Apr 302014
GrangeMo HeaderBy Walter Boomsma,
Communications Director

Grange Month 2014 is over—a thing of the past.  Or is it?

In a way, any month can be Grange Month—if you define it as a month when we celebrate our organization, our rich history and heritage, and our current relevancy. I’ve occasionally wondered why April was chosen but not enough to research it. Perhaps it was thought that spring is a good time because, at least in the northern climes, spring becomes the season of planting and promise.

From a publicity and communications perspective there is great value in a specific month that is shared across the nation. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate at other times of the year. Many Granges have a summer picnic—why not invite the community and make it a celebration? If your Grange has a signature program that’s seasonal in nature, you can kick it off or wrap it up with a big event. Fair season is yet another opportunity and so is the season of harvest. Just remember, you are not celebrating these events and programs as much as the joy and power we find in them and our Grange.

If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things in nature have a message you understand, Rejoice, for your soul is alive.

 –Eleanora Duse

Apr 292014

WRock RampCheck out White Rock Grange’s new ramp made possible by a grant from the Narragansett Number One Foundation. The Foundation is a Maine nonprofit corporation established by Patricia and Erwin Wales on September 7, 2001, thirteen days after winning the Powerball. Patricia and Erwin formed the Foundation to share their good fortune with others and to encourage other possible donors to help their community and state.

Although the Foundation accepts grant applications from any qualified organization, it is expected that over the next three to five years, the Foundation will make the majority of grants to public charities in the Town of Buxton, Maine and the surrounding areas including schools, fire departments, police departments, libraries, parks, recreational facilities, churches, religious groups, shelters for children, the homeless and abused persons, museums and shelters for animals. Once the immediate needs of this geographic area in southern Maine are addressed, it is likely that future grants will be made to charities throughout Maine and in other states.

According to Ann Rust, Lecturer, members are hosting a “Make An Offer” Yard Sale on May 17 to offer folks a chance to inspect the ramp and to help raise money to repair the front steps of the Grange Hall.  Details are available on the website event calendar.

WRock Ramp2

Apr 282014

Webmaster note: While we don’t usually create posts for events in this case we’ve made an exception because it’s really a request for help and an opportunity for new members to complete degrees.

Bangor Grange is planning to hold a degree day on Sunday, June 8, beginning at 3 pm. We will welcome candidates from anywhere, as well as folks to help with filling offices. More information will be forthcoming. Please let Rolf Staples know as soon as possible as to whether you can help out at 973-3976 or by emailing swederolfataoldotcom  (swederolfataoldotcom)  !

Bangor Grange Website

Apr 272014

Check out this article in the Bangor Daily News explaining how Halcyon Grange is “trying to merge some old and new ideas about farming and more.” A recent clean up day is preparation for a special Mothers’ Day Brunch to celebrate the opening of their recently renovated commercial kitchen.

One of the more exciting things about what’s happening at Halcyon is how closely aligned much of what they are currently doing is with the original purpose of the Grange. After reading the article in the Bangor Daily news, be sure to visit the Halcyon  Grange Website to get an idea of what our Granges are capable of accomplishing.

Go, Grangers, go!

Apr 252014
by Walter Boomsma
Communications Director

Note that National Grange has recently provided updated information regarding benefits available to members. By visiting the National Grange website you can find:

Does your Grange have a “prospective member information pack” available at every meeting and program? If not, wouldn’t this be a great project?

Apr 242014
Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Here’s a double communications tip…

First Tip: Why not create a monthly deadline for yourself as a reminder to submit your events to local newspapers? In Piscataquis Pomona, I try to collect dates from all member Granges and send them to local media outlets… two weekly papers have actually created a monthly column called “Area Grange Events.” Typically, a good deadline for submitting is around the 20th of the month before.

Second Tip: Don’t forget to check the event calendar on the Maine State Grange website occasionally! There are some exciting events schedule for May… Check out the info on Enterprise Grange’s Day of Prayer… Highland Grange’s Community Citizen Award… East Sangerville’s MOGFA Chapter Meeting including “potluck nibbles”… Parkman Grange’s Mothers’ Day Tea… and Valley Grange’s Community Night.

Even if distance and schedule means you can’t make any of these events, checking the calendar might be a good source of ideas for programs your Grange could try to attract folks from the community to your hall.



Apr 182014

Highland Lake Grange No. 87 Patrons of Husbandry, of Westbrook, Maine, is proud to announce that Mrs. Ann Brown will be the recipient of its 2014 Community Citizen Award.

