May 092017

margaretBy Margaret Morse,
MSG Lecturer

Do you like meeting new people? The Northeast Lecturer’s Conference may just be the conference for you! It is also a great place to get reenergized and get suggestions for programs that you may not have thought of before. The conference is open to all Grangers, not just lecturers or lecturers-elect.

The 2017 Northeast Grange Lecturers’ Conference will be held July 31, August 1, and August 2 and will be hosted by Vermont at Castleton University in Castleton. The conference cost will be $190 double occupancy. Pricing for single occupancy and individual days is available. All completed registrations must be sent to Linda Sanderson, Vermont State Lecturer, on or before June 30, 2017. Complete information has been sent to all Subordinate and Pomona Secretaries.

The Maine State Lecturer’s Conference will be held on September 30, 2017. The location is yet to be determined. The agenda for that will include awards for contest winners, a talent contest, and program helps. More information will be sent as the date gets closer.

Dec 122016

Northeast Leaders’ Conference theme this year is “Branching Out” and the conference will be held in Rutland, Vermont, January 27, 28, and 29. Program specifics and a registration form are now available on the MSG website. Note that you must make hotel reservations by January 9, 2017 and the deadline for the conference and meals registration is January 20, 2017.

As a reminder, Maine State Grange Leaders should submit information about any conferences you are planning–get the dates and a minimum of information listed on our website early so folks can plan! If you are aware of any regional or national Grange Conferences, please share the information with others by arranging for it to be listed on the site! Members can’t attend conferences and events if they don’t know about them! All it takes is an email  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  

Nov 062016

pinReceived from California State Grange

Brothers and Sisters

As the Western States prepare for the 151st Convention in Spokane, WA in 2017, we have developed a fund raising pin to be sold throughout the year celebrating the Granges 150th year birthday. This pin is a similar to the original founder’s button, produced nearly 150 years ago. All proceeds will help defer costs related to the 151st convention.

Pre-orders and individual purchases will be available at the upcoming 150th convention (supplies are limited and first come first served). Purchases are also being taken NOW and will be available for shipment after the 150th Convention in D.C.

Cost $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00 + shipping. Order using this link: Button Order   (ekomskiatCAStateGrangedotorg?link_list=3297783)  

Sep 292016

by Christine Hebert, Junior Director

Help needed for State Session 2016!

The Junior Department is running the kitchen once again, and we need help with donations and possibly workers, if you can help please call Christine at (207)743-5277 before 10/15/16.

Items Needed:
1. 3 Cases of Water
2. Soda: Case of: 2 Pepsi 12 oz.
1 Orange, 1 Coke, 1 Diet Pepsi, 1 Sprite, 1 Root beer, 1 Diet Coke
3. Chicken (white meat)4 Large Cans
4. 3 (32oz.) Jars of Mayonnaise
5. 4 Lbs. sliced Ham
6. 4 boxes of Little Elbow Macaroni
7. 1 Decaf. Coffee
8. Splenda, individual packets
9. Salt Packets, individual packets
10. Heavy Duty Dinner Plates 100+
11. Hot Cocoa individual packets
12. Crackers: PBJ, Cheese, etc.
13. Butter: Individual pats
14. ½ & ½= individual containers (2) Cases
15. 2 Gallons of Milk

Aug 232016

by Glenys Ryder, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Maine State Grange

At the request of the state officers, I am sending the following reminder.

October will soon be upon us, and with its arrival, the Maine State Grange session will soon be here on October 20, 21, and 22 in Skowhegan.  It is of vital concern that EVERY Grange in the state of Maine should have a voice during this convention.  Many important issues will be discussed and decided upon, one of them being the sale of the Maine State Grange Building.

If the Master of your Grange and their spouse cannot attend this convention, then two of your members should be elected to attend the session to represent your Grange.  Their names should appear on the form that you send in to register your delegates.  This form will soon be on its way to your secretary!  Without a representative, it is as if your Grange doesn’t exist, and it is short-changing your members and purpose for existence!  EVERY Grange needs to take an active part in the state session!  Please send someone to present your viewpoints on the resolutions.

Whether you are a delegate or not, you do not have to be a Sixth Degree member to attend.  Any Subordinate Member, having had the first four degrees, may attend.  I hope that you will consider coming to this session.  Many people return from State Grange Convention with new enthusiasm and purpose, ready to take on new projects and increase interest in their Grange!

I hope to see you and your Grange members in Skowhegan!  Plan now!

Webmaster note: My apologies are due. In my haste, I changed the word “convention” to “conference” and should not have done so… while it seems to me a relatively small matter, I’ve been corrected in the past for using the word “conference” to describe state session. Folks who saw or received the original post should know that it was my error, not Glenys’. For some reason my brain got it backwards this morning. Sorry!

