Jul 272015

Submitted by Steve Haycock

The Maine State Grange Family Campout was a great success. More than 40 Grangers including three from New Hampshire gathered at Silver Springs Campground in Saco in July.  There was truly something for everyone during the weekend.  This event is a great example of what the Grange is all about, Food, Fun, and Fellowship.

On Friday, a group of 29 Grangers descended on Martel’s Ice Cream and Mini Golf.  The competition was fierce, but there was a lot laughing along the way.  In the end, Bill Small came out of top with his score of 50.  After mini golf the group of Grangers had ice cream for a treat.  Friday evening found many of the campers at the potluck.

Saturday was the big day, although a bit dreary in the morning, plans were amended to have a cribbage tournament in place of the traditional horseshoe tournament.  This was done right after the judges of the Junior Grange crafts finished their near impossible job selecting the winners of the crafts of the various contests.  While everyone was preparing for the cribbage tournament, the Chinese auction was in full swing along with the 50/50 raffle.  Those not playing cribbage played a round of Sherry’s Dice Game with C.J. Roy winning.  The cribbage tournament featured seven teams and was won by Roberta & James Meserve.  After the games were over Junior Director Laurie McBurnie announced the winners of the Jr. Grange crafts and the winners of the auction and raffle were drawn.  In the afternoon the weather improved and the vast majority of the Grangers participated in the Bocce Ball tournament, with Judy Meserve and Rick Grotton eventually coming out on top of the large field.

This was followed by a scaled-down Horseshoe tournament won by Mike Flagg and Jim Meserve.  Saturday evening featured a delicious ice cream social, with State Lecturer Sherry Harriman passing out awards for the day’s activities, followed by fellowship around the campfire.  Many thanks go to Wilbur and Jane Heath of the New Hampshire State Grange who hung out with us this weekend.  Wilbur and Jane even brought ice cream with many toppings to choose from.  Their son Chris Heath, Master of the New Hampshire State Grange visited with us on Saturday afternoon.  A great weekend was had by all, plans were made for the 2016 Maine State Grange Family Campout Weekend which will be held at the same campground July 15 – 17, 2016.

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Jul 102015

Harriman 1By Sherry Harriman, Maine State Grange Lecturer

The Maine State Lecturer’s Conference will be held on Saturday, September 12 at HQ in Augusta from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. New programs and awards scheduled at noon.

The Maine State Grange Talent Contest will also be held on Saturday, September 12 at HQ in Augusta at 11 a.m. What a fun day whether you compete or just observe. Pre-registration not necessary but helpful. Open to all Subordinate Members.  (Note: You may use Junior Members in your act.) There are three categories:   vocal, instrumental and variety act.  You may enter one category but all acts are judged with one winner as best of show act. Maximum time limit is six (6) minutes.

Lecturer’s Reports are due September 1. Please mail or email to State Lecturer’s home. (Form will be mailed in July and available on the MSG website.  A certificate will be awarded to all who send in their report which may be picked up at the Lecturer’s Conference or State Session.


Jun 292015

by Sherri Harriman, MSG Lecturer

There has been a mix-up at the post office in Eliot for Margaret Morse.  All her incoming mail was returned to sender.  If you sent in registrations for North East Lecturers Conference and get them back — please put them in another envelope and resend them to Margaret at the same address listed.  We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused.  We certainly did not intentionally refuse your registration for the conference. Remember the July 10th deadline is fast approaching.

Thank you for understanding.   Hope to see you there.

Any questions, call me on my cell 432-6386 or email me.

Jun 262015

thermometer_blank_banner_400_clr_6651By Walter Boomsma,
Communications Director

Thought you’d like to know we are currently up to three Degree Days scheduled in July! Details for each of these is available on the MSG Website Events Calendar.

July 7 at Huntoon Hill Grange conducted by Lincoln Pomona. Lincoln is seeking some help: Master for the First, Second, and Fourth Degrees and a Steward for all four. If you are interested or know of anyone who would like to help, please contact Rick Grotton at 582-5915 or rictiataoldotcom.

July 12 at Bangor Grange conducted by Bangor Grange. Contact Rolf Staples at 973-3976.

July 26 at Union Harvest Grange conducted by Union Harvest. Contact Lois Zezima at 382 3315. Lois is looking for some Harvest Marchers.

As state session approaches so does the demand for Fifth Degree opportunities. (You will need Fifth Degree credentials prior to receiving Sixth Degree instruction during state session.) Conferral of the Fifth Degree is currently scheduled on August 6 at Garland Grange conducted by Piscataquis Pomona. Contact Bill Bemis at 934-5357 for more information.

Degree conferrals are an important part of our rich heritage, in part because they are traditionally shared events and an opportunity to celebrate Grange growth. If you are an obligated member who has not received your degree instruction, by all means consider attending one of these events. Subordinate Granges who have obligated members should consider organizing a “field trip” to participate in one of these events. Let’s increase the degrees!

Jun 012015

Harriman 1By Sherry Harriman, Maine State Grange Lecturer

REMINDER: The deadline date for North East Lecturer’s Conference is July 10.
Everyone must pre-register, you cannot just show up except Monday evening for Maine’s program “Transportation” at 7:00 p.m. If you are coming to “Spirit Night” only, Tuesday evening at 7:00, there is a $10.00 registration fee (sent to Margaret). Questions contact Sherry.


