Oct 272017

At the state convention, Sherry Harriman was elected Master of the Maine State Grange, following the two-year term of Rick Grotton.

Harriman, who was Overseer of the State, may be a recognized name in some Grange circles because of her service previously as National Junior Director.

Sherry has been a member of the Grange since 1971 when she joined the now-closed Elm Brook Grange #521, taking her seven degrees in less than a year. Over her Grange journey, she has held every office at the Subordinate level, many at the Pomona level, and chaired or served on committees at all levels of the Grange. Today she is a member at Bauneg Beg Grange #382 in North Berwick, ME, and York Pomona Grange #14.

She previously held positions including State Lecturer for 10 years and twice was State Junior Director. She and her husband of 46 years, Richard, were State Young Couple, but have grown now to enjoy their family with three children, five grandsons, and three great-grandsons.

She has owned and operated her own business, Sherry’s Flag Car, since 1985. She is an escort vehicle driver or Pilot Car vehicle for oversized or over-dimensional loads escorting anything high, wide, long, heavy and hazardous traveling 700 miles a day throughout most of the U.S. and parts of Canada.

Sherry said her goals for Maine State Grange “are to strengthen our existing Granges, membership, and ritual practices with how-to instructions.” She hopes to see a net gain in membership and a greater partnership with agricultural producers. She also said she would like to see “more involvement in community service and grassroots resolutions for legislative action. I am working on complete job descriptions of officers, guidelines for leaders, director duties and expectations defined.”

Sherry Harriman
280 Kennebunk Road
Sanford, ME 04073
Email address: sherryhatgwidotnet
Phone:  (207) 490-1029

Thanks to National Grange for this article.

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