Dec 102016

by Guest Reporter Kathy Gowen

Junior Committee Member

Ten Lords a leaping, Nine ladies dancing… If you are a lord or lady that spontaneously taps your feet or nods your head in beat to this fun and favorite Christmas carol, then you should consider being part of the Juniors’ Assistant and Ladies Assistant Stewards Contest. The Juniors would like you to “Dare to Accept the Challenge” and join us on April 8, 2017 from 1:00 to 4:00 at State Headquarters in Augusta. Let’s make this a fun and educational event for all Grangers. As “not so junior” Grangers we can show the youngsters how it is done.

Dust off those hidden ambitions of being on “Dancing with the Stars” and put together a team to put your best foot forward. Find a partner and show us your best floor work. Who will shine — the youth, the veterans or a combination? Who will the judges hail — a pair from a Subordinate, Pomona, or (dare we say) State Grange?

If you are not up to the challenge, please announce this event at your Grange meetings and encourage your members. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have representatives from every Pomona at this event.

Details are in the Junior’s section of the Maine State Grange website or for further questions contact Junior Director Christine Hebert @ (207) 743-5277 or christinehebertatoutlookdotcom.

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