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Happy New Year to All!

It is a very cold winter so far and many in the agricultural community are working overtime to make sure livestock, poultry, and other animals have food and water to stay warm and healthy in these challenging wintry times.  For others, it may be a time to make sure the wood is dry and stacked inside to keep the woodstove or fireplace stoked for a warm home.  All who have cats and dogs also have to be careful watching the amount of time our pets are outside in the brutal and wintry cold.

The Committee has begun organizing events for the year.  The Agricultural Trade Show is next Tuesday, January 9 through next Thursday, January 11.  We have filled all slots except Thursday morning  January  11 from 9 AM-1 PM.  If there is anyone willing and able to sit at our Maine State Grange booth for that time frame, please call me 207-592-6980 or email me Karendothdotgagneatmainedotedu  (Karendothdotgagneatmainedotedu)  .  Thank you to all who have signed up to sit at our Grange Booth.

I will be preparing for the Maine State Fair Association meeting in late January to connect with as many Fair Superintendents as I can contact while in Portland at the Association meeting.  If you know of changes in contacts at any fairs you exhibit at, please let me know as I create my list of contacts for the Association meeting.

Our next event will be the Maine State Agricultural Luncheon for our Legislators scheduled for March 13, 2018.

The Ag Committee will once again be putting together a Maine-made basket to raffle off this year to support our post-secondary Maine State Grange Agricultural Scholarships. If you have any Maine-made items you’d be willing to donate we would appreciate it.  Thank you.

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-- by Karen Hatch Gagne, Director

  1. A busy committee! A busy lady at the helm!! Great column, Karen! I wish you much success in all your endeavors for the Maine State Grange! Have a great year!

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