Nov 152017


The Agricultural Committee wishes to thank all Grangers who supported our table at the State Grange Session in support of our Agricultural Scholarships.  Our committee meets this week to put our calendar and plans together for the 2018 year.

We are looking for assistance in covering of our Maine State Grange booth at the Agricultural Trade Show booth from January 9-11, 2018.  If you are willing to sit at the booth during that time frame (9-5 Tuesday, 9-7 Wednesday and 9-3 Thursday) please call me 592-6980 or email me Karendothdotgagneatmainedotedu  (Karendothdotgagneatminedotedu)  . This booth is representative of all Granges in our state and we appreciate your support.

The Ag Committee wants to congratulate Pam and Bryan Wells the 2017 Outstanding Tree Farmers of the year. Their commitment to collaboration with other organizations to preserve our plants, woods, and fields is demonstrated through words and actions in their community-oriented Demonstration Tree Farm.

The Ag Committee met today and will have the updated 2018 Ag Scholarship Application available in January.  We will also have the newly revised guidelines for the 2018 Maine Agricultural Enterprise Award available and sent to all Granges after the New Year. We are encouraging all Granges to nominate families for the award in 2018.

The Agricultural Committee with lots of help from additional Grangers prepared and served the Maine Ag in the Classroom Annual meeting banquet and many thanks to all who served and/or made pies for this event in spite of the fact we were without power!

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