Oct 242014

Here’s your chance to read a front page story about a Grange that’s letting it shine! Saco Grange #53 reports they are growing… just recently had their first public supper in three years… and “members are enthusiastic about the Grange’s future and hope people in the community will use the hall for functions.”

State Master Vicki Huff says the article offers “proof of positive thinking” as members decided they were not going to fail. Members are finding that becoming active again has attracted the support of local businesses and created several community service opportunities.

The power of the press! In less than one week we’ve learned about a new dictionary project starting because of a newspaper article and now we have evidence of the growth of the Grange. But as powerful as the press is, Grangers are–or at least can be–even more powerful. Let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine!

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