Jun 292015

by Sherri Harriman, MSG Lecturer

There has been a mix-up at the post office in Eliot for Margaret Morse.  All her incoming mail was returned to sender.  If you sent in registrations for North East Lecturers Conference and get them back — please put them in another envelope and resend them to Margaret at the same address listed.  We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused.  We certainly did not intentionally refuse your registration for the conference. Remember the July 10th deadline is fast approaching.

Thank you for understanding.   Hope to see you there.

Any questions, call me on my cell 432-6386 or email me.

Jun 262015

thermometer_blank_banner_400_clr_6651By Walter Boomsma,
Communications Director

Thought you’d like to know we are currently up to three Degree Days scheduled in July! Details for each of these is available on the MSG Website Events Calendar.

July 7 at Huntoon Hill Grange conducted by Lincoln Pomona. Lincoln is seeking some help: Master for the First, Second, and Fourth Degrees and a Steward for all four. If you are interested or know of anyone who would like to help, please contact Rick Grotton at 582-5915 or rictiataoldotcom.

July 12 at Bangor Grange conducted by Bangor Grange. Contact Rolf Staples at 973-3976.

July 26 at Union Harvest Grange conducted by Union Harvest. Contact Lois Zezima at 382 3315. Lois is looking for some Harvest Marchers.

As state session approaches so does the demand for Fifth Degree opportunities. (You will need Fifth Degree credentials prior to receiving Sixth Degree instruction during state session.) Conferral of the Fifth Degree is currently scheduled on August 6 at Garland Grange conducted by Piscataquis Pomona. Contact Bill Bemis at 934-5357 for more information.

Degree conferrals are an important part of our rich heritage, in part because they are traditionally shared events and an opportunity to celebrate Grange growth. If you are an obligated member who has not received your degree instruction, by all means consider attending one of these events. Subordinate Granges who have obligated members should consider organizing a “field trip” to participate in one of these events. Let’s increase the degrees!

Jun 242015

submitted by Glenys Ryder, Danville Junction Grange

Grange Eatout #2SMOver thirty members of Danville Junction Grange met recently at Lotus Restaurant for dinner.  The food was delicious, and the social time to connect with friends was very special. Following the dinner, members went to the Grange hall for a meeting and election of officers.

Officers for the ensuing year are as follows:  Master Karen Gagne, Overseer Terry Gagne, Lecturer Thelma Quimby, Steward Maynard Chapman, Assistant Steward Steven Haycock, Lady Assistant Steward Cynthia Maxwell, Chaplain Joyce MacDonald, Treasurer Barbara Hardison, Secretary Roberta Meserve, Gatekeeper Jim DeCaylor, Ceres Gladys Chapman, Pomona Kathy Lorrain, Flora Tanya Vanasse, Executive Committee Betty Young, Ed MacDonald, and Mike Flagg.

An Indoor Yard Sale will be held at the GGrange Eatout #3SMrange hall on Saturday, July 11, from 9-1.  On Sunday, August 23, we will hold our annual Chicken BBQ.  Please put these dates on your calendar, and plan to join us!  More information will follow.


Jun 152015
Quick Tip

Quick tips are ideas for making Granges more effective and efficient. Submit yours today!

by Walter Boomsma

Here’s an idea… with lots of different ways to implement it. You could make this part of a meeting or mail/email it… or do a telephone poll. Ideally, you want to ask people who are not necessarily members, “What makes our Grange good?” This doesn’t need to be a complex project and just asking the question becomes communication and publicity.

Once you have some answers, avoid analysis paralysis… there may be some themes — that’s a good thing — but all you should do is do more of what folks gave you as an answer!

The idea can be adapted to specific areas as well. If, for example, your Grange hosts public suppers, why not hand out “reply cards” that ask your patrons “What do you like best about our suppers?” The answers may surprise you, but whatever those answers are, do more of them… and publicize the fact you are!

For example, if the answer is “your desserts are the best!” make sure you feature desserts in your announcements and advertising. “You’ll want to eat dessert first at our public suppers!”

