Sep 092017

On September 7th, a joint officer installation for Deering, Oak Hill, Highland Lake and White Rock Granges drew a great crowd of 49 Grangers. This is a very good turnout for Cumberland Pomona. Held at White Rock Grange in Gorham, a wonderful pot luck supper preceded the installation. Vicki Huff’s team performed the ceremony. Four new members of White Rock took their obligation! State Master Rick Grotton was in attendance, assisting the installation team. 

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  3 Responses to “Officer installation at White Rock
-- Reported by David Gowen, Deputy of Cumberland Pomona

  1. Looks like it was a great celebration!

  2. Gotta love those Installations!

  3. Congratulations to Cumberland Pomona on a fun and successful evening!! What a great turn-out! Congratulations, also, to all the new officers who were installed, as well as to the four new members of White Rock Grange. May you have a successful year!

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