Jul 152017

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Webmaster’s Note:  The following article is reprinted with permission from an e-newsletter published by Paul Stearns, State Representative for District 119.

One of the many challenges adults face as they return to college is financing their education. The University of Maine System (UMS) has an Adult Degree Completion Scholarship Fund helping Maine residents return to school and complete their academic studies. For many, these may have begun years ago and were not completed for a variety of reasons.

These funds are dedicated to support adult students returning to college after an absence of at least three years or more and who are completing their very first baccalaureate degree. Applicants may qualify for up to $4,000 per academic year for up to eight consecutive semesters.

Students returning to school have two opportunities to apply for the Adult Degree Completion Scholarship. Each year the deadlines for new applicants are:

  • August 1 – to be considered for a full academic year award beginning in the fall semester;
  • December 1 – to be considered for a spring semester award; and
  • all renewal applications are due no later than June 1 of each year.

The electronic application takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and may be found online here. Prior to completing this application, we recommend contacting your campus navigator to review your eligibility and discuss your plan for completing your bachelor’s degree. Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for consideration:

  • must be a resident of the State of Maine;
  • must be a matriculated student at a UMS institution seeking a first baccalaureate degree;
  • must be an undergraduate reentry student who has experienced a gap (three years or more) in the pursuit of postsecondary education;
  • must have a minimum of 30 credits earned from any institution toward your degree;
  • must demonstrate financial need as determined by a completed FAFSA; and
  • must be registered at least part time: 6‐8 credits per semester.

Adult Degree Completion Scholarship Brochure


Dec 272014

Farm Apprenticeships in 2015

Maine Coast Heritage Trust is excited to announce two 9-month long farm apprenticeships in 2015 at two farm preserves in Rockport, Maine.  In the past, both properties hosted summer interns to assist with farm and outreach efforts.  With the 2015 apprenticeships, the farms will be able to offer further training and a more holistic approach to farming to the new farmers than what a short summer internship could provide.

One apprenticeship focuses on raising beef cattle at Aldermere Farm and the other centers on growing organically raised vegetables at Erickson Fields Preserve.  The Aldermere Farm position will allow the apprentice to experience all facets of managing a world-class herd of registered Belted Galloway beef cattle while the Erickson position will engage in the planning and production related to an extensive vegetable growing operation utilizing local teens and volunteers to provide fresh vegetables to food pantries, schools and other markets.

Along with each of their main farm related tasks, both apprentices will assist in implementing youth and adult programs and events at the sites based on sustainable agriculture outreach efforts. There is also opportunity for the two apprentices to assist each other, thus diversifying their overall experience. The apprenticeships are paid opportunities and include shared housing, training, and supervision, but previous farming experience and experience educating youth and/or adults is preferred for those interested in applying.

Aldermere Farm and Erickson Fields Preserve are two working farms and agriculture education centers owned and managed by Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT).  Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) Apprenticeship Program is working with MCHT on these apprenticeships to help with recruitment support and to provide additional farmer trainings and networking opportunities for the new apprentices.

Interested applicants should review the farm listings and apply through the MOFGA Apprenticeship Program application process at their website at www.MOFGA.org (see the “Programs” page).  Listing are under Knox County and the codes are #KNX-26 (Aldermere) & #KNX-27 (Erickson).  Deadline for applications is January 22 and the start date for work is March 1.  Please contact MOFGA with any questions involving the application at mofgaatmofgadotorg  (mofgaatmofgadotorg)   or 207-568-4142. Direct any apprenticeship questions or to request more information about the apprenticeships to Aldermere Farm at spostatmchtdotorg  (spostatmchtdotorg)   or 207-236-2739.

Jul 082012

Webmaster Note: The following is a press release from National Grange–please visit the National Grange website to register if you graduated from a land-grant university. (The University of Maine is a land grant university.)

The National Grange today is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the creation of the Public Land-Grant University System, established under the Morrill Act of 1862.

The legislation, better known as the Morrill Land Grant Act, named after its sponsor, Justin Morrill, founded the system of federal funding for public institutions that agreed to “teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts … in order to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes…”

“Tens of millions of Americans, many of whom are or have been Grange members, have benefited from the educational opportunities extended as a result of the Morrill Act,” National Grange President Ed Luttrell said. “As we look forward to our own 150th anniversary in 2017, we understand the importance of celebrating roots, heritage, success and impact over a century and a half.”

Under the Morrill Act, each state received 30,000 acres of federal land for every member of Congress representing their state. Total, the Act allocated 17,400,000 acres of land that provided an endowment of $7.55 million in 1862.

The Act helped spark the establishment and growth of numerous universities, including the University of California, Kansas State University, and Rutgers University. Today, more than 100 Land-Grant colleges and universities are in operation.

The state of Iowa was the first to accept funds provided by the Act, which helped to grow Ames College, now known as Iowa State University, still in the top ten agricultural schools in the United States.

“Many top institutions of higher education are Land-Grant colleges and universities that continue to advance knowledge and research in the field of agriculture,” Luttrell said. “Without the foresight of Congress in 1862, American agriculture could not have grown and prospered so much in the past 150 years, today providing food, fiber and fuel for our nation and much of the world.”

Although provision six of the Morrill Act originally stated; “No State while in a condition of rebellion or insurrection against the government of the United States shall be entitled to the benefit of this act,” the Act was eventually extended to all Southern states as well.

As part of the celebration, the National Grange is asking any Grange member who is a graduate of a Public Land-Grant University to submit their information for recognition. Specifically, members should submit their information using the form on the National Grange website under News called “Land-Grant Alumni Members” by Oct. 2. Information for deceased members may be submitted as well.

To learn if your college or university was one established because of the Morrill Land Grant Act, please view the map on the National Grange website. CLICK HERE.


Aug 192011

Submitted by Willie Grenier, MAITC

On July 27th the Wilson Grange in Wilton hosted the 25 teachers and interns from the Maine Ag in the Classroom Summer Teachers Institute. A wonderful dinner was shared with products from many local farms. The incoming master taught the teachers about the principles of the organization, officers, projects and community service. Many teachers had never attended a Grange supper before and a wonderful time was had by all! There were 12 members of Wilson Grange present to serve the meal and dine with the visitors. MAITC thanks Wilson Grange for sharing with us and making such a wonderful meal! Funds raised will be used for the building improvement fund. If there are Granges willing to host the Institute next year, we are planning to be in the Portland/Gorham area, please contact MAITC at href="maitcatmainedotgov " target="_blank">maitcatmainedotgov or 287-5522.