Jun 262013

Youth Logo(Reprinted from Bulletin)

The Youth Department would like to thank Marilyn Stinson for creating The Mug Shot Contest!  She has worked very hard and we appreciate her very much.  (Did you know she is CJ’s Mom?)  Now is the time to be working on your pictures for the Mug Shot Contest…. picture number 10 is in a fair exhibit!

In between raindrops everyone should set a date to bowl and go miniature golfing.  The scores can be sent to Terry when completed.  This is a very fun event and a way to involve young people as well as a way to exercise.

We are requesting that every Grange send us the name, email and address of every member between the ages of 14 – 35!  Your Master or Secretary may either email or send it in the mail.

In the next letter we will report on our trip to the NEYC in Vermont.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Terry Lacombe


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