Nov 142017

“The Grange Way” is the newly announced theme by National Master Betsy Huber in Spokane at the very successful National convention.  As our Grange year begins once again, I can only stress the importance of following our obligation, lessons, and precepts in all our Grange work.  Our Grange, communities, state, and nation need our ideals and support, as a group, in order to continue to grow.  Setting our personal issues aside is the only way to accomplish this goal.  We can each have an opinion, but each should be willing to listen and hear other opinions as well.

The ideas that each of you starts in your own Granges as a Grassroots organization have been presented on the floor to the National Grange as a resolution. Each is assigned to a committee, the committee discusses it, makes a recommendation then it is brought in front of the whole delegate body for more discussion and action. It is the same valuable process that we use in our own Granges. Many of the 142 resolutions will be sent on to the Legislature for action.

I would like to congratulate Bangor Grange for receiving second place for Community Service and the Gowen family for Grange Legacy Family Recognition.

I will keep this article short as I know I am pushing the deadline.  I had more to say but the information is being sent home by mail.  So until next time.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

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-- By Sherry Harriman, MSG Master

  1. Great Report! Let us all work together within our “Grange Family” for the good of the order, our community, and country.

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