Aug 022016

MistakeAt least we know people are paying attention! There was a little date error in Master Rick’s July Column–he’s asked us to post an “oops.” (It’s since been corrected.) State Conference is scheduled for Thursday, October 20 through Saturday, October 22. As soon as I receive additional details and a schedule, they will be posted, but you’ll want to save those dates!

Jul 262016

by Rick Grotton, State Master

To the Directors: I would like all directors to send , email or text me a complete list of all committee members you have in your department ASAP. We are composing the schedule for State Grange and do not want to leave anyone out.

To all members: Remember the deadline for resolutions is August 15, 2016. This date will be strictly enforced so get ’em in. (Send them to State Secretary Sharon at headquarters.) We want to make sure Granges have ample time to discuss them so their delegates will know how to vote at State Session. There are some very important issues to be brought before the delegate body this year, so it is important that your Grange is represented! Don’t  be left out–your ideas, thoughts, and vote are extremely important!

To all members: Remember if you have an issue that arises within your Grange, you should first, try to work it out on your own. This can be done with effort and thinking for the Good of the Order.  If it cannot be resolved within your Grange, contact your Deputy, who, if assistance is further needed will contact the Chief Deputy, who, if need be, will contact me. A chain of command is needed to keep order so issues do not become escalated due to too many people getting involved at once. Confusion solves nothing. I love listening and talking to my brothers and sisters and am always available to answer questions and to pass on information, however, work with your Deputy. Let’s all work together for the GOTO!!!

Jul 132016

by Rick Grotton, State Master

I hope all of you are enjoying this summer. As August is near, elections are over and soon installations will be taking place. And soon after that will be State Grange Session which will be held at the Skowhegan Community Center from Thursday, October 20 beginning at 1 pm until Saturday, October 23.  Please make arrangements to have delegates from your Subordinate Grange or Pomona Grange to attend this very important annual session. Decisions need to be made so use your voice and vote.

Speaking of State Grange, remember, you do NOT need to be a sixth degree member to be a delegate or to attend the session.  Any Subordinate member in good standing can attend. The session is opened in the 6th degree but is then lowered to the 4th degree to allow those who are not sixth degree members to enter the session. If you come with intent to take your 6th degree, then make sure you have received your 5th degree at Pomona.

In my travels, some important questions are being asked concerning Grange procedures concerning mergers, procedures for closing a Grange, and what does State Grange do with the dues sent by Subordinate Granges. It seems there are some confusion or lack of knowledge about Grange by-laws and procedures.  With new members joining it is imperative that all members know the answers to these questions and much more. Even some “seasoned members” either were not taught or confused about what are by-laws are on every level. It is our duty as Grangers to share our knowledge and to ensure that everyone is on the same level of understanding. Read on for answers to some FAQs. Please take time to educate or refresh your knowledge concerning the National Digest which affects every one of us.

First, your Subordinate dues end up in three places, your Subordinate, State and National Grange. The Subordinate sends $5.75 per member or $11.50 per family to State Grange quarterly which in turn sends $3.50 per member or $7 per family quarterly to National Grange. So, only $2.25 quarterly is retained by State Grange from your dues. The rest is retained by the Subordinate Grange depending on the amount of annual dues as stated in their by-laws. So if a member pays $25 annually to a Subordinate for dues, $2 goes to the Subordinate Grange, $9 to State Grange and $14 to National.  Remember that there are Golden Sheaf Award members (receiving their award prior to January 1, 2001 who are exempt from paying dues.

Most of the Granges that have been “officially” closed lately by State Grange concern Granges who have not met in an extended period of time and whose secretaries were still paying dues on those inactive members in order to keep the Grange “existing” as such or those whose membership is below the required thirteen members need to operate as a Grange. There are some halls out there which have been “abandoned'” since the Grange hasn’t met and are just wasting away and wasting money with no intent of reorganization. This is not good for public image of the Grange. This cleanup is necessary.

The procedure to close is to notify in writing to State Grange the intent and reasons for closing. It is then presented to the State Executive Committee. A letter is sent to all members to inform them of the intention to close and the date of the regular meeting that the vote is to take place. The date should also be communicated to the State Master and the Deputy. In the event a quorum (seven members) is not reached, the State Master will remove the Charter and take possession of the remaining assets. Demits will be issued by State Grange to the members in good standing. If a vote is reached to close, the Grange Hall, Charter and property reverts to the State Grange as indicated in the National Grange by-laws. Demits will be presented to all members in good standing from the closing Subordinate Grange. These demits will be good for 6 months from the time issued and the demit holder considered an Inactive member until joining another Grange within the term of the demit. When presented to a Grange of choice for membership, that Grange will vote on the member requesting membership.  If a member wishes to join a Grange after the demit has expired (considered a former member), they will pay a reinstatement fee of $2. They will start as a new member since continuous membership has been interrupted upon expiration of the demit.

