Nov 012017


What a convention, huh? Plenty of camaraderie was had by all. Lots of work accomplished. And we have some new state officers. Although the voting process for elective offices was dragged out, things did go smoothly.

Regarding the two resolutions that the Legislative Committee was responsible for, I want to thank the brothers and sisters who helped the committee move them along successfully.

The first resolution, United States Constitution which, as resolved, stated that Congress shall make no law that applies to Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States. This resolution will be sent on to National Grange for their approval as voted by the membership.

The sixth resolution was resolved that further Legislatures be seated alphabetically. I failed to mention one important thing. This resolution won’t be submitted to the Maine State Legislature to become a bill until 2019.

Please let me explain. The members of the Maine Legislature are elected for a two-year term. During the first year, bills are submitted and presented to the various committees for action. Some bills are approved, some aren’t and some are carried over into the second year to be worked on. During the second year, the carried over bills are worked on along with any emergency bills. No new bills are to be submitted.

2018 will be the second year of the current term. Therefore, the Grange State Legislature resolution cannot be offered as a bill until 2019 during the first session of a new term. In December of 2018, I will ask a local legislator to submit this resolution as a bill to be acted upon by the Maine Legislature.


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