Jan 102018

Short messages from your Communications Department

Just a quick reminder–around this time every month, I receive an updated “wish list” from the Maine Veterans’ Association–you can find the most current list in the Community Service Section of the Program Books and Information Page. The January 2018 list is now available… it includes items needed, volunteer help sought and a short list of items that cannot currently be accepted.

On the topic of Community Service… if there’s a Grange in the Waterville Area looking for an opportunity to serve, I may have an opportunity for you that’s quite manageable. As many of you know, I work (volunteer) with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), conducting Suicide Prevention Classes and encouraging “good mental hygiene and health.” They have recently opened the Waterville Peer Recovery Center in Waterville. I recently visited to donate some books to their lending library. I was give the “five-cent tour” and am very impressed with the program–in simplest form, they are creating a “community center.” I had a great visit with some of the folks and found myself wishing I lived closer. The Center Manager has some exciting ideas such as a garden (well, not until spring!), possibly some meal related events, etc. — projects of the sort Grangers could help with! We’re about building community too! If you think your Grange or some of your members would be interested, shoot me an email! I’ll share what I can and put you touch… Thanks!

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