Jan 202018

Flagg (640x640)


Happy New Year to each and every one of you. For those of you that sent me cards on the loss of another brother last month I thank you and will be sending notes out shortly as I finally had “my last surgery” I hope.  With the weather we have been having I hope everyone is working on their Craft and Baking entries. I do not have internet right now so if you have any questions please call me at my home: (207) 524-2011. the only time I will not be beside my phone is when I have Dr. appointments. Until next month, take care, my friends.

This year’s Quilt Block for National Grange is called “Tender Heart.” I’m not sure if it is on the National Granges website. I will include all the information in my April donation request for the year.

Webmaster’s Note: Unfortunately, this update arrived too late for inclusion in the January Bulletin, but we’re happy to post it here. There was fairly complete Quilt Block Information in the most recent National Grange Patrons Chain Newsletter.  Click the link to access it from the National Grange website.

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