May 152015

By Karen Flagg, CWA DirectorFlagg (640x640)

Hope you are all free of snow as we finally are. The yearly letter from the State CWA will be in the mail at the first of next week–had to go to State Headquarters to print off extra copies. Am looking for new ideas for the Baking and Woodworking Contests. Carrot Cake and wooden toy are some of the fresh ideas. There are a couple of minor changes in the booklet, One is to have the entries due on Thursday night instead of Friday morning as it is very difficult to sign in entries while the judges are trying to do their work. I’m assuming everyone now has a copy of the new entry form? I am looking forward to Family Campout Weekend. Also if anyone has items for the Big E Grange Store, you can either get them to a CWA Committee Member,to me or to State Headquarters as I am sending them as soon as I get a box full so that they are not swamped in August. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable day.

Apr 242015

by Matt Dunn,
Youth Committee Chair

Matt DunnHello all, It looks like spring has finally sprung, thank goodness. Hope all are starting to get out and enjoy the better weather. I want to let everyone know about the Northeast Youth Conference 2015 being held in Rhode Island July 10-12. This is a great opportunity for our youth to meet and greet other youth form around the Northeast. It also gives an opportunity to show off the talents with different contests. Our superb communications guru Walter has posted all the information (schedule, registration forms, etc.) on the MSG Website under the Conferences tab.

Please contact me if you think you might be going as the organizers want a general idea of numbers by mid-May

I encourage all youth that can to attend. It is a great experience just plain fun.

Also just to remind folks if you bowl or play mini golf please get me your scores. Remember both activities are going through the end of September. We want your scores to be counted.

Thanks all and have a great spring!

Apr 162015
Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Communication Bullets are short but big news!

The April Issue of the Maine State Grange Bulletin is now available on the website and will be mailed soon: MSG Bulletin April 2015–download your copy and print a few extra copies for members and friends!

We’ll be working on posting some information from “The Leader in Each of US” Conference held on April 12. We did have close to fifty folks attend, including some special guests who came all the way from New Hampshire! We’re summarizing the evaluations, but the typical comments include “Everything was great!” and “It was very interesting and a great way to spend three hours.” One person wrote, “I enjoyed Wes and Glenys Ryder’s presentation on food, fun and fellowship…we the most positive and inspiring presentation I’ve heard in years.”

There have been some requests that we post “the kindergarten poem,” and will do so forthwith!

Every line needs a leader and it needs a caboose.
It needs to be straight and it needs to be loose.
My arms are at my side. I’m standing straight and tall.
My lips are very quiet. I’m ready for the hall.

I should note that this is the version I learned at our school and thank Miss Smith, Mrs. Violette, and the kindergarteners for helping me learn it. In attempting to attribute the source I’ve found many different versions and am truly uncertain of its origin. (For those who didn’t attend, it was the basis for my presentation “Leading from Behind.”)

Apr 072015

April Leadership Conference 2015There’s still time to register for the Leadership Conference on April 12! Of course registration isn’t required, but it will help us with planning if we have some idea of how many are attending. We have folks coming from as far away as New Hampshire!

Here’s how you’ll be spending the afternoon:

2:00 pm, Welcome and announcements

2:10 pm, “What Do Classical Music and the Grange Have in Common?” (You might be surprised.)

2:30 pm, “The Leader in Each of Us.”

2:45 pm,  Erin Callaway, East Sangerville Grange Excitement

3:05 pm, John Gandy, Halcyon Grange Excitement

3:25 pm,  Wes & Glenys Ryder, Danville Junction Grange Excitement

3:45 pm, Break and networking

4:00 pm, Panel Discussion – Exciting Granges

4:30 pm, “Leading from Behind

5:00 pm, Wrap up and adjournment

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon… register today!


Apr 052015

by Sherry Harriman, MSG LecturerHarriman 1

POETRY CONTEST      July 1 deadline date sent to State Lecturer’s home

AGE GROUPS: All subordinate members and juniors 5–9, and 10–14   (age as of Jan 1)


First, second, and third place ribbons will be awarded in each category to each age group.  Awards will be presented in September 12 at the Maine Lecturers’ Conference. Each poet will receive special recognition item and complete book. Books will be on sale for all others interested.


  1. The poem(s) must be written by a Grange member.
  2. There is no restriction on length of poem.
  3. Entries are to be sent, e-mailed or faxed to the State Lecturer’s home address by July 1.
  4. There is no limit on number of poems submitted, however, you can receive only one place ribbon per category.
  5. You must select a category for each of your entries.
  6. Put ALL the following information at the top of each poem: Title of poem, category, name/author, address, phone number, Grange name and number, age of Junior as January 1 of the current year.


July 10 Registration deadline for North East Lecturers Conference. (Information comes out in May and is sent to your Grange Secretary.)  (Send conference form & fee to host state Maine. Send registration card & $10.00 fee to ME State Lecturer.)