Jun 152015

By Karen Flagg, CWA DirectorFlagg (640x640)

Hope everyone is seeing the sun and enjoying each and every day. For those that were not aware, Sister Laurie McBurnie designed a new certificate for CWA. The purpose of this new certificate is that anyone who is not a fellow Granger yet donates handcrafted items to us or donates baked goods are entitled to receive one of these certificates. Please let me know their name and what they gave and I will gladly mail one to you to present to them. I would really be delighted if you would send me pictures.

I would like to say thank you to each and every one of you Grange Brothers and Sisters that donated doughnuts, fudge candy cookies, breads, etc. in case you did not receive a written thank you. I sincerely do appreciate all that each and every one of you have done for the past two years especially.

Just a reminder that baked breads do not have to be judged at the Pomona level. Until next month, have a safe and happy 4th July.

Jun 152015
NelsonRobert and Agnes Nelson, Co-directors

The garden is finally in! We had a frost the 7th of June. That doesn’t seem natural. Hopefully, the warm weather has arrived. It sure has been beautiful the last few days. The apple blossoms were really abundant and beautiful this year. The fresh strawberries will soon be available.

Thanks go out to the Agriculture Committee for their help in judging the Agriculture Scholarship entries this year. We had twenty-one qualifying applications that were judged. The Committee awarded three five hundred dollar scholarships this year to high school graduates. The winners are Ben Patterson from Saco, Isabel Parent from Hamlin, and Natalie Murphy from Islesboro.

We were at Topsham Grange last week. We helped fill the chairs and participated in the program. It was a very nice evening.

I have been communicating with most all of the Agriculture Fairs and we will be sending out the Grange ribbons very soon. We will be visiting the fairs starting in about a month. We hope to see more exhibitors than last year. At the Judges workshop on May 27th, there were no changes in the Grange rules or Grange score sheet for this year. Granges exhibiting need to check with the fair to get the rules and score sheet to follow when setting up an exhibit. There are several fairs that use their own rules and score sheet. We are looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful exhibits this year. Everyone works so hard to show off their hard work.


Jun 142015

by Dolores Moore,
Maine State Grange Chaplain

Little Things in Life, Author Unknown

Too often we don’t realize what we have until it is gone. Too often we wait until it’s too late to say,  “I’m sorry–I was wrong.” Sometimes it seems we hurt the ones we hold dearest to our hearts and we allow foolish things to tear our lives apart.   Far too many times we let unimportant things into our minds and then it’s usually too late to see what made us blind.   So be sure you let people know how much they mean to you. Take that time to say the words before your time is through. Be sure that you appreciate everything you have and be thankful for the little things in life that mean a lot.

The eyes of your understanding being enlightened that ye may know what is the hope of His calling, and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints. Ephesians 1:16

But mine eyes are unto Thee, O God the Lord. In Thee is my trust.  Psalms 141:8



Jun 132015
A mug WBBy Walter Boomsma,
Communications Director

Every fall we manage to have around one hundred third graders visit the Valley Grange Hall as part of our Words for Thirds Program. As part of their field trip, we include some historical information as well as a few basic things about the Grange. One year I was answering a question and without thinking used the word “deputies.” That generated some follow-up questions about whether or not our deputies have badges and “Do they carry guns?”

The experience was a stark reminder that as an organization steeped in history, ritual, and tradition we do have our own unique language. And in a broader sense we have a communications challenge that includes making certain we are communicating effectively and that our words are conveying accurate meaning.

That challenge isn’t limited to communication outside the organization. Thanks to Rebecca Wentworth of Halcyon Grange for a request that makes so much sense, it’s actually a bit amazing no one has thought of it before. She thought, as elections are taking place, it might be good to have a short paragraph describing the responsibilities and obligations of the various leadership positions in the Grange.

There are two resources available that might answer that question. First, we now have a list available on the Maine State Grange Website that lists both elected and appointed positions at the Subordinate and Pomona level with a short description for each. While it might be too late this year, these could be read by the master during elections before names are presented for each office.

Second, the Subordinate Grange Manual (blue book) includes the officer installation ceremony, an excellent resource in general terms of the expectations of elected and installed officers. While not written in the language of “job descriptions” as we think of them today, the charges and challenges can be very helpful in determining the activities of each office.

