Membership Benefits


Who better understands the benefits of membership than members themselves!? We asked Grangers to list a benefit they received by being a member… Thanks to all who shared their thoughts… and feel free to add yours!

“Travel to places your normal life would not take you… different roads and areas of our state as well as other states.”

“Many ‘soft’ benefits, but the best ones were finding 2 wonderful wives in the Grange!”

Rolf Staples, Bangor

“Have fun with real people… not just stare at TV and live life vicariously.”

“Feel good… participate and contribute to the betterment and welfare of those in need in your community, state, and country.”

“Actually, I did join for the health benefits. Since becoming a member, I’ve increased my volunteering and hearty laughter numbers, while decreased my stress and apathy levels.”

Lisa, Garland

“Work together to support and sustain the Order as well as the beautiful precepts of our Order.”

“I think one of the some of the best benefits I have gained from joining the Grange is the wonderful sense of history I am a part of. What I mean is, that the Grange has such a deep rich historical significance in the past. It’s also exciting to know that as a Grange member I am creating history for the future when I participate in our Grange projects.”

Andrea, Garland

“Being a part of a good family organization and learning leadership skills.”

Vernon Dunn, Millstream

“…a brotherhood to improve our communities”

“I have travelled all over the United States to Grange conventions and conferences and have made many friends I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

“Being part of a family fraternity.”

Sherrill Snowdeal, Pioneer #219

“A place to go we can afford that provides an extended family, wonderful friends, purpose in life, and community involvement.”

“Meeting wonderful people and learning about the Grange and its history.”


“My benefit of being a Granger is having the ability to get more involved in my community. Having been a Granger for over 35 years and starting as a junior granger has given me the confidence to excell in business and social situations.”

Debbie, Highland Grage #87

“I would say my biggest and best benefit is the extended family I have found in the Grange. Where eles can you go have so many brothers and sisters? I have met so many people in my Grange travels and they are all family.”

Vicki Huff

“I met my wife and a lot of other nice people through the years.”

Terry Spencer, Skowhegan

“Fellowship, programs, suppers!”

Joanne Dority, Mariaville #441

“Being with a group of friends who you know will always support and help you. We care for each other!”

Laurie, Meenahga

“Learning how to comfortably speak to a group of people.”

Clay, Cape Elizabeth Grange #242

“The Grange affords a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Being involved at the state level has given me the chance to make many great friends all over the state.”

Bob, Farmington Grange #12

“Brings the needs of others to my attention…”

“Learning about agriculutre and legislative problems… also cooking for large crowds”

“I have developed confidence in speaking to a group and becoming more of a leader and not just a follower.”

“You meet a lot of nice people…”

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