July 17, 18, 19 Family Campout Weekend Silver Springs Campground in Saco.  Many of us go in on Wednesday or Thursday.  Call campground for reservations 207-283-3880.  Come for the whole weekend or just Saturday for activities.  (Junior judging & auction; horseshoes, bocce ball, pot luck dinner & ice cream social. Group mini golf on Friday nearby.) Flea markets nearby & trolley.

Aug 3, 4, 5 North East Lecturers’ Conference. Maine is Hosting at St. Joseph’s College Standish, ME on Sebago Lake. Full Conference $190.00 double; $200 single; plus $10.00 ME registration. Commuter fee $25 onetime – attend as much of the conference as you wish, Meals purchased separately.

I would appreciate suggestions for entertainment, Name, address, phone and e-mail or web site, and what type of entertainment.  I will do the asking, but all suggestions are welcome.  I will compile suggestions in a file for future reference.

Mar 282015

jump_around_and_celebrate_300_clr_11856 (1)April is Grange Month across the nation! Founded in 1867, the Grange was the first fraternal farm organization in the country.  Today it is also recognized as America’s number one rural family organization.  There are nearly 300,000 members in 3,400 local or “Subordinate” Granges across 37 states.  Grange month includes a number of opportunities for visiting a Grange near you. Here’s a sampling of Grange events in the Piscataquis area.

On Thursday, April 2, Piscataquis Pomona Grange members visit Parkman Grange for a potluck supper at 6:00 p.m. followed by their monthly meeting at 7:00 p.m. Pomona Grange is the regional association of local Granges and anyone may attend. Piscataquis Pomona Grange includes East and South Sangerville Grange, Parkman Grange, Garland Grange, Dexter Grange, and Valley Grange in Guilford. This is a great opportunity to learn about the Grange closest to you. For additional information about this meeting or Granges in the Piscataquis Area, contact Bill Bemis at 924-3537.


Several Grangers visit with State Community Service Director Christine Corliss and husband Dan following a recent Pomona meeting. Granges in our area are proud to serve our communities.

On Friday, April 10, Garland Grange will serve up a Baked Beans and Pasta Public Supper from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. The menu includes baked beans, mac and cheese, homemade bread and desserts. All you can eat for $7.00 for adults, $3.00 for children age 5 – 12, under age 5 eat free. Takeout is available and proceeds benefit the Garland Grange Building Fund. For more information call 924-6954.

Also on Friday, April 10, Garland Grange hosts a Family Contra Dance from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.—a great family friendly program with live music. All dances are taught. Admission is $7 per person or $12.00 per family. Caller is John McIntire and music by Some Reel People. For more information call 924-3925 or 277-3961. Garland Grange Hall is located on Oliver Hill Road in the center of Garland.

On Saturday, April 11 East Sangerville Grange will host their annual  “Cultivating Community” program from 10:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.  Conducted in partnership with the Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District, this free program “Healthy Soil Matters” will be of interest to commercial farmers and home gardeners. A complimentary lunch will be served by the PRYMCA Healthy Community Initiative. For more information and a reservation contact Erin Callaway at eecallawayatgmaildotcom  (eecallawayatgmaildotcom)   or 343-0171. East Sangerville Grange is located on East Sangerville Road.

On Saturday, April 11 Parkman Grange will host their third Daddy Daughter Dance at the Parkman Grange Hall. Any girl thirteen and under may bring that “special man” in life. Tickets are $5 per person, available at the door. A DJ will be spinning tunes and running dance contests. Light refreshments will be served and door prizes give. Keepsake photos will also be taken. The dance will be held from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. For more information contact Sue Manchester at 277-3942. Parkman Grange is also taking reservations for their Fifteenth Annual Mothers Day Tea on Saturday, May 9. Tickets are $5 and reservations can be made by calling Sue  at 277-3942. Parkman Grange is located at the four corners in Parkman.

On Friday, April 17 Valley Grange Bookworms and friends will attend the Bikes for Books Assembly starting at 8:00 a.m. at Piscataquis Elementary School. The Bikes for Books Program is sponsored by the Mount Kineo Masons Lodge to support literacy and Bookworms who visit school to listen to kids read love it!

On Friday, April 17, Valley Grange hosts a potluck supper at 6:00 p.m. followed by a CWA Program starting at 7:00 p.m. The CWA committee of the Grange celebrates domestic skills such as crafts, sewing, woodworking and all are invited. For more information visit or contact Jim Annis at 564-0820. Valley Grange is located at 172 Guilford Center Road.


Mar 182015
All roads lead to MSG Headquarters on April 12!

All roads lead to MSG Headquarters on April 12!

We’ve had some Grangers from New Hampshire contact us and ask “Can we come to the MSG Leadership Conference on April 12?” Of course we answered “Yes!”

