Oct 132017

A big thank you to those Maine Grangers who contributed to the success of the store at the New England Grange Building this year. As a Trustee I want to thank you and so does the Store Manager and Building Managers who run the store for us. Below is this year’s preliminary report:

This year’s fair weather had several variables, the first week was hot and humid, Grange weekend was very sunny & hot which started 95+ degree heat wave for 5 days. On Wednesday evening the cold weather moved in. There were 3 days of rain but 1,525,553 attended the 17 days of the Eastern States Exposition.

Total receipts for the store/crafts were $28,200. In the store cookie cutters were a new item and went very well as did the candy sticks. The new varieties of jams, syrups, pickles, and relishes did extremely well so did the colored popcorn. We had the pleasure of seeing many empty shelves at the end of Fair! The store took in $12,809.

A big thank you to all you crafters that supplied us with crafts: Scrubbies ran out the second Monday. We have only a few hanging towels, baby afghans, and mittens at the end of the fair. People are still asking for adult mittens, slippers, ladies sweaters, aprons, plastic bag holders, new unique Christmas ornaments, children’s stuffed toys, Halloween, fall and Christmas decorations, skillet handle pot holders, and door draft stoppers just to name a few. The craft section was $15,500.00.

Tom Gotauco had to complete the ladies and work on men’s bathroom as the contractor that was hired was not satisfactory. A little more work is needed in the men’s bathroom. Also, all the State Flags were moved from around the sides to the front of the hall over the stage. A new backdoor was installed and the cement steps were repaired. There was a lot of rot found in the process which had to be replaced/repaired. George Thomas and Steve Logan installed the window blinds and Linda says they look great!

On Grange Day, Linda picked up pastries, brewed coffee and Claire poured apple cider for the people that work or volunteer in the Avenue of States buildings for just under $300 saving us $2,300. The Blues Crew family entertainers perform 2-one hour’s sets during the day. We were graced with the presence of the National Lecturer-Chris Hamp and her husband Duane, who came to visit the Big E all the way from the state of Washington. Chris was able to cross off a few items on her bucket list by visiting the Big E and riding an elephant. Chris and Duane also marched with about 40 Grangers in the parade.

The managers want to thank all the volunteers who work the cash register in the Grange store, and the Raffle table where $4,075 is being split between the Veterans Home in Bennington, Vermont and Hurricane Relief.

Overall – A great year!

Feb 242017

By Vicki Huff

The NEGB trustees met on Saturday morning January 28, 2017, during Leaders Conference held in Rutland, VT. The store managers and the treasurer reported that we made $14,698.00 at this year’s fair after all expenses, including building maintenance prior to and during the fair.

For the protection of the items submitted for the craft contest, Plexiglas was put in place so fairgoers no longer have direct access to these items. The quality of the contest entries have made people want to take them (literally) and in the past, there have been items taken from the building.

We continue to maintain the building and that is where the profits from the store come into play. Last year we had the building painted. In doing so it made us realize that the wooden letters that spell out the name of the building need to be replaced. The fire escape door on the first floor needs to be replaced and the cement steps outside that door also need work. We need your help to keep this building in repair and continue to show all the visitors to the Big E that the Grange is alive and well.

The trustees voted to require each State Grange to fill fifteen shifts in the store and at the quilt raffle table. If an individual(s) works an afternoon/evening shift and then works the morning/early afternoon shift the next day the Store will pay for a hotel room at The Comfort Inn for the night you work. For those who work in the store, you will need to run a cash register and assist with stocking shelves, answering questions, if new items come in you could help with pricing the items. Those who work on the raffle table will ask shoppers if they would like to enter and that it is simply whatever they want to donate. You may need to explain where the money will be going and each year the state that donates the quilt decides which charity the money will be going to. Both areas require standing and the shifts are 9-3 (day shift) and 3-9 (evening shift). Arrangements for scheduling to work are made through Linda Sanderson, Store Manager, 802-999-3510. You will also receive a pass to get into the fair the days you work. If you are interested please contact Linda as soon as possible. We have to have a list of names of those working to the Big E by the end of June. Linda will let State Master Rick Grotton know if our 15 slot obligation is not met.

If you cannot or do not want to travel and work in the store there are other ways to contribute to the building. There is always a need for handmade items to sell in the craft part of the store.  Below is a list of items that are big sellers or that people make a request for.

