Feb 272014

Based on the series Jim Annis is writing about the Hunter Safety Course, we’ve had some interest in the possibility of Granges hosting or sponsoring a program. Here’s some additional information Jim’s provided for those who might be interested!

hunterHunter Safety is not just for hunters, but for anyone who’s interested in our woodlands.The cost per student is $5.00 to cover the cost of a meeting place. Everything else, workbooks, hunting laws. etc. is free. The course is 12 hours and not a minute can be missed or the student will have to start all over again. The weekend course is Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 Am to 4:00 PM both days. The weekday course is Monday through Thursday from 6 PM to 9 PM.

You can schedule a program with Mike Sawyer, the Recreational Safety Coordinator by calling him on his cell phone at 557-0553 or his home phone 757-8732. He also has an office phone number 287-5222. He can fill you in on all the necessaries.

Feb 252014

Youth Logo

A reminder from Youth Director Matt Dunn…

All those interested in moving the Youth Program forward, please try to be at Grange Headquarters on Saturday, March 1  at 10:00 for a meeting of the Youth Committee and friends–you do not have to be a member of the committee to attend. Discussion will include ideas for events during the year. All are invited!


Feb 232014
Master Vicki

Master Vicki

by Master Vicki

I hope you are as excited about the new bulletin format as I am–secretaries should be receiving it soon. There is a lot of information in these six pages. I understand that this first issue is a bit over-whelming and part of that is because I have issued a challenge to some of your State Officers and the Committee Heads to have an article in each issue of the bulletin going forward. We are trying to give you useful, pertinent information.

Clearly it would not be practical for secretaries to read the entire bulletin as part of the communications report! We ask that you “hit some highlights” and then suggest the bulletin be posted on your Grange bulletin board. If you have the capability to print copies for your members, go for it! You can also remind members they can read the articles and download their own copy of the bulletin from the Maine State Grange website.

Good communication is two-way and we are looking for constructive feedback, ways we can improve and information you would like to see included. Send you comments to the editor/communications director. If you have suggestions for a specific committee or officer, use the contact list on the left or send an email.

April is Grange month and it will be here before we know it. Is your Grange doing something exciting for Grange Month? Please let us know what your Grange is doing. We want to share success stories; we want every Grange to succeed.

I will keep this short for the shortest month of the year. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Feb 222014
Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Communication Bullets are short but big news!

by Walter Boomsma, Communications Director

Actually, I have a couple of bullets for you…

  • In case you haven’t noticed, we added EMT’s to the list of candidates for the recently announced Community Service award for “Police Officer/Firefighter of the Year.”
  • We’ve been “sneaking” some resources onto the site. If you click the Program Books tab it will open a page that lists departments and committees alphabetically. It will pay you to check it out occasionally! The most recent addition was under the legislative heading–a one page guide to writing resolutions. It is almost that time!
  • Something to think about… I recently saw a program (not Grange related) titled, “Why attraction trumps recruitment.” It started my mental wheels turning… we often talk about “getting more members.” It might be a lot easier and more effective to talk about how we can make the Grange a more attractive place. If we build it, they will come!
  • Grange Month starts in 37 days. Is your open-house planned? Have you selected a Community Citizen and ordered the award? Time’s awastin’!
Feb 182014

submitted by Christine Corliss, Community Service/FHH Director

Police Officer/Fire Fighter/EMT of the Year!

We are looking for nominations from all of our Granges for the MSG Police Officer/Fire Fighter/EMT of the year. We will combine all nominations and select one winner from Maine to go on to the Northeast Conference in 2015 to be compete with winners from each of the Northeast States. The winner for the Northeast Region will be recognized with awards.  Please have applications mailed back to me at 162 Center Road, Lebanon, ME 04027 May 15, 2014.  Winner for the State of Maine will be announced at State Session in October. You may download the Police-Fire Fighter/EMT Nomination Form on the “Program Books and Information Page under Community Service.

