Our Officers


You may view and download a complete list of officers, directors, and deputies with phone numbers and email addresses where available: Leadership Directory. Please also note that this information is published to facilitate the conduct of grange business and communication. Any other use such as advertising or unauthorized mailings is strictly prohibited. For a complete list of committee members and active Granges, contact Maine State Grange Headquarters to order a roster.


sherryhatgwidotnet">Sherry Harriman 
        207 490-1029
Maine State Grange
146 State Street
Augusta ME 04330
800 464-3421
Victoria Huff
        207  699-2830
Sharon Morton  (grangenutataimdotcom)  
207 485-6197 (home)
Communications Director/Webmaster
 Walter Boomsma  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  
207 343-1842

  6 Responses to “Our Officers”

  1. We, at Halcyon GRange, are electing new officers and wish to have a description of the duties of each office

    • Thanks, Rebecca… for a great suggestion. Within the next day or two, we will have a complete list of offices with a short description available on the site.

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