May 062017

By Walter Boomsma,
MSG Communications Director

Check out this feature article in the Bangor Daily News Homestead Supplement! Granges featured in the article include Halcyon in Blue Hill, Fairview in Smithfield, and Valley in Guilford. I might be a little biased, but I think it is one of the most positive and well-documented articles we’ve seen recently. How cool is it to see a headline announcing that Maine Granges are making a comeback?

Grangers in the BDN coverage area may want to pick up a copy of the weekend edition, including the Homestead Edition. You can also read the entire article online. Feel free to add a comment to the article, letting folks know what your Grange is doing–several Grangers have already done that! (Make sure to mention the name of your Grange and community!)


  2 Responses to “Bangor Daily News Features Exciting Granges
-- Report covers Granges with differences and a commonality

  1. Check out the comments section too.

  2. Hi, Rick Watson of Fairview Grange in Smithfield would like to add that we had/have a local family in the community who gave us a shot in the arm initially and has supported our efforts ongoing. I know they don’t want to be publicly acknowledged, but they do deserve credit for helping keep our grange afloat. It takes a community…thanks to all who help us out. Best regards, Rick.

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