Sep 082017


Community Service Corner

It has been another great year of service for Community Service and I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported community service in one way or another.  It was great to see the Community Service Books and Family, Health & Hearing Contest Sheets roll in again this year.  It is greatly appreciated to see all the projects that are being done across our great state of Maine.  Let’s all start thinking about how we can get out there in the upcoming year and do some awesome things for our community.  The best advertisement is word of mouth.  I look forward to seeing everyone at State Session this year.

Family, Health & Hearing

Just a few items to remember for October.  It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Oct 1 – 7 is Mental Illness Awareness Week, & October 10 is World Mental Health Day.  Invite some individuals into your Grange to talk about these items.*  Mental Health can affect not only the individual but all those around them and sometimes because of stigmas people live in silence with Mental Health Issues.  Let’s all work together to show people WE CARE!!!!!

Maine State Grange Community Service making a difference “ONE” project at a time!

*Webmaster note: For those who may not be aware, I am a NAMI Certified Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid Specialist and conduct Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training Workshops. If you would like to address these important issues at your Grange, there are some resources available on my website. If I can be of further help, please email me or give me a call at 207 343-1842.

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