Nov 292015

By Marilyn Stinson, Enterprise Grange

Since I am very slow with needlework and crafts, I like for our Grange to choose a theme early so I can work on items through the winter. Since we, as a state organization, are trying to promote Grange, I thought it would be neat for all Granges to use the same theme and plaster all the fairs with CELEBRATE THE SEASONS OF GRANGE. We can promote Faith, Hope, Charity, and Fidelity or Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter or any combination thereof. Or whatever anyone else can come up with.

Something to think about. Enterprise #48 is going with it, anyway.

Nov 282015
Ag Exp 2015

Maine State Grange has a long history of participating as an exhibitor.

The State of Maine Agricultural Trades Show takes place every January and serves as a source for agricultural resources and products. Producers and consumers alike visit this three-day show to take stock of current programs, new technologies and to gather information on the agriculture industry. This show is sponsored by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry and provides promotion opportunities for businesses and organizations on the tradeshow floor, but also houses various lectures, certification courses and annual meetings throughout its duration. The event has activities geared towards promoting industry collaboration and progress.

Nov 272015

MFM ConventionMFFM’s annual farmers’ market convention will take place on Sunday, January 31st at the Maple Hill Farm Inn and Convention Center in Hallowell (just outside of Augusta). This day-long convention will bring together market farmers, market managers, and others for a day of shop talk and networking. As usual, we’ll have breakout sessions all day on a variety of topics, from marketing to funding to governance and more. See session details at Registration opens in December.

Nov 252015

UMF Cover

Dear Grangers,

For the past three years, I have volunteered to travel around Maine visiting over two hundred farms. Through the generous funding from several donors and organizations, I was able to have a 296-page book printed in Maine on Maine paper about the farms which I visited. A copy of the book, which is entitled Unique Maine Farms, was donated to every public and college library in the state of Maine.

In addition to conducting educational presentations about the Unique Maine Farms  project, I have created a traveling photo exhibit.

Profiles of the farms that I have visited can be found on the Unique Maine Farms  website: There was a profile of the Grange in the Unique Maine Farms  book. I am aware of the historical effort among Granges to support agriculture and education. I am writing to you to see if you might be able to advise me on how this email can be shared with any Grange in Maine who might have an interest in an educational component of the Unique Maine Farms  project which I would love to see materialize.

I have a collection of over one thousand puppets that can be viewed on the Puppets for Everyone website:  It has always been my desire to find a location where the puppets could be on display and be accessible for children and adults to enjoy. My vision is to set up a type of puppet museum where visitors, on an occasional basis, could have a hands-on opportunity to enjoy performing folk tales from around the world that deal with farming with the puppets.

A farm organization with a property in midcoast Maine has expressed an interest in housing my large collection of puppets, but I would prefer to find a location closer to my home in West Newfield. I would also love to learn if there is an old Grange building that is only having limited use and that might be interested in collaborating with me.

I was fortunate to be able to raise $24,000 in grant money to have the Unique Maine Farms’ book printed in Maine on Maine paper. It would be great to learn of a Grange that might embrace the idea of welcoming and displaying my collection of over one thousand puppets for educational programs. From my research of grants in Maine, I am aware of funding organizations that support the encouragement of the arts. There is funding available to non-profit organizations like the Grange that are interested in expanding their outreach in the community.

Perhaps there is a Grange that would need building repairs or a facility update and would be interested in being part of the grant application that I would be willing to write and submit to establish a puppet museum/ arts educational outreach program.  I am not looking to make money from this project.Rather, I am hoping that the amazing collection of puppets will be able to be displayed in a building that is being underutilized. If a grant were submitted I would hope that it would be set up to request the coverage for operating expenses for both the Grange to house the puppet collection and for any materials necessary for me to erect and maintain the puppet display and educational program associated with it.

I am a certified Maine English and History teacher. In my travels, I have seen some Granges that have faced decreased membership. Because the work with which I am involved combines agriculture and education it seems as though there might be a Grange who would embrace this community-based project.

The Quimby Family Foundation limits the acceptance of their application to fund community arts projects only during the month of December. If there is any interest from a Grange in learning more about this possible collaborative educational endeavor, I would love the opportunity to share more information with them before the grant application deadline passes at the end of next month.