If a Grange wishes to merge with another, letters from the Grange intending to merge and the Grange accepting the merger with the other will be sent to State Grange. The letters will include the minutes of the meetings where the vote to merge was done and also from the meeting of the Grange accepting the merged Grange. Any property, including the hall, reverts to the accepting Grange and if sold, the first $1000 will be given to the new Grange and the rest held in trust by the State Grange until such monies are requested (for Grange purposes) by letter of intent by the accepting Grange and upon approval of the State Executive Committee.

If you wish to change your meeting Subordinate nights, you must notify all members, notify State Grange, and update your by-laws accordingly!!!

Please ask questions concerning procedures, laws and by-laws or other “need to know” topics and the answers will be published. Also, at State Grange Conference we will be holding a “Town Hall” forum where members and delegates can speak about concerns and procedures. It should be an educational and informative session. Please attend!!!

A very fun and successful fundraising was held June 25 at Headquarters for State Grange. A yard sale, food sale and sales by individual vendors were the norm. Many thanks to the coordinators, donors, participants and volunteers who helped raise over $700 on a hot sunny day. New T-shirts with animation and a cute saying “Farmers: Outstanding in their Field” were a hit and sold for $12.00. Any orders should go to Steven Haycock, Fundraising Director.

There are many exciting things going on throughout the State. If you want to receive information concerning these events GOTO and hit the subscribe button. This will put you on an electronic mailing list so that you can receive from and have Grange information posted to the website.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer and many thanks for your good Grange work!!

May 152016

Flagg (640x640)By Karen Flagg, CWA Director

First of all, I want to thank everyone for all of the prayers and cards sent during my ankle replacement surgery (again) and for all of your prayers during my Mom’s hospitalization with CHF. She is doing much better but will never be 100%, but at 84 years she is still quite active.

All of you should be extremely proud of yourselves because of all your donations to House in the Woods Penny Collection in 2015 came to $1,065. Good job everyone.

Next, all entries in the Needlework Contests need to be at State Grange for August 18, 2016. Banking and Dress-a-doll entries will be postponed until the following Saturday, August 27. Due to a scheduling with the judges being unavailable, the conference will be held on August 27 instead of August 20. I sincerely hope this will not affect any entries.

Copies of the new CWA Report have been mailed and are available on the MSG Website. The same sheet is used for both Pomona and Subordinate reporting. All you will need to do is circle whichever level you are reporting for. Many thank for Ruby Parker for coming up with this simplified reporting sheet.

My usual donation requires are for the Maine State Grange, House in the Woods, Maine Childrens’ Home for Little Wanderers, and the New England Grange Building. For each $10 donation your Grange will receive a signed certificate from the State Master and CWA Director. There is no need of making separate checks for each donation, one check with the directive on what it goes to will be fine. Please be sure that if you have donations to other committees you send them to the appropriate director.

I recently received a letter from the Big E Coordinator letting me know the needs for the Grange Store this year. They are totally out of 1/2 towels, child and adult mittens, scrubbies (please be sure they are not sewn with regular thread as they do not hold up), any baby items (size them if possible, dishcloths, fingerless gloves, lap quilts, aprons, hat and scar sets (please pin together) and clothespin bags. Any Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas items along with winter clothes and dresses (again, please size them). Slippers of all sizes, catnip toys for cats, pet toys sell very well, head warmers, ditty bags for walkers/wheelchairs, ornaments and refrigerator magnets are more ideas.

Items that do not sell nor are they wanted are fancy scarves, Easter/Valentine items and summer items. I personally am appreciative to know this is so that I won’t waste time and money doing these things. Each and every person should be proud of their handiwork donations as Maine is always complimented on the quality of what is sent. Also, if you have items to be donated to the Big E, they can always be dropped off at State Grange provided someone is there or I can try and meet you on the days I have a vehicle.

There will be a new system in place for checking out your items after the CWA Conference which will be explained later but it will expedite the process plus there will be less confusion. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me and leave a message (225-2328) or email flaggkaren52atgmaildotcom.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from each of you. I did decide to send this directly to each CWA director after discussing it with the Master to try a different response. There will be a paid lunch on August 27. If there is anyone attending with a severe dietary issue, please let me know before the conference. I do enjoy visiting Granges when possible.