Oct 312017

Short messages from your Communications Department

Due to the recent storm and resulting lack of power and other services… there may be some delays in website postings and email response time. We hope things will return to normal soon… have you considered opening your Grange Hall as a warming center? If you are providing services to your community, please use the “Submitting Information” Tab at the top of the page and tell us about it! We’ll do our best to share information and resources.

Oct 312017

Tell the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rural America needs high speed broadband.

Many of us in rural and small town America do not have access to high speed broadband internet. Our friends in New York, Washington, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago just cannot believe there are high school students who must go to the library to do their homework, college students who can’t take online courses, entrepreneurs who can’t relocate to rural areas, rural hospitals close but diagnostic centers are unable to open in their place, and in many areas the latest farming technology is just not available. All these examples are due to the lack of broadband.

At a recent Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee hearing on expanding broadband infrastructure recently in New Hampshire, FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel suggested a crowd-sourced approach to mapping broadband. She asked everyone who did not have broadband to email her directly. Commissioner Rosenworcel promised to share every one of her emails with the FCC Chairman and put pressure on the FCC to do something about it.

Email Commissioner Rosenworcel at broadbandfailatfccdotcom  (broadbandfailatfccdotcom)  .

If you don’t have high speed connectivity, tell her how that void affects your life, your family and the lives of those around you.
If you know of others without broadband, give the Commissioner a run-down about them too.

Be sure to include your name, town, state, zip code and mention you are a member of the Grange.

Oct 272017

At the recent 144th Annual Convention of the Maine State Grange in Skowhegan, the trustees of the Educational Aid and Howes Nurses Scholarship Fund were proud to award three $700 scholarships to three deserving students.  Allison Colson of Benton and a member of Benton Grange is studying accounting at Kennebec Valley Community College.  Deborah Lancaster of Bucksport is a member of Old Town Riverside Grange.  She is studying nursing at Eastern Maine Community College.  Christine Landes of Bethel and a member of Alder River Grange is working on her MBA with a concentration in public administration at SNHU.

Thanks to all those who made donations to the Scholarship Fund during the state session.  It was much appreciated.  The cost of an adequate education is increasing every year, and our funds to help these students are limited.  Any donations from individuals, from Granges, or from other organizations would be so appreciated!  The donation of one individual may be small, but collectively, these small donations would mean a great deal in fulfilling their dreams.  Perhaps a Grange might put on a supper or raffle in order to raise money for this needy cause.

Donations may be sent to  J. Patrick Elwell, Educational Aid Fund, 136 Quaker Lane, Smithfield, ME 04978.

Oct 272017

At the state convention, Sherry Harriman was elected Master of the Maine State Grange, following the two-year term of Rick Grotton.

Harriman, who was Overseer of the State, may be a recognized name in some Grange circles because of her service previously as National Junior Director.

Sherry has been a member of the Grange since 1971 when she joined the now-closed Elm Brook Grange #521, taking her seven degrees in less than a year. Over her Grange journey, she has held every office at the Subordinate level, many at the Pomona level, and chaired or served on committees at all levels of the Grange. Today she is a member at Bauneg Beg Grange #382 in North Berwick, ME, and York Pomona Grange #14.

She previously held positions including State Lecturer for 10 years and twice was State Junior Director. She and her husband of 46 years, Richard, were State Young Couple, but have grown now to enjoy their family with three children, five grandsons, and three great-grandsons.

She has owned and operated her own business, Sherry’s Flag Car, since 1985. She is an escort vehicle driver or Pilot Car vehicle for oversized or over-dimensional loads escorting anything high, wide, long, heavy and hazardous traveling 700 miles a day throughout most of the U.S. and parts of Canada.

Sherry said her goals for Maine State Grange “are to strengthen our existing Granges, membership, and ritual practices with how-to instructions.” She hopes to see a net gain in membership and a greater partnership with agricultural producers. She also said she would like to see “more involvement in community service and grassroots resolutions for legislative action. I am working on complete job descriptions of officers, guidelines for leaders, director duties and expectations defined.”

Sherry Harriman
280 Kennebunk Road
Sanford, ME 04073
Email address: sherryhatgwidotnet
Phone:  (207) 490-1029

Thanks to National Grange for this article.

Oct 232017

It has been a pleasure being your leader for the last couple of years. I have learned much and have matured.  Since there are some other opportunities for me, it was best to step down now as I would not have had the time to fully devote to being the State Master. This would not have been fair to the Order or it’s membership should I have stayed another term. I want to thank you all for your support and help during my term and ask that you give that same support and help to our new Master. Sister Sherry is a great and experienced leader and there is no doubt she will do a great job.


