Jun 242013

By Walter Boomsma, Webmaster

Elections mean installations. Below is a list of individuals who have a team in place and who might be available to assist with installing officers. If you have a team and are available–or if you know someone who is, please send me an email  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  . If possible include a phone number and email address of the person to contact.

  • Bob Smith at 778-3066, or rlsmith20atmyfairpointdotnet  (rlsmith20atmyfairpointdotnet)  — Bob’s Team prefers not travel too far out of the Central Maine area, but have been known to go further.
  • Rolf Staples at 973-3976, or swederolfataoldotcom  (swederolfataoldotcom)  
  • Vernon Dunn, Chief Deputy at 465-7573, or vmdunnatroadrunnerdotcom  (vmdunnatroadrunnerdotcom)  
  • Jeanne Burnham — need contact information
  • Vicki Huff, State Master –Master Vicki has a team, but they are already fully booked!

This post will remain at the top of the website during installation season. Check back for updates!

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