Coups for Troops

coups for troops logoMaine State Grange is proud to become a satellite mailing station for Coups for Troops.  Coups for Troops mails coupons to US military families overseas as well as in AK & HI.  Maine State Grange will be accepting coupons–even ones that have expired in the past two months.  Coupons will then be put together and mailed out to families on the Coups for Troops mailing list.  The Community Service committee will be accepting all the coupons and mailing them out to the different military families in need.  We are asking that all Grange members cut out coupons and mail them to Community Service Committee, C/O Christine Corliss, Director, 162 Center Road, Lebanon, ME 04027. Coupons only have to be mailed once a month and approximately 100 – 150 will fit in one regular long white envelope for the postage price of two stamps.   If you see Worthy Master Vicki Huff or Community Service Director Christine Corliss they will take your filled envelopes and save you the stamps!  You can view some details about the program on www.coupsfortroops.com.

 Please help make Maine State Grange a recognizable organization.

Maine State Grange Community Service making a difference one project at a time.

Feb 142014


submitted by Agnes and Robert Nelson

We attended the Agriculture Fairs Convention in Portland January 25, 2014. It doesn’t seem possible it is time to be working on Grange exhibits already.The fairs are looking for Grange exhibits to display. It is a good way to promote the local Granges and the things their members are doing. A lot of the fairs offer booths for either Domestic and/or Agriculture exhibits. Granges should contact the fair to get the rules and score sheet. The fair will either use their rules or Grange rules. The Grange rules and score sheet will be the same as last year. There was much discussion from the superintendents of the hall exhibits asking how to get in touch with Granges and how to get Granges interested in exhibiting at their fair. Superintendents stressed how important it is if a Grange commits to exhibiting that it follow through. If a Grange backs out of exhibiting for whatever reason, the Grange needs to let the superintendent know in advance if they will not be attending. It is very hard to fill empty spaces at the last-minute. They need to have their hall filled.

We are looking forward to getting to the fairs again this year to see all of the get work Grangers are doing. Each fair is so different.

The Ag-Committee members are selling raffle tickets already for the Agriculture Scholarship. Applications for the scholarship are due back to Maine State Grange by April 30, 2014. This scholarship is for any high school senior pursuing a career in some form of Agriculture. Last year we gave out three $500 scholarships. It is time for high school seniors to start thinking about getting the scholarship application through their local Grange or from school advisors. The student needs to be going in some field of Agriculture. The application needs to he returned to the Ag Committee by April 30.

Feb 142014

McBurnieNational Grange has released the updated Merit Badge Book for Level 1 (ages 5-9) and the introduction to Level 2 Merit Badges (ages 10-14). These have been posted on the Maine State Grange website.

The Level 2 badges will be released as they are developed and approved. In the meantime, all ages may work on Level 1 badges.

There has been interest in the Junior member program. Details will follow when decided on by National. Maine has a State Junior Grange so youngsters between the ages of 5-14 are eligible to join that right now. Support and guidance for them from local subordinate Granges is much appreciated.


Feb 112014

By Rick Grotton, Overseer

A short time back, your Grange received a copy of the Distinguished Grange application and information concerning the program. The Distinguished Grange Program honors Subordinate and State Granges that fulfill their responsibilities while excelling in the area of membership, fundraising and service to our communities. Distinguished Granges will be honored at a special reception at National Session and will be recognized in the Annual Honors Booklet. They will receive a certificate to commemorate the occasion along with a ribbon for the Subordinate Grange or State Master at National Convention. Granges that are considered “distinguished” for five consecutive years will receive a plaque for their hall. The application needs to be sent to National Grange, Distinguished Grange Program, 1616 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006 by August 15, 2014 to qualify. The active period of time of events concerning the questions on the applications are from July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014 so we do have a few months left to be able to get the 100 points (out of 165) to qualify for a distinguished grange. If you cannot fill the obligation this year, then prepare for the next year.

