Oct 212014

New Dictionaryby Walter Boomsma, Program Director for Valley Grange.

Valley Grange is in the midst of “Dictionary Season” with a program that will included four school districts, a dozen classrooms and over 2oo third graders. Since this is a Grange that has never been bashful around the media, it wasn’t a surprise that the Bangor Daily News ran an article about the program in Dover Foxcroft District at SeDoMoCha. (You can read it online.)

While it’s not the first time something like this has happened, it’s still a pleasant surprise.I just finished a phone call with a retired educator from Downeast who saw the article and decided to research getting a program started for his local school. Bring on the dictionaries!

The article certainly  helps the Grange shine. “It’s education motives such as this that make SeDoMoCha Elementary School Principal Julie Kimball believe the Grange is a phenomenal source of information and influence for local students,” it reports. But the kids are the real beneficiaries and, if our program’s story has inspired or contributed to additional projects getting started, how can you not get excited?!

Last Friday we had the kids from Piscataquis Community Elementary School visit the Grange Hall to receive their dictionaries. As they climbed the stairs to the upstairs hall, one young scholar was overheard explaining to her friend, “Mr. and Mrs. Boomsma live here and they really like dictionaries!”

Thanks to the many people from the folks at the dictionary project to friends and neighbors who provide financial assistance… the teachers and staff who find time and energy to fit our annual program into busy school schedules… and to the kids who make us smile and give us hope.

Is it time for your Grange to consider a dictionary project? If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll try to help! We have a “Grange-based” program for presenting dictionaries that is outlined briefly in this year’s Communications Handbook 2014-15, and I’ll be happy to help you help the kids!

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