Nov 092016

By Steven Haycock, Fundraising Chairman

The Fundraising Committee would like to thank everyone who stopped by and bought candy, notepads, order t-shirts, and bought raffle tickets.  Together we raised approximately $400!  Please find the winners of the raffle below:

  • Mini Slow Cooker – Jim Meserve
  • Soup Sampler Kit – Christine Hebert
  • Plush Monkey – Terry Wilson
  • Cooler w/ Radio – Kendra Atwood
  • New England Grange Building Puzzle – Susan Noah
  • Fall Wreath – Brenda Dyer
  • Grilling Utensils – Christine Hebert
  • Christmas Wreath – Brenda Dyer
  • Coloring Book Set – Lois Zezima
  • Beanie Baby Set – Tom Cooper
  • iPod Shuffle & USB Fan – Linda Corliss
  • Halloween Candy – Byron Boyington
  • Halloween Basket – Tom Cooper
  • Sleigh w/ Bear in Blue Sweater – Gloria Ross
  • Boot Centerpiece – Christine Hebert
  • Sleigh w/ Bear in Green Sweater – Agnes Nelson

Thank you once again for your support.

  One Response to “State Convention Raffle Winners
-- approximately $400 raised!

  1. Thank you Steven Haycock your doing a great job, you surely are a inspiration …

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