After looking over the application, many Granges in Maine will qualify. Some of the thing to consider are as follows:

  • Net membership Gain- many of our Granges do have net membership gains each year. This is worth 20 points.
  • Submit 2013-2014 membership roster electronically to National Grange (sjohnsonatnationalgrangedotorg)–15 points for this one.
  • Delegate representation at State Grange Session–10 points for this.
  • Host at least two community service/educational events-Another 10. Many of you do this now.
  • Quarterly reports on time–an easy 10 points for the majority of you. So far you should be piling ‘em up!
  • Participate in a Grange month Open House and return the Grange Month 2014 Participation form–10 points.
  • Update your Grange.org website with at least the meeting time, days, location of your grange and contact info for an officer. Also, add a few photos of a Grange event, a message or photo from an officer OR contact the National grange to have your Grange.org website redirected to a website you have already established for your Grange–10 points. Yes, this will take someone who has a computer!
  • Host at least one Youth or Junior Activity–10 points. Youth and Junior nights… whatever happened to them? Easy enough to do! The Youth and Junior Committees will love some help!
  • Host a Legislative event, candidate forum, Grangers Organized to vote OR make at least one legislative issue contact with a public official on the local, state or national level. -15 points Again, many Granges host a candidate night or invite public officials.
  • If you sent someone to  Lecturer’s Conference last August, to National Convention, Kelly Farm Experience, Regional Youth/Junior Conference, Regional Leaders Conference (last month in RI) or other national event.-15 points  I know who was at Northeast Lecturer’s Conference last August and at National Grange in November!
  • If you have money and need more points, Donate at least $100 to the NG Trademark Protection, or Grange Foundation(Kelly Farm, Youth, Junior, Community & Leadership, American Arts & Culture) to get 15 points.
  • The other is start a Junior Grange or a net gain in existing JG for 20 points. (If you can by June 30)

We are looking to have TEN Granges from Maine qualify!!!! They will be announced at National Convention in Ohio. This goal is easily obtainable for many Maine Granges! We can do this!!!!! Not only is this a fun project for all members to be involved it also helps us work together as a team. When we work together, we strengthen our bonds, we achieve our goals. All of this added together spells success for us as a group, an individual and as a Grange family.

If you have any questions or if you need to know about any qualifications, email me at rictiataoldotcom  (rictiataoldotcom)   or call me at 582-5915.

Download the Distinguished Grange Application.

Feb 112014

By Matt Dunn, Youth Director

Hello all this is my first post as Youth director and I look forward to a great year. As it says on the National Grange website about youth it is to make leaders and help with leadership. We want to help do that while still having a really good time. So I would like to have a meeting for all people interested in joining the Youth committee on March first at 10 am at Grange headquarters in Augusta. Also in March we will be having the yearly Youth bowling event. I will get particulars out very shortly for rules and all.

I will have much more after the meeting. Thank you in advance for all your help.

Feb 102014

by Walter Boomsma, Communications Director

NewsWe’ve had a number of inquiries regarding a “Clip and Win” contest this year… and since we’re well into the year without one being announced or started, we’ve put one together just in time for Grange Month publicity! (Thanks to State Master Vicki for helping with the budget for prizes!) You can download a one page flyer that doubles as an entry form. Here are some highlights of the very simple rules.

The contest is based on the number of articles—not the number of times the word “Grange” appears or how creatively they are submitted. We are asking contestants to simply clip any printed article that includes the word “Grange.” These articles might be news Grange news, advertisements for suppers, dances and program… information about fairs… Grange Month press releases… Look hard!

Clip the articles and attach them to sheets of paper or paste into a scrapbook. (This need not be any fancy—a spiral notebook or sketchbook would suffice.) The contest is based on the number of articles; not the number of times “Grange” appears and not how the articles are presented. Note that articles from Grange publications, websites and Facebook are not eligible. Also do not include obituaries. The articles do not have to be about your specific Grange.

Here’s a tip: One way to find more articles to clip is to submit more articles to your local newspapers! But wait, there’s more! We’ve started the contest just in time for Grange Month! You’re going to have lots of publicity for Grange Month, right? Remember, there are sample press releases on the National Grange website you can “fill in the blanks” to develop Grange Month publicity! If you need some help, contact me and I’ll do my best!

Articles must be published between March 1, 2014 and September 15, 2014. The entry form explains how to assemble them and where to mail them. (An entry form will be included with the bulletin mailing.) Happy clipping! And remember, “Do not run with scissors.”

Download the Clip and Win 2014 entry form.