Nov 202015

Have you checked the Event Calendar recently? We’re adding lots of events… Granges are scheduling breakfasts with Santa, Caroling, Craft Fairs… there won’t be many opportunities to be bored for the next month or so!

Here a few upcoming “statewide” events:

Sunday, December 6 — The Community Service/Family Health & Hearing Committee will be sponsoring a guest speaker at the Maine State Grange Headquarters from 10:00 a.m. until noon.  Mr. John Shattuck, from the Iris Network (formerly Maine Center for the Blind or Visually Impaired) will be speaking on the topic or working with local communities to bring resources to individuals who are visually impaired and hearing impaired. All are invited! Contact Chris Corliss  (christinecorlissatymaildotcom)   for further information.

Saturday, December 12 — Deputies and Directors Meeting will take place at Headquaarters fro 10:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. This traditional meeting will include distribution of information and a review of floorwork. Directors will have an opportunity to discuss their committees and promote their programs. Important goals for this meeting include understanding expectations, improving communications, and identifying those interested in leadership training. Contact Rick Grotton  (rictiataoldotcom)   for further information.

Sunday, December 13 — State Officers Meeting will take place at Headquarters from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.  Officers will review goals, receive information packets and plan Pomona Inspections. Contact Rick Grotton  (rictiataoldotcom)   for further information.

Sunday, December 13 — The Executive Committee will have their regular monthly meeting from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. at State Headquarters.

January 15 – 18, 2016 are the dates for the Northeast Leaders Conference. For further information see the Conference Page on the website.

Nov 202015

by Wesley Ryder

October always means to me
Maine State Grange Convention.
There’s a hectic schedule of events,
But a few highlights I will mention.

Driving while viewing Maine’s foliage,
Greeting friends from far and near.
First night a tasty banquet;
Grangers like to eat, that’s clear.

Calling the session to order;
Marching begins with much adieu;
Floor work executed with precision,
And the perfection of ritual, too.

This scene is a lasting memory
Permanently painted within your mind.
Though repeated at each session
The symbolism you will clearly find.

Order of business and recognitions,
Resolutions with limited debate;
Work which may well influence,
Now placed in the hands of fate.

Degree work is the most impressive.
The beauty dazzles one’s sight.
The true lessons that are revealed,
Complete the majestic night.

 Our purposes for being there
Are varied and hold emotion
Engraved upon your mind and heart,
Results in deep devotions.

We labor seriously and long;
But we enjoy this needed effort;
With leaders dedicated with duty
And always prepared to the last resort.

We maintain traditions of many years,
Building friendships that last forever.
We are loyal, generous, and care
We look for personal gain — never.

May the Grange continue at all levels
For hundreds of years plus one.
We take new members anytime
For Food. Fellowship and Fun

Nov 132015

National Grange Convention 2015Lincoln, NE – On the third day of the 149th Annual Session of the National Grange, the convened delegates elected a new slate of national officers, including the first-ever woman to head the storied organization. The group of new national officers includes:

  • Betsy Huber of Pennsylvania, elected Master
  • Jimmy Gentry of North Carolina, re-elected Overseer
  • Phil Prelli of Connecticut, re-elected to the Executive Committee
  • Joe Fryman of Nebraska, re-elected to the Executive Committee
  • Amanda Brozana of Washington, DC, elected Lecturer
  • Chip Narvel of Delaware, re-elected Steward
  • John Plank of Indiana, re-elected Assistant Steward
  • Chris Hamp of Washington, re-elected Lady Assistant Steward
  • Barbara Borderieux of Florida, re-elected Chaplain
  • Dwight Baldwin of Iowa, re-elected Treasurer
  • and Judy Sherrod of Tennessee, re-elected Secretary.

The newly elected officers will start their terms Friday afternoon, the fourth and penultimate day of the Grange’s annual convention.

Nov 072015

Harriman 1By Sherry Harriman, Maine State Grange Lecturer

Webmaster’s note: Of course Sherry is actually “past lecturer” but is taking a final opportunity to share some thoughts… 

Congratulations to Kathy Lorrain  who will do a great job and I am sure each of you will give her the warmth and support you have shown me for the past 10 years.

Thank you all very much.

Sherry Harriman, Past State Lecturer.

Photo Contest Winners

Grange, 18 entries
Laurie McBurnie, Meenahga; Steven Haycock, Danville Junction; Marilyn Stinson, Enterprise.

People, 17 entries
Sandra Moon, Old Town Riverside; Laurie McBurnie; Marilyn Stinson.

Animals and Other Creatures, 26 entries
Laurie McBurnie; Holy Meserve, Danville Junction; Robert Smith, Farmington.

Nature and Scenery, 36 entries
Norma Meserve, Danville Junction; Laurie McBurnie; Jacqueline Morson, Maple Grove.

Others & Buildings, 18 entries
Laurie McBurnie;  Norma Meserve; Robert Smith.

Junior entries, 12 entries
Zoe Dill and Emily Dill each received first place awards.  Jillian Dill received first place for her Art entry. All are Maine State Junior Grange.

Laurie McBurnie,  Meenahga was selected Best of Show to go on to National.


Oct 242015

congrats_sticky_note_400_clr_10486The following officers were elected during the Maine State Grange Annual Convention. Apologies for any names that are misspelled, but my goal was to get the information to the membership as quickly as practical. Please note that it will likely take at least a few days for all the changes to be accomplished throughout the site and appointments to be made. You can help by being patient and, if you were elected, sending your contact information (email address and phone number) to webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  .

