Submitting Information


Submission Guidelines for news and resources:

Our goal is to keep the site content rich and positive–and alive with new information. When sending news about events at your Grange facts are important, but  please try to tell us stories. The secretary may record what song was sung as part of the minutes, a submission to the website should include some information about how you sang it–joyfully, off-tune, rattling the roof tops… If photos are available, please include one or two for consideration. (If you are familiar with digital editing, please keep your photo file sizes small.)

To allow for rapid processing include the name and number of your Grange and the town where located. Also, we’ll give you a “byline” if you tell us who you are!

Resources could be links to other sites or “how to” tips and recommendations. Lecturers could submit program ideas that have worked particularly well… Just remember that items should have general appeal to a wide audience of grange members and non-members.

Submission Guidelines for Events

In order to publish your event, we need (at a minimum):

  1. Date it’s being held
  2. Start and end times
  3. What type of event (public supper, craft fair, etc.)
  4. Where it’s being held (include town, please)
  5. Who to contact for additional information (phone number, email address, or both)
  6. Any cost information

Please plan ahead and submit your information early! Also – this is very important – remember to let us know if the details change or the event is cancelled. Because of the anticipated volume, we are asking that subordinate granges NOT submit regular meetings but limit submission to special events. Pomona meetings maybe submitted, but please include all details.

Submission Guidelines for Comments

Visitors are allowed to submit comments to pages and posts. Comments will not be posted until reviewed and we reserve the right to edit and delete. Please keep things positive and appropriate! Limit comments to the subject of the post–do not post comments that are “off topic.” If you have new information or events to share please submit them by email–do not use the comments feature.

There are some technical safeguards against “spam” (posts promoting products, people, and unrelated sites). The primary purpose of the site is to provide information about the grange in Maine and serve as a resource to members. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the webmaster.

  3 Responses to “Submitting Information”

  1. Great site, thank you!
    Our query is, with the positive increase in families pasturing food and fiber animals nextdoor to their neighbors, what is the Grange ‘best practices’ perspective on fencing?

  2. This site is very informative and as a new member I am overwhelmed a bit with the material presented. I hope to find out soon how to navigate the topics to find specific information. One item that I have not found (and I am sure that I overlooked it somewhere through my touring the site) and that is the dates for the Annual Maine Grange Meeting and location of the meeting? Jane and I would like to attend but need the info to schedule our work and trips. Thank You
    Edward McCall,
    Bingham Grange #237

    • Ed, it is my understanding that State Conference is schedule for October 25-27 at the Elks Hall in Rockland, ME. I’ll post more information when it becomes available!

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