Aug 232014

TEAMThere’s still time –one week–to sign up for the first Leadership Meeting on Sunday, September 7 at MSG Headquarters. Here’s your chance to find out what a “lollipop moment” is and a whole lot more!

State Master Vicki reminds patrons, “One of the valued benefits of Grange membership is an opportunity to grow and learn. Not only will we do that, we’ll also be discussing opportunities we have to grow the Grange. This first meeting will also include information regarding State Convention.”

Attendees should plan to arrive at headquarters by 2 p.m.  An “RSVP” is not absolutely required, but it will help with planning if we have some idea how many will be attending, so please send an email to Vicki if you are planning to attend or just use the form below! Don’t forget to click the submit button at the bottom!

WHAT: Leadership Meeting

WHO: Maine State Grange Officers, Deputies, Directors and Committee Members

WHEN: Sunday, September 7 at 2 p.m.

WHERE: Maine State Grange Headquarters

Aug 162014
Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Communication Bullets are short but big news!

The August Bulletin has been released for printing and mailing! Get your copy here. This month’s issue includes some of the basic information regarding State Convention… a reminder this is a good time to think about a “Words for Thirds” program… some information about borrowing kids… why not print some copies for your members!

Also… don’t forget there’s still time to register for the Leadership Meeting on September 7! We’ve had a lot of people sign up already, but there are many we haven’t heard from officers, directors, and deputies. You can sign up online with just a few mouse clicks. Hope to see you there for an exciting and fun time!

Remember also, this is the time of year with lots of deadlines… contests, preparations and reservations for state convention, etc. Directors are reminded annual committee reports are due by September 15th… You could bring yours to the Leadership Meeting! (Electronic submission is greatly preferred.)

Aug 132014
By Vicki HuffVicki - Sash (2)

Where did the time go? State Grange Convention will be here before we know it. Mark your calendars for October 15-18. If you have not already, check out the website for State Convention information. Grange Secretaries should be receiving printed copies in the mail. We will once again be at the Skowhegan Community Center. The banquet will be on Wednesday evening. I am excited to report that we will be bringing back the conferral of the fifth degree to Thursday evening. Members who are planning to take sixth degree on Friday evening must have completed the fifth. Thursday evening will be a great opportunity.

If what I am hearing is true we will have a few more resolutions this year than we have had in recent years. Granges will be receiving the list of resolutions towards the end of August or beginning of September. Please take the time to review them and let your delegates know your opinions.

Sister Christine Hamp, LAS of the National Grange and her husband Duane Hamp, Master of the Washington State Grange will be our guests this year. Sister Christine will be speaking to the body on Friday evening before the conferral of the 6th degree. Sister Christine was Master for the 6th degree exemplification when National Grange met in Boise, ID and was a member of the Junior Grange in her childhood. When you see her ask her how much she is bench-pressing these days. They will be bringing Grange Herd member Pierce the Elk to visit as well.

Did your Grange set any goals this year? If so, how are you doing on them? This time of year, with new officers being installed, presents the opportunity to reflect on the past and set new goals for the future. Where do you want to see your Grange in 2015, where do you want to see it in 2021, and where do you want to see it in 2025?

Together Each Accomplishes More

Aug 122014

We’ve recently added some information regarding motels and meals to the Conference Page… This will be the “one stop” page you should check for any forms or information you might need relative to State Convention.

Administrative Coordinator Jim Owens writes:

The time for State Grange is fast approaching and with, annual reports. Would you (State Directors and Committee Chairs) please have your committee’s report in by September 15th so we can get it into the pad. You can send your report to the State Grange Office as a word attachment on an email (mainestategrangeatmyfairpointdotnet)  (mainestategrangeatmyfairpointdotnet)  , on a thumb drive, or if you don’t have computer access, just mail it in.


Aug 102014
Annisby Jim Annis, Legislative Director

This is the second part in a series of approved Grange resolutions. In part one I discussed resolutions brought before the legislative committee and their disposition. In this part, I will discuss resolutions discussed at the Grange conference in 2012. I will be certain that this time the Maine State Legislators I sent the 2012 resolutions to will send an acknowledgment.

In 2012 there were seven resolutions handled by the Maine State Grange Legislative Committee. They were, “Smoke Detectors” submitted by Androscoggin Pomona No 1, “Military Supplies and Flags” submitted by Dirigo No. 48, “Leaks” submitted by Androscoggin Pomona No. 1, “Carbon Monoxide Detectors” submitted by Androscoggin Pomona No. 1, “Human Trafficking” submitted by Androscoggin Pomona No. 1, “Social Security and Medicare” submitted by Androscoggin Pomona No. 1, and “Photographs of Children At Grange” submitted by Piscataquis Pomona No. 11.

“Leaks,” “Social Security and Medicare” and “Photographs of Children at Grange” were sent on to National Grange as determined by the Grange conference in 2012.