Master—Rick Grotton

Overseer—Sherry Harriman

Lecturer—Cathy Lorraine

Steward—Mike Griffin

Assistant Steward—Clyde Berry

Lady Assistant Steward—Roberta Meserve

Chaplain—Dolores Moore

Treasurer—James Owens

Secretary—Sharon Morton

Gatekeeper—Terry Spencer

Ceres—Gladys Chapman

Pomona—Laurie McBurnie

Flora—Debra Ivers

Executive Committee 4-year term—James Meserve


Oct 102015

McBurnieby Laurie McBurnie, Junior Director

Many, many thanks to all the Granges and individuals who supported the Junior Department at State Grange. Your donations (food items and/or cash), purchases, and participation in our raffle were most appreciated. This enables us to offer programming such as Junior Camp at minimal or no cost to the youngsters and their families.

I am pleased to report that Tacoma placed first in her age category in the Northeast Region Junior Grange contest at the Big E. The craft this year was duct tape. Tacoma made a complete doll outfit – skirt, top, even shoes! Congratulations.

If you know of any youngsters who would like to be involved as junior members, please contact Junior Director Laurie McBurnie, lmcb293atgmaildotcom  (lmcb293atgmaildotcom)  .

Please contact me if you or your grange is interested in purchasing Junior Grange hand fans, Grange Memorial Flags, Grange Flag Holders, or Memorial Bricks.

The 2015-16 Maine State Junior Grange program and the National Junior Merit Badge programs are posted on the MSG Website. The 2016 National Junior Grange program will be posted when it becomes available. Junior Grange applications and informational posters are also posted.

Sep 122015

McBurnieby Laurie McBurnie, Junior Director

The Junior Committee will be having its traditional raffle table during the State Grange session as well as running the kitchen. A letter has gone out to all Granges about food donations and responses are coming in. If you have any questions or want to help in this area, please contact Laurie McBurnie, 563-5347 or lmcb293atgmaildotcom.

The 2015-2016 Maine State Junior Grange program will be available at State Session.

Junior Grange hand fans ($1, Baker’s dozen – $12), Grange Memorial Flags ($7) and a limited number of Grange Flag Holders ($30) will also be on sale at the Junior table at State Grange.

If you know of any youngsters who would like to be involved as junior members, please contact Jr. Director Laurie McBurnie, lmcb293atgmaildotcom  (lmcb293atgmaildotcom)  .

The flyer for the Memorial Bricks, the National Junior Grange Program and the National Junior Merit Badge programs are posted on the state Grange website.

Sep 012015
Snack with Junior Grange

Snack with Junior Grange

The Junior Committee will again be handling the food concessions at the State Grange conference in October. Granges will soon be receiving a letter (if you haven’t already!)with the details as well as a list of items that can be donated. Copies of this letter and list are also posted on the State Grange website for ready access: Junior Grange State Conference Concession.

Please email Junior Director Laurie McBurnie  (lmcb293atgmaildotcom)   or call her at 563-5347  by September 24 with what you plan to bring so the committee can plan to purchase the remaining items. She’d also like to know if you’d like to volunteer to help. Thanks!

Aug 142015

Claire LoganMaster Vicki is pleased to announce that Sister Claire Logan, Ceres of the National Grange and her husband Steve Logan, Past Master of the RI State Grange, will be our National Rep and guest at State Grange Convention in October. Claire was elected National Ceres in 2013 in Manchester, NH. She is a committee member of the Washington County Fair and a Certified Food Safety Manager of the Pomona kitchen which not only runs during the five days of fair but is open for many special events all summer long.  She is lovingly referred to by her family and others as the “food police” because she is always asking “did you wash your hands”, “where are your gloves”, “put a hat on”, etc.   She enjoys cooking, baking, sewing and crafts and definitely camping.  But most of all she enjoys spending as much time with her grandchildren as she can.

Claire will be present throughout the conference and will address the body on Friday evening before conferral of the Sixth Degree. In making the announcement, Master Vick said, “Claire and Steve are inspirational Grangers and the Grange is at their core. Along with family, which we all know is a big part of the Grange, they make Grange a priority. They love to meet and talk with people, are good listeners and are comfortable with offering other strategies and ‘thinking outside the box.’”


Aug 062015

McBurnieby Laurie McBurnie, Junior Director

Junior contests have been judged; it wasn’t an easy task and the Junior Committee appreciates Bobby Faulkner and Richard Harriman for their work. Regional and National entries will soon be sent to the next level. The other entries will be used for the Junior Grange display at the Litchfield Fair in September.

The Junior Committee will be running the kitchen again at the State Grange session. Donations of food (sliced ham, sliced cheese, mayo, chips, cookies/bars, etc.) and beverages (soda, water, coffee) are much appreciated. Please let Junior Director Laurie McBurnie, 563-5347 or by email  (lmcb293atgmaildotcom)  , know what you are planning to bring so items aren’t duplicated. (We are all set on paper goods for this year.)

Junior-made bird houses--from soda bottles!

Junior-made bird houses–from soda bottles!

The Junior Committee will also be having its traditional raffle table. Donations for this have already started coming in! Items in new or good quality used conditions are welcome.

Judging of the squash growing contest will also be held during State Grange Conference. This contest is open to all ages so bring your entry on the morning of Thursday, October 22.

The 2015-2016 Maine State Junior Grange program will be available at State Session.

Junior Grange hand fans ($1, Baker’s dozen – $12), Grange Memorial Flags ($7) and a limited number of Grange Flag Holders ($30) are still available. These items will also be on sale at the Junior table at State Grange.

If you know of any youngsters who would like to be involved as junior members, please contact Junior Director Laurie McBurnie and let her know.