May 152015
NelsonRobert and Agnes Nelson, Co-directors

Spring has really sprung!! The grass is green. The flowers are blooming. The trees are coming to life. The farmers are very busy getting the fields ready and planting corn. People are starting to work in their gardens. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

The Agriculture Committee will be judging the Agriculture Scholarship applications very soon. There are at least 24 applications this year. We have been giving out three scholarships annually.

Vicki Huff, Bob and I were at the Fryeburg Fair annual meeting of all Grangers that exhibit at the fair yesterday. It doesn’t seem possible that the fairs are right around the corner. We hope your Grange is considering exhibiting at the fair. This is such a good way to promote the Grange. I’m sure Grange members are working hard to get items ready to put in their Grange booth. At the meeting yesterday, we were reminded that several of the fairs offer young people to do the leg work setting up a booth if needed by a Grange. We are looking forward to attending the fairs to see all of the good work.

The Grange judges are having a meeting on May 27th. If there are members out there that would like to be judges we are always looking for new people. The state is so big and there are many miles to travel to get to them all. It would be good to have more people to make it easier all around.

Granges are having Agriculture and Community Service meetings during this time of year. We are getting invitations as are many others. The most recent one is from Topsham Grange.

Webmaster’s Note: The Ag Scholarship information is also available on the page “Program Books and Information.”

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