As soon as the Maine State Legislature is elected in November 2014, I will ask our representatives and senator to file bills for Smoke Detectors,” “Military Supplies and Flags,” “Carbon Monoxide Detectors” and “Human Trafficking.”

If you have any questions or corrections, please don’t hesitate to email me.  Next month I’ll be going over the legislative resolutions discussed at the state conference in 2013.

Aug 092014

Matt Dunn

by Matt Dunn, Youth Director

Well folks we are getting closer to the end of summer with school sports starting soon and so is our installation season.

I hope every one is having a great summer. Not much to report on my end other than to remind everyone to send in their mini golf scores.

Please also do not forget the Assistant’s Contest Sunday 24th of this month at 2 p.m. at state headquarters. I hope to see many teams there.

Have a great August everyone!

Aug 042014
Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Communication Bullets are short but big news!

If you are interested in or managing your National Grange website, you already know that the software used is WordPress–one of the most popular website/blog authoring programs because it’s user-friendly and free!

What you may not know is there are WordPress Camps held around the world that focus on “everything WordPress.” Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

And there’s one scheduled in Portland Maine on August 15-16!

But wait, there’s more! Not only is WordPress free… it only costs $30 to attend both days! So dig out your pocket protector and check out the details: Unfortunately, a prior commitment prevents me from attending on Saturday, but I hope to be there Friday… if you decide to attend, let me know and we can try to meet!

WordCamp (2)


Jul 262014
Share your ideas with other Granges!

Share your ideas with other Granges!

Thanks to Rick Grotton for the email following… it serves as a reminder. State Conference is just about three months away! We always have a number of members who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to receive the Sixth Degree. In order to eligible members must have completed the first five degrees. For those who’ve become members under “obligation” this can take some time and planning. So it’s a good time to get started!

Please remember–if your Grange or Pomona is planning a degree conferral, send us the information so it can be placed on the Grange calendar–some folks will travel great distances for the opportunity!

Meenahga Grange #555 in Waldoboro will be doing the first four degrees on Monday, July 28 beginning at 7 pm after a 6 pm potluck supper. Sorry it is short notice, however, we have members in the area who have been obligated and need to see the degrees before taking the 5th degree next month. By the way, Lincoln Pomona will be conferring the 5th degree on Saturday, August 9 at Willow Grange in Jefferson village. Supper at 6:30, meeting at 7:30.

If you have candidates for either (or both) sets of these degrees, please feel free to bring them. For information call me at 582-5915.


Jul 142014

Matt Dunn

by Matt Dunn, Youth Director

Summer is here and I hope you all are having a great one. Please get to me with any scores for bowling or golf so we can make sure that all are recognized.

I am literally just back from the Northeast Youth Conference–an excellent gathering. I first want to congratulate and thank the New Hampshire Youth Committee for their hospitality and running of the conference. It was an extremely fun event with all the speeches, both prepared and impromptu, the sign-a-song, the radio spot and the drill competition. Also we had a very insightful talk from the National Youth Director on “Yes in the world of No” which I will explain more in the coming months. Please remember that the summer camping is next weekend the 19th and 20th in Saco. I hope to see many there.

Have a great July and please remember the assistants’ competition.

Jul 102014
by Walter Boomsma,
Communications Director based on information provided by National Grange

Check out this learning opportunity!

National Grange recently announced that a generous donation from DCI will again allow the use of “fellows” in conjunction with National Conference. (DCI is a worldwide public affairs firm with offices in Washington, D.C., Houston and Brussels, Belgium, that has been a fantastic partner of the Grange for many years related to advocacy and coalition services.)

Is it news if no one knows it?

Is it news if no one knows it?

These fellows learn about basic and advanced communication practices, and put those skills to work by covering many aspects of convention, creating stories, providing assistance with the daily newsletter and much more. When they return home, they will have a better sense of how to provide their local and state Grange with assistance in the fields of newsletter writing/creation and public relations.

This is a great learning opportunity for the right person. Maine State Grange has been given the opportunity to nominate an individual for consideration. The successful candidate will receive lodging and food assistance from National Grange and some travel assistance from Maine State Grange.

Candidates must have a strong work ethic and plan to be available for work in Ohio from November 7 through November 16. While this is a learning opportunity, fellows are expected to work hard. In fact, National Grange has specifically requested candidates not have officer or other responsibilities during the conference. National Grange will supply equipment such as iPads, audio recorders and video/photo equipment.  Any fellow able to provide their own laptop, camera or recording device is highly encouraged to do so.

Please note: If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, you must contact Master Vicki immediately. Do NOT contact National Grange. Candidates must be nominated by their state Grange. Nomination does not guarantee acceptance. The deadline for Maine to submit nominations is August 1, 2014, so you must complete the application process well in advance.