Congratulations to our story and skit writers. I enjoyed them all very much. I agreed that each should receive a first place award. Stories will be printed in the book with poetry entries and made available September 12 at the Lecturer’s Conference 10:00am to 1:00 pm (no lunch). Awards will be presented at noon. Those submitting stories, skits or poetry will receive a free book.

Story Writing:

Grangers Lead the Way, First Place Non-Fiction to Chuck Alexander, Merriconeag 425
A Grange Hall Saturday Night–a Tradition Not Forgotten, First Place Non-Fiction to Joanne Boyington, Androscoggin 8
My Angel Cat, First Place Non-Fiction to Helen Brooks, Robbinston 443
King’s Sad Face, First Place Non-Fiction to Mary E. Hunter, Bangor 372
Woodchucks in the Peas, First Place Non-Fiction to Mary E. Hunter, Bangor 372 (This story was published in “New Words Digest” Bakersfield, CA Spring of 1991 edition.)
My Creative Paper Denim Jeans History, Autobiography, Mary E. Hunter, Bangor 372 (This story was published in “Maine Words” Collection of Adult Student Writing Bangor, ME Fall of 1990 edition.)
Hello Grangers, Song Parody, Mary E. Hunter, Bangor 372

Skit Writing:

Let’s Move Quickly, First Place to Ceneretta Ward, New Norland Grange # 580

May 152015

By Karen Flagg, CWA DirectorFlagg (640x640)

Hope you are all free of snow as we finally are. The yearly letter from the State CWA will be in the mail at the first of next week–had to go to State Headquarters to print off extra copies. Am looking for new ideas for the Baking and Woodworking Contests. Carrot Cake and wooden toy are some of the fresh ideas. There are a couple of minor changes in the booklet, One is to have the entries due on Thursday night instead of Friday morning as it is very difficult to sign in entries while the judges are trying to do their work. I’m assuming everyone now has a copy of the new entry form? I am looking forward to Family Campout Weekend. Also if anyone has items for the Big E Grange Store, you can either get them to a CWA Committee Member,to me or to State Headquarters as I am sending them as soon as I get a box full so that they are not swamped in August. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable day.

Apr 242015

by Matt Dunn,
Youth Committee Chair

Matt DunnHello all, It looks like spring has finally sprung, thank goodness. Hope all are starting to get out and enjoy the better weather. I want to let everyone know about the Northeast Youth Conference 2015 being held in Rhode Island July 10-12. This is a great opportunity for our youth to meet and greet other youth form around the Northeast. It also gives an opportunity to show off the talents with different contests. Our superb communications guru Walter has posted all the information (schedule, registration forms, etc.) on the MSG Website under the Conferences tab.

Please contact me if you think you might be going as the organizers want a general idea of numbers by mid-May

I encourage all youth that can to attend. It is a great experience just plain fun.

Also just to remind folks if you bowl or play mini golf please get me your scores. Remember both activities are going through the end of September. We want your scores to be counted.

Thanks all and have a great spring!

Apr 162015
Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Communication Bullets are short but big news!

The April Issue of the Maine State Grange Bulletin is now available on the website and will be mailed soon: MSG Bulletin April 2015–download your copy and print a few extra copies for members and friends!

We’ll be working on posting some information from “The Leader in Each of US” Conference held on April 12. We did have close to fifty folks attend, including some special guests who came all the way from New Hampshire! We’re summarizing the evaluations, but the typical comments include “Everything was great!” and “It was very interesting and a great way to spend three hours.” One person wrote, “I enjoyed Wes and Glenys Ryder’s presentation on food, fun and fellowship…we the most positive and inspiring presentation I’ve heard in years.”

There have been some requests that we post “the kindergarten poem,” and will do so forthwith!

Every line needs a leader and it needs a caboose.
It needs to be straight and it needs to be loose.
My arms are at my side. I’m standing straight and tall.
My lips are very quiet. I’m ready for the hall.

I should note that this is the version I learned at our school and thank Miss Smith, Mrs. Violette, and the kindergarteners for helping me learn it. In attempting to attribute the source I’ve found many different versions and am truly uncertain of its origin. (For those who didn’t attend, it was the basis for my presentation “Leading from Behind.”)

Apr 072015

April Leadership Conference 2015There’s still time to register for the Leadership Conference on April 12! Of course registration isn’t required, but it will help us with planning if we have some idea of how many are attending. We have folks coming from as far away as New Hampshire!

Here’s how you’ll be spending the afternoon:

2:00 pm, Welcome and announcements

2:10 pm, “What Do Classical Music and the Grange Have in Common?” (You might be surprised.)

2:30 pm, “The Leader in Each of Us.”

2:45 pm,  Erin Callaway, East Sangerville Grange Excitement

3:05 pm, John Gandy, Halcyon Grange Excitement

3:25 pm,  Wes & Glenys Ryder, Danville Junction Grange Excitement

3:45 pm, Break and networking

4:00 pm, Panel Discussion – Exciting Granges

4:30 pm, “Leading from Behind

5:00 pm, Wrap up and adjournment

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon… register today!