Oct 072017

Where has the year gone? State Convention is in just a two weeks and I Still haven’t located my Youth Regalia. Have you seen our sash? I’m looking forward to seeing old youth and we hope to welcome new youth. Please encourage anyone 14 to 35 to join us this year at State Grange. We have a fun weekend planned with a few surprises.

Maine is hosting the 2018 Northeast Grange Youth Conference and I would like Maine Youth to help with planning the camp. I will be taking notes during the convention and will delegate accordingly.

Unfortunately, we do not have unlimited resources, so we will announce Bowling and Miniature Golf winners but will not be providing the beautiful ribbons we have in the past. Please snail mail your scores or email the winners. We need to know the results before State Grange, as we do have a prize or small token of our appreciation. Please note if you bowled large or small balls .

Our Grange Youth Convention Schedule is as follows:

  1. All Grange Youth check in at the Youth Table upon arriving. If you have a gift bag or item for the Youth Table bring it with you.
  2. We plan on having a 50/50 as well as the opportunity to win prizes and we will sell our Maine State Grange Youth Conference t-shirts. (They are not dated so we can use them for Maine Youth year after year!)
  3. On Friday, as soon as the session ends, ANY Youth or Young Person who would like to Open Saturday Morning, please meet at the Grange Youth Table. All Youth will get their free t-shirt for Saturday. We will quickly practice opening.
  4. Friday night Youth will go out for Chinese! Old people are welcome to join us. If cost is truly an issue let me know. (All requests will be kept confidential.)
  5. Saturday morning, Youth will meet 45 minutes before opening session.We will practice opening one last time.
  6. Saturday, we could all go to Pizza Hut after closing session!(?) Vote yes or no upon arrival.

I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you this year.

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