Nov 262017

Short messages from your Communications Department

Calling all crafters, bakers, gift makers… we’ve started receiving announcements of holiday events such as craft sales, bake sales, yard sales, etc. We might be a little late in the game, but here’s a reminder that it’s easy to get your Grange event posted on the Maine State Grange Website Calendar–you just have to submit it!

Just make sure you include the “who, what, where, when, and why” and make it sound interesting and fun! We need to know

  • Who is offering it… name of your Grange;
  • What it is… a craft sale, bake sale, yard sale;
  • Where your Grange is… include directors or a landmark;
  • When is it… include date, start time, end time;
  • Why you’re having it… describe who should come, what sort of items you’ll have, etc. and, if appropriate, who benefits from the proceeds;
  • Another who… who to contact for more information (which could be for crafters interested in participating or customers).

You can just use this form… don’t forget to click “submit” at the bottom! (Note this promotion is only available for Grange Events. Another benefit of being a Granger!)

  2 Responses to “Calling All Crafters…
-- let's promote your holiday event!

  1. I’m sorry, I should have specified that Alexander Reed Road is in town Richmond, off Rt. 197, across from the fire house and library. Two houses, ball field and Grange Hall.

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