Jan 012012

With thanks to Worthy Master Patrick, we now have a fairly complete list of officers, deputies and directors on the site with phone numbers and email addresses… if an email address is available, the name will show in color or underlined… click on the name to open an email to that officer. Phone numbers are also listed.

Your help maintaining this information is important… if you are listed and change your email address or phone number, please make sure to let us know!

  2 Responses to “About Our Officers… contact information is available.”

  1. I am the Guidance Counselor at Buckfield Jr. Sr. High school and am looking for the 2012 Maine State Grange Scholarship. Is it available yet? I am in the process of putting our scholarship book together and want to make sure to include the Grange Scholarship.

    Thank you,

    Michael L. Webber
    Guidance Director
    Buckfield Jr. Sr. High School
    160 Morrill Street
    Buckfield, ME 04220

    • Thanks, Michael… I’m contacting the folks responsible and will let you know as soon as I have this year’s information. Typically, the general information does not change much, but the deadline for applying may be different. Thanks for your interest!

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