Jan 202015

By Christine Corliss
Community Service/FHH Director

The Community Service/Family, Heath & Hearing Committee has put together a new packet which was distributed to the Deputies at a recent Director/Deputy Meeting held in Augusta.  Thanks to Walter it will now be available on the website for you to print out.  The former packet is still valid, we have just included a lot more information on the State Programs such as Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, House in the Woods, and Coups for Troops, just to name a few.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me personally at Christinecorlissatymaildotcom  (Christinecorlissatymaildotcom)   or via telephone at 207-651-6494.  If you would like to mail any of the nomination forms, activity sheets or community service book please feel free to mail directly to me at my home address of 162 Center Road, Lebanon, ME 04027.

Let’s have our Granges “shine” in the community – Making a difference one project at a time.

Webmaster’s note: This is an incredible document… 33 pages of useful information including some tips on how to report your community service and a sample sheet suggesting what your book might look like!

Download the packet by clicking this link: 2015 Community Service Info Pack or visit the program books and information page… there’s lots of good stuff there!

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