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Sister Betsy Huber’s Master’s message at National Grange certainly hit home, echoing how I feel about the Grange, strengthening my own goals and sentiments.  Sister Huber introduced the new theme for 2018 – “That’s the Grange Way.”  Reminding us of “American Values, Hometown Roots, Traditions, and history.  Honesty, trustworthiness, fidelity. Caring about others, helping our communities, helping others even far away.  Civic participation, interest in legislation and our government, from local to national. Holding leadership positions in your community.  Using our hands to make things for others.  Teaching others how to make or grow things.  Being Doers.  Trying new things, but staying true to our roots and ritual.”  Sister Betsy did continue with addition inspiration for all of us to think about. Like Betsy, I would also like to encourage all Granges to think about “the Grange Way”, discuss it in your meetings, and hold an open house to demonstrate it to others who will want to join us. Thank you, Betsy, for the heartfelt inspiration.

We had a very productive Officers meeting discussing expectations, new paperwork and inspection form for visitations, how we can help Pomona and Subordinate Granges, and other related subjects.  Good suggestions were made and I appreciate their input.

The name of your Pomona visiting/inspecting officer will be mailed out next week, along with the inspection report form, this gives you a chance to have the information on hand.  Please contact the person listed with your meeting dates, places and if you have a supper or not, also include the schedule for conferral of the Fifth Degree during the year.

Deputy school was a big success with everyone participating in floor work instructions, each team of people opening/closing the Bible, many commenting they had never filled the AS or LAS office and finding it more difficult when actually doing the work.  We covered the same materials and held similar discussions with the Officers, with very good input from those present.  Meatball subs and 150th Birthday cake was enjoyed by all for lunch.  Thank you to all who came to this important meeting.

I have updated a lot of Grange paperwork including guidelines and more precise instructions for the ritual, handling monies, motions, and a lot of other items are covered.  Each officer and deputy received the entire packet of materials.  Every Grange Master will be receiving the exact same material in a packet in the next couple of weeks.  I hope you will take time to review the instructions and use them in your meetings.  You don’t have to do everything at the same meeting but practice something each time you meet.  The more you practice it, the easier it will become and more understandable.

We will be having area meetings again.  I am looking for someone to host in the different areas in the state.  Several Officers and Department heads have agreed to participate.  Let us know what you would be interested in having discussed or done. More information to come out later.

One discussion I will share with you.  Many folks are on Facebook, that is a great tool and can be valuable when sharing information, however, it is not the place to make decisions for the Grange.  Grange related decisions are to be discussed at a working meeting that is open in full form by all members of that Grange and voted upon, not determined by comments of a few made on Facebook.  Rumors spread by word of mouth also have a negative effect on the Grange, the same as negative actions.

I am not on Facebook, by the way, and do not accept any friend requests.  If you need to reach me, use phone, text or email.  My email address is sherryhatgwidotnet  (sherryhatgwidotnet)  .   Email messages forward onto my cell phone and I often reply using my phone email address, but I prefer you use my regular email listed above.

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