Jul 142017

karen-gagne-webBy Karen Hatch Gagne, Director

Summer has arrived and it is a busy time for all.  Gardens are beginning to produce and the Agricultural Fairs have begun.  I encourage all Granges to think about putting together a Grange Exhibit at your local Agricultural Fair. I also want to thank all the Grange members who have volunteered to judge grange exhibits throughout the state this summer. The Grange rules/guidelines and judging sheets are available online if you need a copy.

The Agricultural Committee is disappointed we did not have a Farm Family application this year.  I would love to receive feedback from Granges on how to solicit applications for this award.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the Agricultural Fairs and then at State Grange.  Enjoy a safe and happy summer.

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-- Ag Fairs, Farm Family Award

  1. I cannot find the Grange Fair rules and guidelines link? Where is it?

    • I assume you mean the “new” Guidelines that include educational aspect. Both it and the original guidelines are on the Program Books and Information Page in the Agriculture Section. I’ve also emailed you a direct link.

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