Mar 132015
NelsonRobert and Agnes Nelson, Co-directors

The weather hasn’t changed much here since last month. I am so ready for warmer weather.  They are talking more snow this week-end. It’s going to be difficult to get the early seeds into the garden in time for the fairs if this keeps up.

The Legislative Luncheon was yesterday. The weather was wonderful. I believe it was the best one Bob and I have worked on weather-wise. Sharon and Henry passed out fudge at the capital for Ag-Day yesterday morning. All of the fudge went. We want to thank those furnishing the fudge.  Bob and I want to thank all of the State Officers, Legislative and Agriculture Committee members for helping with set-up, and serving of the lunch, the ones who made many trips up and down the stairs carrying the food, and the ones who brought pies. It would not have been so successful without all of the help. We fed more than 190 people. A special thanks to Rance for selling raffle tickets for the Ag- Scholarship. We are raffling off a Crib Quilt donated by Ann Burns and a basket with Maine items in it this year.

We just received word that Ingraham’s Open House is going to be April 8th, Wednesday. Bob and I will set up a booth to sell raffle tickets there.

Grangers should be getting the word out to graduating students that the Agriculture Scholarship applications are available in the high schools at this time for students pursuing a career in Agriculture. The deadline is April 30th. There have been three scholarships awarded for $500.00 each in the past.

Very soon we will be getting judging information out to the Agriculture Fairs. We will be scheduling a workshop for the grange judges for this year in April. We are looking for a few new judges this year. If you are interested in becoming a judge please contact Bob and myself or call Maine State Grange Headquarters very soon to be included this year. The fair season will be starting the week of the 4th of July. We look forward to see all of your Grange exhibits again this year.


Webmaster’s Note: The Ag Scholarship information is also available on the page “Program Books and Information.”

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