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Looking for a Grange? You can view or download and print a 2014 Directory of Granges that includes lists of Granges sorted by town, Grange name, and Pomona. (Many Granges do not have street addresses–and note that addresses in the directory are NOT mailing addresses.)

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  1. […] please!   Since last month, several items have changed or been added… for one, we now have a Maine State Grange Directory available for downloading and printing. I’ll print one out and keep it in my truck and maybe […]

  2. too bad the directory did not list a P.O.C. telephone number, I hate missing the world famous Grange suppers. But I have no way to find out!

    • Dennis,

      Thanks for your comment… we do try to list contact information for grange suppers that are listed on the site. Unfortunately, granges do not have phone numbers and attempting to maintain a list of contact numbers for every grange simply isn’t practical at this time.

  3. If you would like to attract new members or visiters from other Granges it might help to put meeting times in the directory. I am an out of state Granger and I frequently visit Maine and would like to visit other Granges but the directory does not help me.

    • Thanks, Chris… you’re right. I’ve been researching and working on a way to create a listing of granges with a bit more detail… there are some very practical challenges involved.

      One concern always is that things can change quickly and there’s no good way to insure the site has the current information. I hear too many instances where a meeting gets cancelled or the location changed–sometimes at the last minute.

      I’ve always been hesitant to post information that I don’t have a lot of confidence in… what do others think? Would posting regular meeting times make sense with the disclaimer that information may not always be current?

  4. Just a note that west Bath Grange is now West Bath Seaside Grange #592, with a new charter and our address is 75 New Meadows rd, In West Bath. We meet 1st and 3rd Tuesdays every month with a social at 6 and meeting at 7. Thanks to all the help of the area Granges and notably Vikki Huff (With many other notables to numerous to mention) Contact is at- grange592atgmaildotcom Please drop us a line or two! John H Brigance, Master.

    • Thanks, John… both for this information and the reminder that we really should create an updated Grange Directory! We’d love to have an “Exciting Grange and Grangers” post from West Bath, because it sure sounds like you are!

      Walter, Webmaster

  5. Though it has been out for awhile I wanted to comment on the Maine Grange directory. We find it very useful and easy to use. It helps us when we locate granges in the news. Also, when we travel about the state and spot a grange hall we look it up in the directory. So, who ever developed it you, or your team, did a super job. We thank you
    Ed and Jane McCall
    Bingham Grange #237

  6. Walter I was checking the directory for our grange and didn’t see our listing. how can we get this corrected. This pass December we reconected with Pomona . by the way this web site is far easier to use than the old one. Thank you for your help .

    Joseph Ruff
    Princeton Grange # 293

    • Joseph… as you may have noticed, the directory is severely out of date! As soon as the new roster is released, we’ll try to publish an updated directory!

  7. My sister and I joined the Grange (Piscataquis #123 in Sebec ME) back in the 1950’s and went through the rituals. I know that our Grange is no longer there, but am I still considered a member? I am so happy to learn that some Granges are still alive and thriving! We used to have a lot of fun back then, putting on suppers and square dances. The Grange Hall was the heart of our little town; town meetings, graduations, wedding receptions, and many other events were held there. The building is still there, it is an Event Center now, kind of the same thing without the organization I guess.

    • Katherine… Thanks for your comment! I’m contacting you by email to answer your question and invite you to another Grange in the area.

  8. I was curious to see that the Tranquility Grange Hall in Lincolnville isn’t on this list. Does anyone know why that is?

    • As best I can determine, the reason Tranquility was not listed was at the time last year’s roster (the source of the information for the directory on the website) was published, Tranquility’s information was “missing or incomplete.”

      My suggestion is that the secretary for Tranquility Grange make certain the Maine State Grange Secretary (Sharon Morton) has the required information. I believe there is a form for this that is being (or perhaps has been) sent around this time of year.

      Certainly if I can be of further help, let me know.

  9. Thank you, Walter. I appreciate the response and will see what I can do to get the information to Sharon.

  10. What’s up with the Brooks Grange? Unorganized and nobody in town can get info on ‘suppers’. Who’s in charge? Several years ago there were suppers at least every other month if not more. Craft/flea markets ect. Now suppers are very far and few in between. Sad, it was one of the endearing things I liked about the town. ☹️

    • Thanks for the inquiry… a reply to the email you supplied came back “undeliverable.” The Grange in Brooks is Harvest Home and their meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Monday with a 6 PM supper and 7 PM meeting. Please supply your correct contact information–we will be happy to put you in contact with someone!

    • Harvest Home Grange replies: Unfortunately, it is true that the Grange is struggling with the loss of older members. It has been very difficult to keep suppers and fairs running with very few members to share the work. When we do run suppers we distribute posters throughout the area, post on Facebook, place a billboard on the town corner and send notices to town correspondents. Perhaps those who miss suppers and activities would consider joining us and offering helping hands!

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