was presented to me during Spirit Night it is most graciously appreciated.

Just a reminder, the Subordinate and Pomona Lecturer’s reports are due by September 1. They should be sent to my home address: 850 Main St., Eliot Maine 03903. The report form can be found in the information that was sent to all Granges last fall or on this website in the lecturers section under the program tab.

The state lecturer’s conference will be held September 30 at the Topsham Grange Hall beginning at 9:30 a.m. The agenda for that day will include reviewing the new program guide, suggestions for building programs, awards for the three creative writing contests and will end with the talent contest. I hope you all will set aside time to attend this conference.


Jul 132017

margaretBy Margaret Morse,
MSG Lecturer

The photography contest is open to all Subordinate and Junior members, also children and grandchildren of Subordinate members. All photo entries must have been taken after September 1, 2016. Members maybe submit as many entries as they wish in each category. The categories for this year’s photo contest are: 1. Animals & Other Creatures; 2. Buildings & Other Structures; 3. Nature & Scenery; 4. Grange; 5. People; 6. Others. The minimum size allowed for the photo entries is 4” x 6” and the maximum size is 11”x 14” this includes the matting/backing which all entries must have. Frames and glass are not permitted on photo entries. A first, second, and third place ribbon will be awarded in each category. One entry deemed “Best in Show” will be chosen by the judges and will go to National Grange for judging.

The Art Contest is open to all juniors and children and grandchildren of subordinate members. Children’s artwork will be separated into three age groups: ages 5 -7; ages 8 – 10; and ages 11 – 14. Art entries must have a frame with suitable hangers or hard matting/backing suitable so they may be displayed. NO GLASS on any entry will be accepted, however, plexiglass is allowed. A first, second and third place ribbon will be awarded for each medium. The mediums are: oils and acrylics; watercolors; charcoal or pencil drawings; markers or crayons.

Entry labels for the photography contest are available on the MSG website in the lecturer’s section under the Program Book & Information tab. They also will be available at the MSG Lecturers’ Conference in September and at the State Grange Session.

Entries for both the photography and art contest are due on October 19, 2017, no later than 10 a.m.

Jul 132017

By Terry Lee LaCombe-Stevens
Youth Director

The Northeastern Youth Conference was held at UMASS in Amherst MA last weekend. Approximately 80 people attended! Jared Grienier represented Maine–you may recognize his name from Ag in the Classroom, a program he is passionate about.

Jared competed in the Youth Impromptu Speech Contest and won second place. In Adult Impromptu, I won second place.

We ended the Conference with a prayer service led by Jared, the Drill Competition and a passing of the books and sign to Maine! As many of you are aware Maine will be hosting next year’s Northeastern Youth Conference on July 13-15, 2018. Please consider having a fundraiser for the Youth Department.

Send the name and contact information for any Youth between the ages of 14 to 35 affiliated with your Grange to me.