Nov 132012

We are seeing more and more people turning to our website for information! While that’s great news, it also means I find myself handling questions or comments that are or would be best addressed to an individual director or officer. I’m happy to help anyone who needs information, certainly. But in many cases there is a more efficient way to handle this!

Website users can visit our Officers Page where you’ll find a current list of officers with contact information–clicking on the name will open an email to that officer (assuming I have an email address). This will save us time and work!

I realize in some cases it’s hard to know where to address your comment or question and will be happy to help with that if necessary, or you can just contact Maine State Grange Headquarters or the State Master or State Secretary. (Again, use the Officers Page.)

Thanks for your continued support and interest in the Maine State Grange website. Again, my continued goal is to make the site informative and a useful component of our communication program. If you have any suggestions or questions about the website, let me know  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  !


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