Jun 012015

Harriman 1By Sherry Harriman, Maine State Grange Lecturer

REMINDER: The deadline date for North East Lecturer’s Conference is July 10.
Everyone must pre-register, you cannot just show up except Monday evening for Maine’s program “Transportation” at 7:00 p.m. If you are coming to “Spirit Night” only, Tuesday evening at 7:00, there is a $10.00 registration fee (sent to Margaret). Questions contact Sherry.


Congratulations to our story and skit writers. I enjoyed them all very much. I agreed that each should receive a first place award. Stories will be printed in the book with poetry entries and made available September 12 at the Lecturer’s Conference 10:00am to 1:00 pm (no lunch). Awards will be presented at noon. Those submitting stories, skits or poetry will receive a free book.

Story Writing:

Grangers Lead the Way, First Place Non-Fiction to Chuck Alexander, Merriconeag 425
A Grange Hall Saturday Night–a Tradition Not Forgotten, First Place Non-Fiction to Joanne Boyington, Androscoggin 8
My Angel Cat, First Place Non-Fiction to Helen Brooks, Robbinston 443
King’s Sad Face, First Place Non-Fiction to Mary E. Hunter, Bangor 372
Woodchucks in the Peas, First Place Non-Fiction to Mary E. Hunter, Bangor 372 (This story was published in “New Words Digest” Bakersfield, CA Spring of 1991 edition.)
My Creative Paper Denim Jeans History, Autobiography, Mary E. Hunter, Bangor 372 (This story was published in “Maine Words” Collection of Adult Student Writing Bangor, ME Fall of 1990 edition.)
Hello Grangers, Song Parody, Mary E. Hunter, Bangor 372

Skit Writing:

Let’s Move Quickly, First Place to Ceneretta Ward, New Norland Grange # 580

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