Jun 112011

Words from Walter...

“What is so rare as a day in June? Then if ever come perfect days…” And since school is winding down, I’m spending less time there reading with the kids so we have a couple of accomplishments and notes regarding the site.

The Journal of Proceedings has been posted — sort of! I’ve certainly developed an appreciation for how monumental the task of assembling this is for our Worthy Secretary. Reports are received in a number of different formats… Sharon manages to put all this together into one printed document. The challenge here is that posting from hard copy simply doesn’t work well… so in order to make as much information as practical available, I’ve assembled what I could given the limitations of time and technology. There are several reports and documents missing from this online version. If you need a complete Journal of Proceedings, contact State Headquarters.

Thanks to those who’ve been sending in events… for those who are becoming “regulars,” I would note that you don’t absolutely have to submit events through the site–you can simply send an email. Either way, remember to include all the information and who to contact for information.  You help me a lot if you submit it so I can just “copy and paste” the details. Some of you are creating JPG (picture) files of your flyers… that’s cool, but hard for me to work from. I end up having to retype the information.

Where’s the news? With all these events being submitted it seems like there should be more news! What are you doing that you can brag about? Have you recently done some work on your hall? Had an especially successful fundraiser? What about news about your members? A trend I’m noticing in local papers might work… instead of trying to write a detailed article, send a photo with a long caption!

When posting your suppers and other food events, don’t forget to visit nonprofiteats.com. You can post your event there for free… and you’ll be getting some statewide attention! Even if you don’t have an event, take a look at the site and read the latest blog post–it mentions the Grange’s role in creating a sense of community. Support the site by getting some free publicity for your events!

With thanks to Judy Wilbur Craig who runs a Dexter-based news website called The DailyMe… I just discovered a great follow up to our story about Guy and Nancy Ellms from South Sangerville Grange. Check out the television coverage of their Memorial Day Parade march!

During a recent visit to school, one of my readers selected a non-fiction book that included many facts about pandas–including (for reasons best known to the author) the observation that “Panda Poop is really small and they poop as many as 150 times a day.” My reader hesitated, looked at me and said, “You know… we really didn’t need to know that.”

I suppose she makes a good case for selective learning… but she also raises a question: What do we need to know about your grange and it’s members?

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