Jan 132018

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. I have been working on reviewing, reviving, and rewriting some Guidelines for Grange Procedure. I have mailed this information packet out to the Subordinate and Pomona Masters this week. Please let me know, if you as Master, did not get it. I hope each of you will read through it and use it in your meetings. I hope you will find it helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please drop me a line. This is the general paperwork I shared with the Officers and Deputies at our meetings, but more detailed.

In these Guidelines you will find the following information and instructions:
• Suggestions and Instructions for Grange Procedure
• Information/instructions (short paragraphs) for a regular meeting
• Procedure / Opening in Full Form (Opening Bible, Taking the Word and Report; Presentation of the Flag; Presenting Applications or bill from Secretary to Master; Closing the Bible; Retiring the Flag; Presenting Honored Guests; Proper Order for Introducing Honored Guests)
• Procedure / Open Meeting — Opening and Closing the Grange
• Balloting Procedure for Applications
• Handling Motions and Voting Procedure
• Proper Language/Procedure Returning from Recess
• Procedure for Handling Grange Funds
• Samples: Secretary’s & Treasurer’s Receipts and Improved Order Book
• How Grange Policy is developed: It all begins in the Local Grange — Writing Resolutions, Resolutions becomes policy — How to handle resolutions (2 pages)
• Guidelines for Grange Loan Program
• Setting Goals and Five (5) Step Problem Solver
• Successful Granges are Led by People, Responsibilities of a Leader
• Considerations for Grange Leaders
• 20 Tips for Bolstering Membership Retention
• Maine State Grange Leadership Directory
• Order Form: Membership Recognition Seals & Certificates

Additional information: Deputies Instruction/Visitation Report for Grange Procedure; Basic Beginning Steps for Organizing or Reorganizing A Grange; Consolidation of Subordinate Granges; Procedure for Surrender of Charter; Suspension or Revocation of Charters; Sale, Encumbrance or Transfer of Real Property of Subordinate or Pomona Granges; Property of Granges Which Surrender Their Charter or Whose Charter Has Been Revoked; other material is available. A list of new items in the 2013 version of the Subordinate Grange Manual is included.

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