Jan 122017

By Kay Khalvati
MSG Membership Director

Happy New Year to You!!   Happy New Year to your Grange!! Isn’t it fun to think ahead about the coming year; dreaming of improvements that we want to achieve in our lives in the coming months? Mulling over the ideas that will enable us to accomplish those improvements. I invite you to apply those same actions to planning for your upcoming Grange New Year!  What would you most like to see improve in the coming year?

What actions can you take to ensure this success? Maybe those actions will include items as simple as:

  • jotting down the names of a few folks that you want to invite to a Grange meeting;
  • a suggestion for the Lecturer for an up-coming program; or
  • reporting to your Membership Chairperson an idea that someone else found to be successful in another organization.

Most important of all, please know that your involvement is very important to your Grange.  Every level of the Grange needs support. Please let your personal resolutions for 2017 include whatever level of participation is appropriate for you with your Grange.  You will be ensuring its success!!  Happy 2017!!

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