Jul 152011
Words from Walter…

Greetings, grangers!

 I’m not going to tell you that the summer is half over… but I am going to warn you that I’ll be taking a bit of a “staycation” over the next week or so… making some day trips around our great state! If you have events to submit, please anticipate and get them in early as I will likely not be working on the site every day. If you’re submitting news or other items, just be a little patient, please!
Since last month, several items have changed or been added… for one, we now have a Maine State Grange Directory available for downloading and printing. I’ll print one out and keep it in my truck and maybe take a ride by your grange hall next week, so keep the lawn mowed! Thanks to Laurie McBurnie for collaborating with me on this project. We hope you find it useful and an inspiration to check out some additional granges around the state. At least for a while, we’ll keep a “sticky” post on the home page so you can access the directory easily.
Isn’t it funny how ideas come about and grow? Earlier this week I was working on a new adult education course for this fall: No News Is Not Good News–Media Relations for the non-professional. As part of that I had some discussion with a colleague regarding measuring the results of publicity efforts… and out of that came an idea for how granges and other non-profits might get more “bang for their buck” when promoting public suppers and events. Wait! We’re not done yet.
Out of that came the idea for a new feature on the Maine State Grange Website. We now have a category called “Quick Tips.” This will be fun… and anybody can play! All you have to do is think… and come up with something you or your grange has done that was awesome and cool. It doesn’t have to be huge… something that worked well, made somebody happy, or is just plain neat. Heck, for that matter it doesn’t have to be something you’ve done–it just needs to sound good! This is not a contest–it’s just about sharing! You won’t get cash, but you will get credit!
Another great upload to the site is the information packed journal from the Bethel Historical Society. Many thanks to our historian Stanley Howe and the society’s executive director Randy Bennett for their willingness to share. WE really do have an incredible heritage! Lecturers note that there’s some good program material here… you could create a “Grange History Trivia Contest” based on the Journal. (Hey, is that a quick tip?)
Thanks to those who are sending information and encouragement… I’m going to keep nagging for news, though. There’s got to be a lot more going on than what we’re seeing on the site! It’s great to submit events, but let’s also get some photos of things that have happened and some details! (Hey, I just thought of another quick tip.)

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