Jul 112017

by Rick Grotton, State Master

Thank you to those Granges who sent the list of their newly elected officers with their June quarterly reports. If you haven’t please include the list of your newly elected members, the phone numbers, addresses and emails of the Master, Lecturer, Secretary and CWA Chair and the PHYSICAL address of your Grange with the June 30 quarterly report. If your meeting dates have changed, please include new date and time.

Remember that the deadline for resolutions is August 15. This gives us enough time to print them out and send them to each Grange for their perusal.

Reminder: There seem to be quite a few members who have email addresses but are not subscribed to the website. Some seem unaware that it exists. Please alert members of your Grange or Pomona how to subscribe (this could be a lecturer’s program) so that they will receive a wealth of information of what is happening in Granges throughout the State. Subscribers will have then received all the information by email which is also the same information in the bulletin. The website information is effective and excellent communication for all members.

It is that time of year as the fair season has started. Many Granges are preparing their exhibits for the Agricultural Fairs. The Ag Fairs are screaming for more Grange exhibits, Good luck to all Granges who exhibit at any Agricultural Fair. It is a great way for all members to contribute their crafts and talents; whether it be painting, canning, baking, knitting, garden goodies, crocheting, etc. It is always a pleasure to check out the various Grange exhibits. They all make me proud. I am thankful to all involved in order to have such wonderful displays that show how proud we are of the Grange and what we stand for. Each exhibit has its own ambiance; it tells a story of its creators. Seriously, you can feel the good energy that radiates from each if you focus and pay attention.  If your Grange does not exhibit and would like more information, please step forward. Yes, it takes effort however, make it fun, make it entertaining, make it with a team effort. Be proud of your Grange, show it off to the public; free publicity, a chance for making money (and a first place ribbon), however, the biggest gain is that we work together for a common cause. When we work together, we can accomplish anything. Any member can contribute to their Grange exhibit. Being busy year-round preparing for the next year’s fair is the norm. Ask those who have been involved in planning, preparing, setting up and tearing down exhibits. The rewards are great!!

If you are looking for an installation team for September, do it now since the three listed teams in the website (Vicki Huff, Christine Hebert, and Rolf Staples) already have busy schedules. The other options are to have all Granges in your Pomona have installations together or to ask another Grange(s) to be installed with them.

State Grange session will be here fast. Make sure you send a delegate from your Grange to attend this important session. This is an election year also, so come and enjoy meeting new friends and reacquainting with others.  Should your Master need a second delegate or if your Master is not attending, please volunteer for this great mission. Speaking from experience, should you have never attended State Grange, it certainly would be different than you would ever expect. You do NOT have to be a Sixth Degree member to attend, either as a delegate or a spectator. I am looking forward to seeing you there!


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