Thanks so much for helping to spread the word to Granges in Maine  about this unique opportunity.

With appreciation,

Mary Quinn Doyle

Unique Maine Farms
515 Garland Road
West Newfield ME 04095
Interested Granges may also contact Mary via email  (mqdoyleatgmaildotcom)  .

Nov 202015

Have you checked the Event Calendar recently? We’re adding lots of events… Granges are scheduling breakfasts with Santa, Caroling, Craft Fairs… there won’t be many opportunities to be bored for the next month or so!

Here a few upcoming “statewide” events:

Sunday, December 6 — The Community Service/Family Health & Hearing Committee will be sponsoring a guest speaker at the Maine State Grange Headquarters from 10:00 a.m. until noon.  Mr. John Shattuck, from the Iris Network (formerly Maine Center for the Blind or Visually Impaired) will be speaking on the topic or working with local communities to bring resources to individuals who are visually impaired and hearing impaired. All are invited! Contact Chris Corliss  (christinecorlissatymaildotcom)   for further information.

Saturday, December 12 — Deputies and Directors Meeting will take place at Headquaarters fro 10:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. This traditional meeting will include distribution of information and a review of floorwork. Directors will have an opportunity to discuss their committees and promote their programs. Important goals for this meeting include understanding expectations, improving communications, and identifying those interested in leadership training. Contact Rick Grotton  (rictiataoldotcom)   for further information.

Sunday, December 13 — State Officers Meeting will take place at Headquarters from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.  Officers will review goals, receive information packets and plan Pomona Inspections. Contact Rick Grotton  (rictiataoldotcom)   for further information.

Sunday, December 13 — The Executive Committee will have their regular monthly meeting from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. at State Headquarters.

January 15 – 18, 2016 are the dates for the Northeast Leaders Conference. For further information see the Conference Page on the website.

Nov 202015

by Wesley Ryder

October always means to me
Maine State Grange Convention.
There’s a hectic schedule of events,
But a few highlights I will mention.

Driving while viewing Maine’s foliage,
Greeting friends from far and near.
First night a tasty banquet;
Grangers like to eat, that’s clear.

Calling the session to order;
Marching begins with much adieu;
Floor work executed with precision,
And the perfection of ritual, too.

This scene is a lasting memory
Permanently painted within your mind.
Though repeated at each session
The symbolism you will clearly find.

Order of business and recognitions,
Resolutions with limited debate;
Work which may well influence,
Now placed in the hands of fate.

Degree work is the most impressive.
The beauty dazzles one’s sight.
The true lessons that are revealed,
Complete the majestic night.

 Our purposes for being there
Are varied and hold emotion
Engraved upon your mind and heart,
Results in deep devotions.

We labor seriously and long;
But we enjoy this needed effort;
With leaders dedicated with duty
And always prepared to the last resort.

We maintain traditions of many years,
Building friendships that last forever.
We are loyal, generous, and care
We look for personal gain — never.

May the Grange continue at all levels
For hundreds of years plus one.
We take new members anytime
For Food. Fellowship and Fun

Nov 192015
Congratulations to James Owens, Past Master and current Treasurer of the Maine State Grange on his re-election to the position of Priest Annalist of the Assembly of Demeter of the National Grange.  Jim was re-elected to another two year turn at the 149th Annual Session of the National Grange in Lincoln, Nebraska last week.  Jim's position is the equivalent to the Secretary at a Grange.

Congratulations to James Owens, Past Master and current Treasurer of the Maine State Grange on his re-election to the position of Priest Annalist of the Assembly of Demeter of the National Grange. Jim was re-elected to another two-year turn at the 149th Annual Session of the National Grange in Lincoln, Nebraska last week. Jim’s position is the equivalent to the Secretary at a Grange.

Nov 182015

figure_dancing_fad_150_clr_11824Care to join in…? We set two all-time records on the Maine State Grange website. The month of October 2015 we saw the most visits in any one month since this site was created–over 3,000! We also had our “best day ever” on October 18!

Keep the music playing!