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating. The only requirement for attending this conference is three hours of your time and a willingness to consider what’s possible instead of what’s not! You do not even need to be a Grange member to attend. We certainly didn’t design this as a regional event, but we’re more than happy to share our successes with Grangers from the area!

Will Massachusetts be next to ask? Hmmm… Maybe we should have booked the Civic Center!

Seriously, if you haven’t registered, you might want to think about what you’re missing! (Registration is not absolutely required, but it will help us anticipate how many are coming.. You can register online at this page.) Note that we are not confirming registrations, so if you register and don’t hear from us, that doesn’t mean you’re not registered!

But wait… there’s more! We’ve recently had another inquiry from someone who wants to start a Grange in their area! There is a leader in each of us!


NOTE: We may also be looking for a few volunteers to help with the conference setup by arriving a little early to help with chairs, etc. If you’re interested, please contact Master Vicki  (granger1atmainedotrrdotcom)   or Walter Boomsma  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)   and let us know!


Feb 152015
Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Communication Bullets are short but big news!

More resources for you…

Visit the Program Books and Information Page where you’ll find

  • The just released February Bulletin for those who just can’t wait! (Communications Section)
  • An updated Member Recognition Order Form (Secretary’s Section)
  • A flyer/poster for the April Leadership Conference (Communications Section)
  • The updated Officer, Director, and Deputy Directory (Communications Section)

We are in the information and communication business! If you need a resource and can’t find it here, please let me know  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  !


Feb 152015

by Sherry Harriman, MSG LecturerHarriman 1

Original Story Writing Contest deadline March 31st sent / email /fax to my home address. Open to all subordinate and junior members Junior age as of March 31st must be on the label. (ages 5 – 7; 8 – 10; 11 -14. Categories fact and/or fiction. Original stories only. Profanity or inappropriate items will not be accepted. Length of story must not exceed 10 minutes, 500 words maximum. Enter as many stories as you wish.  Label at the top of each story. Include all the following information: name, address, Grange and number, phone, title, category.

Original Skit Writing Contest. Deadline March 31 sent, email, fax to me at my home address.  Categories Subordinate and Junior members. Jr age as of March 31st must be on label. Ages 5 – 7; 8 -10; 11 – 14. Original skits only. Profanity and inappropriate items will not be accepted. Length of play or skit must not exceed 10 minutes. Label at the top of each skit. Include all of the following information name; address; Grange & number; phone; title; category.

Judging skits and stories will be done in April and winners announced. If you wish to perform your skits and stories this will be done at Lecturers Conference held September 12th in Augusta. Let me know so I can plan.

Date change: our Maine Lecturers Conference will be held in Augusta September 12th — 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. No lunch. The conference will include new program review; workshops; raffle; material and information exchange with skit; story and poetry and all other Lecturer Awards at noon.

(August 22 will be an all-day CWA event including lunch with Karen Flag, Director. Karen and I decided that this change would benefit each of our respective departments better.)

April is Grange month. Information is available from National Grange, our publicity director and on the web for “Grange Month”. If you are making presentations using the National Grange community Citizen Award or Pomona award for public service you must order them early from National, 888-447-2643 not me.  I only have “Certificates of Appreciation” for purchase. I do not have the special plaques or awards.

Feb 152015

Submitted by MSG Lecturer Sherry Harriman

Maine is hosting 100th North East Grange Lecturers Conference. August 3, 4, & 5 (Mon, Tues, Wed) at St Joseph’s College, 278 White’s Bridge Road, Standish, Maine 04084. The campus is on Sebago Lake near North Windham a couple of miles off Route 302. There is a waterfront beach on the campus for you to use. There is also an indoor pool you may use for a fee. This is a big tourist area, so if you plan to stay at a hotel or cabins nearby, reserve early.

All are welcome to attend it is not exclusive to Lecturers or lecturer’s elect. The full conference will cost $190 for a double room and $200 for a single room. This includes two nights lodging, six meals, seven state programs, workshops, conference fee, idea sharing, fun, fellowship, and entertainment. All buildings are air-conditioned and handicapped accessible.

If you choose not to stay in the dorm a one-time $25 commuter fee will be charged. This covers you for much of the conference you wish to attend. Meals may be purchased individually in advance.

Whether you are a full-time participant or a commuter, including State Officers if attending, everyone must pre-register by the July 10th deadline date. Persons only attending the “Spirit Night” event Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. will be charged a $10 registration fee.

Workshops to choose may include Who wants to be Lecturer by National Lecturer; Fun in the Grange; Grange fundraising; programs with small numbers; state fire marshal’s office: health care reform changes (or something in this nature);  a healthier you; and Michael Martin the National Leadership/Membership Director may be joining us. Some workshops will be presented twice.

Information, schedules and registration forms will be sent to your Grange secretary in the middle of May. Be sure to register and send all money by July 10th.

I will be needing some help and contacting you later with details. Please join us to make the 100th annual conference a big success.