  • Large and medium afghans
  • Baby afghans, sweater sets, headbands, slippers, anything baby
  • Quilted wall hangings
  • Corn or rice bags for the microwave
  • Dog toys, scarves, and knitted sweaters- Catnip toys
  • Long plastic canvas tissue boxes
  • Wool felted dryer balls. They help clothes dry faster.
  • Knitted, crocheted hanging kitchen towels
  • Full-size aprons
  • Draft stoppers
  • Scrubbies, scrubbies, scrubbies–these things are one of the biggest sellers
  • Adult slippers, hats, mittens, winter scarfs- colors for men too, but not black or brown
  • Bag holders for plastic bags
  • Women’s sweaters- if you make these please somehow attach a label including the size
  • Medium to large adult clothes protectors (bibs)
  • Embroidered pillow covers

Pretty much anything and if you make items that are not listed they accept anything that is homemade. The central location for item donation is State Grange Headquarters. If you or someone from your area is coming to an event at HQ please bring or ask them to bring the items. If items cannot be brought during an event then please call headquarters and make arrangements for someone to be there to meet you.

Dates for this year’s fair are September 15, 2017, through October 1, 2017. Grange Day is Sunday, September 24. New England Grangers will be having a float in the parade that day and we are also looking for folks to be in the parade on Saturday, September 16 as we will be showing support for FFA and 4-H. There is a challenge out there for all the states to see who can have the most Grangers walk in the parade on Grange Day (September 24). If you plan on getting a group of Grangers to go down on Grange Day and participate in the parade, State Master Rick Grotton needs you to contact him before June 1, 2017, so he can request the correct number of tickets for those attending. Let’s car pool and make the trip to the Big E and show them that Maine Grangers are up for any challenge.

Oct 122016

Submitted by Vicki Huff,
Chairman of the Trustees for the New England Grange

We had a very hot first week of this year’s fair and 50 degree nights the second week. There were 5 days of rain but 1,418,042 attended the 17 days of the Eastern States Exposition. Total receipts for the store were $25,661.26.

The one big job by Tom was the cage for the NE Needle Work Contest, it worked very well as people could go right up to entered items and view them without being able to touch or disturb them.
A big thank you to all you crafters that supplied us with crafts: Scrubbies just made it through the second weekend (there are 3 weekends) before they ran out. We have only 6 hanging towels left, no baby afghans and very few mittens at the end of the fair. People are asking for adult mittens, hats and winter scarves, slippers, ladies sweaters, aprons, plastic bag holders, new unique Christmas ornaments, embroidered pillow cases, children’s stuffed toys, cat and dog toys, Halloween, fall and Christmas decorations, the rectangle tissue box plastic canvas covers, and door draft stoppers just to name a few.

On Grange Day we provide breakfast for the people that work/volunteer in the Avenue of States buildings. We had the Contra Banditos play two sets that were each one and one-half hours long, When there is music in the building it draws people in.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who work the cash register, priced all the items, helped out with the needlework contest, requested donations for the quilt raffle and showed up to run the day to day operations during the fair. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be able to fund our building repairs and this year raised $1,768.50 with the quilt raffle for Maine’s Charities. The store with jellies, jams and new items like soup and biscuit mixes and a different brand of relishes and jellies brought in over $11,500.00 which was over last year’s totals. The crafts handmade items brought in over $14,000.00.

Congratulations and well done good and faithful servants!

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda Sanderson, Co Building Manager
Steve Logan, Co Building Manager
Claire Logan, Store Manager



Jul 242011
NE Grange Building at Eastern States

Submitted by Dawn Percoski via the Bulletin

Do you have a talent you would like to share? Do you wood work, do chair caning, play a musical instrument, quilt, spin or make and paint bird houses? Whatever your talent, have I got the place for you! I am looking for Grangers to come to the Eastern States Exposition and put on a demonstration during the Big E. You can display your wares or perform on our stage. If you are accepted, I will send you all the details upon receiving your contact information and a brief description of your program. I would like to schedule a full program during the entire fair to let the public know who the Grange is and promote the diverse talents we have. Please contact Dawn R. Percoski, The Grange Experience Director. Phone 860-749-1328 or email dawnrose4atcoxdotnet  (dawnrose4atcoxdotnet)   by September 1st, 2011.