Dec 142017

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!  We had a great State Grange Session, we took in around $1,600!  The Grange jewelry was very popular and I’m sure we will try to have it again next year.  We released two out of three cookbooks, Pickles and Preserving and Desserts.  These cookbooks sell for $5.00 each or two or more for $4.00 each.  You can contact us or State Grange HQ to buy some.  Many thanks to Nate Pennell who supplied State Grange pens for us to sell.  They are not only pens but a stylus and flashlight too.  They were very popular for the Sixth Degree.  We asked Pomona Granges to donate a basket for us to use for a raffle and they came through for us.   I would like to thank the following Pomona and individuals:

  • Sagadahoc Pomona – Spaghetti Dinner Basket
  • Mike Griffin & North Scarboro Grange – Halloween Basket
  • Somerset Pomona – Tasty Snacks Basket
  • Cumberland Oxford Pomona – Home Canned Goods Basket
  • Marzie Burnell – Adult Coloring & Puzzle Books
  • Richard & Sherry Harriman – Grilling Basket
  • Steven Haycock – National Grange Coin & Solar Dancer Basket
  • Norma Meserve – Beanie Baby Basket
  • Oxford Pomona – Toiletries Basket
  • West Washington Pomona – Fall Décor with Rug Basket
  • Waldo Pomona – Puzzle Basket
  • Lincoln Pomona – Breakfast Basket
  • Penobscot Pomona – Seasonal Basket
  • Androscoggin Pomona – Scratch Ticket Basket
  • Cumberland Pomona – Money Tree
  • Hancock Pomona – Fall / Halloween Basket

Ruby Bryant donated the following baskets:

  • Dog, Christmas Plate, Harvest, Ice Cream, Soup & Crackers & Fall

I would also like to thank all those who worked in the kitchen selling meals and goodies which was another fundraiser we had.

It has have been my honor to serve as your fundraising chairman for the past two years.  Together we have raised a lot of money and had lots of fun.  We have had the annual Variety Show and Yard Sale.  You’ve been generous and bought many candy bars and t-shirts.  As State Grange Session the delegates gave me the privilege of electing me Steward of the Maine State Grange and the Worthy State Grange Master has asked me to serve as Deputy for Oxford Pomona.  As I prepare to assume these new duties I’m pleased that the Sister Sherry has appointed by roommate and best friend Norma Meserve to serve as Chairman of this committee with me continuing to serve on the committee.

Finally, please mark your calendars and save these dates:

  • Variety Show – Sunday April 29, 2018 – 3 pm at Topsham Grange – Pleasant Street, Topsham
  • Yard Sale – June 2, 2018 – 9 am to 2 pm – Location T.B.D.

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