Read the complete text of Rick’s Address at the 144th Maine State Grange Convention in the miscellaneous section of the Program Books and Information Page or download it directly: 2017 State Master’s Address.


Oct 202017

Ballot clerks sort and count the votes.

After several re elections (to achieve the required majority) and miles of walking, delegates to the 144th Maine State Grange Convention elected the following late of officers:

  • Master—Sherry Harriman
  • Secretary—Sharon Morton
  • Overseer—Mike Griffin
  • Lecturer—Margaret Morse
  • Steward—Steven Hancock
  • Lady Assistant—Roberta Meserve
  • Chaplain—Gladys Chapman
  • Treasurer—Victoria Huff
  • Assistant Steward—Rick Grotton
  • Executive Committee Steve Verrill
  • Executive committee—Jim Owens
  • Gatekeeper–Henry Morton
  • Flora—Deborah Ivers
  • Ceres–Christine Hebert
  • Pomona–Laurie McBurnie

Please note that our ODD Directory will be updated as soon as practicable. Newly elected officers can assist by emailing me you preferred contact information (email address and phone number).

Email the Maine State Grange Webmaster


Oct 202017

Yes, it’s official! Christine Corliss announced the winners of the community service and family health     and hearing contests. “We’ve had an awesome year, with great participation,” Corliss said. “But best of all a lot of communities have benefited from the programs our Granges represent.” Community Service awards were presented to:

  • First Place, Bangor Grange
  • Second Place, Danville Junction Grange
  • Third Place, Maple Grove Grange
  • Fourth Place, Valley Grange

Corliss also noted that the Committee presented a special community service Granger of the year award to Glenys Ryder of Danville Junction. “Glenys has not missed a single community service or family health and hearing contest for a lot of years. She certainly deserves recognition and appreciation.”

Oct 192017

With a vigorous rap of the gavel, Master Rick Groton opened the one hundred forty fourth Maine State Grange Convention. Early events included presentation of officers and deputies and a special introduction of Amanda Brozana Rios, National Grange Communications Director. Amanda brought greetings from National Master Betsy Huber and reminded delegates and guests of out Grange Motto by revealing her most recent tattoo!

in essentials, unity.

 In nonessentials, liberty.

In all things, charity.

As the “labors of the day” begin, what a great reminder of the importance of keeping our perspective. In fact, what a great way to begin every day. If we do not desire to have it tattooed on our arms, it should be tattooed on our minds and in our hearts.

Oct 192017

hbschw / Pixabay

The St. George Grange is hosting a Window Dresser Build on Wednesday, October 25th to Tuesday, October 31st at the Grange Hall. We need lots of volunteers to help with this event. Over 150 insulating window inserts have been ordered. All the parts will be delivered to the Grange and then the insert will be assembled. After all the work is done customers will come to the Grange Hall and get their orders.

If you would like to volunteer to pick-up the parts in Rockland at the Lincoln Center, donate food for lunches/snacks, help assemble inserts or help clean up please contact Barbara Anderson @ 974-5367. You can also sign up online at WindowDressers.org. and click volunteer HERE (St George 2017 Community Build!). Or call (207)230-9902 for more information. Thank you and hope to see you at this St. George 2017 Community Build!

(Window Dressers’ inserts will keep you warm and are reusable year after year. An average size window (30” W by 52” H) in a natural pine finish costs about $25. Window Dressers is a volunteer-run non-profit and also offers special pricing for low-income residents.)

Oct 172017

Brothers and Sisters, we have had a great fundraising year!  Together we have raised over $2,100!  For a complete summary of the last year please visit the Maine State Grange website and read our annual report.  I think next year will be even better with the two of cookbooks available beginning at State Grange.  Also, we know we have a winner in our agricultural pride t-shirts.  We just now need to find the best way to market and get these products to non-members, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I know this information will be a bit dated for the Granges who receive the paper copy of the bulletin, but here is a list of what we will have at State Grange for sale for those who see these articles digitally.

  • 2017 Convention Pin
  • Chair Cushions (the metal chairs at State Grange session can get be brutal after a couple of days.)
  • Assorted Grange jewelry and accessories from Monroe Classic
  • Basket Raffle with baskets donated by Pomona Granges etc.
  • Agricultural Pride T-Shirts
  • Candy Bars
  • Cookbooks Desserts – Pickles & Preserving
  • Pens

Until next month… Happy Halloween!