Ann will be recognized for her tireless efforts on behalf of the community at a special meeting to be held Thursday, May 8th at 7PM at Highland Lake Grange, 9 Hardy Road in Westbrook.  (corner of Route 302 and Hardy Road).  Following the presentation of Ann’s award, several  Grange members will be presented special certificates recognizing their long-term membership in Highland Lake Grange.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Refreshments and fellowship will follow the special meeting.

For more information, contact David Gowen, Master at 854-5753 or gowenfrmatgwidotnet  (gowenfrmatgwidotnet)  

Brief Biography of Ann Brown

Ann was born in Newville, PA in 1970 to Fred & Joann Zeigler.  She met her husband Jake in 1988 and they were married November 30, 1991, then they moved to Texas.  Ann & Jake moved to Westbrook in 1995, and eventually built their current home on Rosewood Drive in 1999.  They have three children, Stephanie, Darren and Kari.  Ann has worked as a medical/surgical nurse and is currently employed as the school nurse at Canal School in Westbrook.

Ann’s commitment to community service activities is never-ending.  Not only does she participate, she often steps up to leadership positions – usually holding down leadership positions in more than a few organizations all at the same time!  Following is a list of her many community activities:

  • First Lutheran Church (Portland) – Sunday School Teacher for 16 years
  • Vacation Bible School Leader – 6 years
  • Church Childrens’ Music Director – 2 years
  • Church confirmation guide – 2 years
  • Girl Scout leader – 11 years
  • Cub Scout Den Leader – 5 years
  • Boy Scout Troop 83 Committee Chair – 3 years
  • Boy Scout merit badge councilor
  • President, Westbrook Food Pantry – 4 years
  • President, Prides Corner/Congin PTO – 2 years (5 years total service)
  • Westbrook Music Boosters director – 4 years
  • Vice President, Westbrook Soccer Boosters – 1 year
  • Westbrook SEALS Swim Club – meet director for 4 years; vice president and president
  • Swim lesson leader – 2 years
  • President, Westbrook HS Swim Team Boosters
  • President, Westbrook HS Drama Booster – 2 years
Apr 172014
Front Row:  Karen Gagne , Patricia  Greeley Back Row:  Linda and Cary Cox

Front Row: Karen Gagne , Patricia Greeley Back Row: Linda and Cary Cox


Danville Junction Grange 165 recently held its annual Open Meeting in connection with Grange Month with fifty-four people in attendance, preceded by delicious refreshments.

Entertaining at the piano was Mitch Thomas, who played and sang many of our favorite songs.

State Master Victoria Huff was present to award membership certificates to Linda and Cary Cox, members for twenty-five years.  Unable to attend, but receiving certificates are Mavis Pomeroy (55 years), Shirley Gousse (65 years), Thelma Redmun (65 years), Maurice Keene (70 years), Richard Hammond (75 years), and Flo Webber (80 years).

A Community Service Award was presented to Patricia Greeley, and an Appreciation Certificate was given to member Karen Gagne.

Apr 132014

by Harriet

Carroll JGAs you have asked me for some memories of Junior Grange for its celebration year, I will try to bring back memories of 60 yrs. ago for me! Now in my 88th year, much escapes me.

In 1950 we were known as the Juvenile Grange. I was deputy from 1950 to 1955. It was around 1950 that my older sister, Mildred Burns, and I organized the Juvenile Grange at Seven Tree #176. Our Grange agreed to purchase the regalia and supplies to accomplish this organization. My sister and I stayed with this for 15 years.

At that time I visited an active Juvenile Grange at White Oak Grange in No. Warren led by Ruth Wiley, also Pioneer Grange in E. Union led by Agnes Worthley and Frances Guyette. Later Dot Sainio began one at Evening Star in Washington. It kept me busy installing all the officers each year with my degree team.

I remember at Seven Tree Grange in Union we had several years with Ron Barker or Bobby Austin as Masters. They were outstanding young leaders! My job also was to play the piano and keep them all informed with State Grange programs. We held picnics at Highfield Campground in the summer. Attendance was usually around 25 or 30 youngsters. I used to fill my car with No. Union children to deliver home. Before the days of seatbelts! The Upham and Noyes children, now older, remember me for this.

Grangers felt at this time that the youngsters would eventually join the Subordinate Grange. A few did but the majority were taken up by high school sports and the invention of television. After graduation they left Union for college or jobs elsewhere. Times changed and they still do! I am sure many have fond memories of Junior Grange.

signed "Carroll & Grace Bean" on the back

signed “Carroll & Grace Bean” on the back