Oct 302011
Words from Walter…

I’ve started updating the Officer’s Page… it is definitely a work in progress. By way of explanation, I used the elected officer list released by Steve Haycock from State Conference and last year’s roster to find email addresses and phone numbers. As such, I can’t guarantee 100% accuracy.

I’ve also started a list of directors on the same page. I haven’t gotten too far in part because I ran out of time and in part because I’m not certain (and don’t want to make too many assumptions) who our directors are for this year. If you are one, please zip me a quick email   (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  and let me know–include your current contact information.
Note that last year’s directors are included as contacts in this year’s program book–which you can readily download from this site.
I think you’ll agree there are a number of changes in both officers and directors this year–and it will take a while for things to get organized and settled. This is also a busy time of year for all of us… no doubt our newly elected Worthy Master has plenty to occupy him–including getting ready for National Conference. Let’s all work together to get information organized and communication working well.
By the way… thanks to those responsible for Farmers’ Markets listing for your quick replies and help–I believe every market listing has been updated with current information.

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