A third resource is the National Digest—however, you’ll find only a few offices specified. (The National Digest is available for downloading on the National Grange Website and may be purchased through the National Grange Store.)

Because we are an organization valuing tradition and ritual, there are any number of variations—for example, I’ve heard it said that Ceres is responsible for coordinating potluck and managing the kitchen. I can find no “rule” or documentation requiring that of Ceres, (At Valley Grange we rotate this responsibility on a volunteer basis with different members becoming “Grange Bees” who are responsible for each meeting. We actually have developed a “job description” for the Grange Bees.)

Value tradition, honor the rules, but remember that it’s most important to “get things done” and to make sure we all understand what is being done by whom. And that requires communication more than a title (or a badge).

  “Let’s make some news, take some photos of it, and share it!”

Jun 132015
By Vicki HuffVicki - Sash (2)

Summer is here! I think many of us were wondering if we would ever be able to say those 3 words.

In the Grange ritual, we are taught about the changing seasons and the seasons of life, including the importance of each season and those season’s contributions to our lives and well-being. We learn to embrace these changes just as we should embrace our ever changing lives.

While there are times we do not like some changes we learn over time that to accept change and move on, adjusting our attitudes toward the positive. If we do not change and stay in the rut we’ve created we go nowhere. If we are to be a vibrant organization, we need to focus on the positive and move forward.

Brother Matthew Dunn has chosen to resign as Youth Director for the Maine State Grange. Please forward any bowling or mini golf score sheets to the State Grange Office and they will be passed on to the new Youth Director. I know Brother Matthew will stay an active member in his local Grange and as State Master I wish him well.

Remember, there is not much time left to get those resolutions into State Grange. The deadline is August 15th.

Subordinate and Pomona Grange Officers are elected every year to a one-year term with the exception of the Executive Committee.  It is time to be thinking of when you will be having your installation of these elected officers. Installations can be done anytime after August 1 up until State Grange session. Please do not wait until the last minute to schedule your installation. Some of the areas of the state are having Pomona-wide installations with great success.  At a minimum, check around and see about the possibility of combining your installation with another Grange. This makes effective use of our installation teams.

Enjoy the summer by letting your Grange “shine, shine, shine.”

Together Each Accomplishes More and we shine, shine, shine!

Jun 122015

McBurnieby Laurie McBurnie, Junior Director

As you are working on your garden, I hope you have planted some winter squash (any kind) so you will have that perfect entry in October for the Junior Department’s vegetable growing contest. This contest is open to all ages and will be judged at the State Grange session.

The other contests are open only to Junior Grangers and will be judged on July 18 at the Family Campout. Categories include Bird Feeder, Photography, Decorated Cookie, Duck Tape Craft, Creative Art – draw a picture that shows what this year’s theme – Join Us Now In Our Red Shoes! – means to you, Creative Writing – write a story about where you would go in your red shoes and who you would take with you, and Mini-Scrapbook – Create scrapbook pages plus a cover page showing Junior Grange activities; can be paper or digital display. Details for all the contests can be found on the Maine State Grange website and by contacting the Junior Director. Judging is by age: 5-7 yrs.; 8-11 yrs.; and 12-14 yrs. (as of 1-1-2015). Entries can be turned in at Junior Camp, brought to Family Campout (by 9 a.m. July 18), or mailed to Laurie McBurnie, 293 East Neck Rd., Nobleboro 04555-8608 in time to be delivered before July 15.

If you know of any youngsters who would like to be involved as junior members, please contact Junior Director Laurie McBurnie for additional information.

Now is the time to honor those Grange members who have passed. Grange Memorial Flags ($7) and a limited number of Grange Flag Holders ($30) are available from Jr. Director Laurie McBurnie and Jr. Committee members Norma Meserve, Roberta Meserve and CJ Stinson-Roy.

The flyer for the Memorial Bricks, the 2015 Maine State Junior Grange program, the National Jr. Grange program and the National Jr. Merit Badge programs are posted on the state grange website.

Warm weather has actually arrived here and those Junior Grange hand fans ($1, Baker’s dozen – $12) will come in very handy at many Grange halls. They are also available from Laurie, Norma, Roberta and CJ.